The Shower

     It was cold that night as we lay in bed together. Keeping each other warm by cuddling. The fire was gently crackling and filling the room with a sweet cedar smell. It’s almost rhythmic crackling of the fire was enough to make me sleepy so I nodded of to sleep. I was not sleeping for very long before you took your silky smooth hands and tugged on my penis. I nudged awake and saw you sleeping. So I drifted back to sleep. Again when I was just about in deep sleep you tugged at my penis again. This time I pretended to ignore it. Then when you least expected it I turned over and started to tickle you.  I motioned for you to remove your blue, laced nightgown. You did as instructed and I began to passionately kiss you. I started with your neck and then moved to your forehead. I started to kiss you on the lips, and when you went to French kiss me, I teasingly pulled away. I got up and went into the bathroom. I started running the water for the shower. I returned to the room, started getting undressed. Then you came up to me and wrapped your arms around me. After hugging on me for a while you started to rub my back. As you were rubbing my back you slid your hands down to my sides. Then you gently started to caress my balls, this started to make me very erect. I walked away and into the bathroom but motioned for you to follow me.

Once in the now steam filled bathroom I shut the door to keep the heat in. I took your hand and lead you into the shower with me. We started to kiss. Then you went behind me and took the soap. You then started to rub me down with soap. You started to massage the soapy suds into my steamed sweating body. It was starting to get hotter. You moved you re hands down to my genitalia. Making me erect again, as you massaged in the soapy suds. I turned you around and positioned myself behind you. I took the soap and rubbed it in my hands building up a rich lather, and then I started to rub you sown with it starting with your neck and shoulders. I massaged it in and heard as you let out a gasp of pleasure. Then I started with your chest. Taking my hands, and gently working the lather, over your succulent firm breasts. As I continued to rub your breasts you took your hands and ran them on my back and ran them down to my ass. I continued to move my way down rubbing in the soapy lather. I reached your pussy, which was steaming hot and dripping with pre-cum. I washed the soap form my hands, and then I started to insert two fingers into your warm pussy. I started working my fingers in and out in a rhythm. I started slow but went a little faster when I heard you moan. You slightly bit my ear, so I stopped fingering you. I took you around front and started teasing your pussy with the tip of my swollen penis. Then I picked you up and placed your back on the wall of the shower stall and proceeded to insert my penis. The insertion was welcomed by a twitch of the vaginal walls. I felt your warm pussy lips wrap around the head of my penis. That’s when I started to push it in and out.  I started working my penis in and out pressing in as hard as I could on the in strokes to get my pubic bone to rub against your clitoris. I started to French kiss you in rhythm with my penetration. We both started to sweat cause it was hot in the shower. I just kept going faster and deeper as I let out gasps of pleasure. You started moving your hips, stimulating the head of my penis more, I couldn’t resist any longer

I was coming so close to orgasm.  I felt you cum and that was it I couldn’t hold mine in any longer and I exploded letting a stream of cum shoot into your pussy. We both let out gasps of pleasure and then I let you down so you could stand again. We finished kissing and then washed each other and by that time we were both tired we went to bed. But when we got there we weren’t really tired so we pulled out this bag of toys but that’s another adventure………………………………………………………………