The Dance


As I walk in the darkly lit room there are people gathered around,
not on the floor yet, just kinda swaying in that direction, some
people are sitting at the candle lit tables, "great" I think. Glad to see
something on the romantic side.

 I grab me a seat, feeling all dressed up and no where to go. The short black dress makes me feel a little on the sexy side, the loose feathery skirt keeps rubbing on my thigh making me a little horny thinking of your hand there. I start to imagine you next to me, dancing ever so close, caressing my cheek, my neck, bringing your lips to my ear and whispering sweet things. Your hand moving down my arms cupping my breast on the way up, you twinge my nipples enough to make me get chills. 

You smile at me and ask if there is a place we can go to get some air. I smile back and reach for your hand and lead you outside where we find a place with no one around. It's in this little pavilion that's covered
completely with benches lining the the inside. We find our way
inside, it's perfect. You once again bring me to your chest and
begin to press into me. I start to get excited, I've been waiting
for this for several years now, you begin to caress my side and my
hip, rubbing your hands over my thighs and bringing them up to feel my
warm, wet pussy. I raise up a little just in response to your touch,
you're very surprised to see that I have nothing under my little
black skirt, but I think you like it, cause your grin just got
bigger. You begin to dip down and I almost squeaked over excitement,
you raise my skirt up a little, as I lift my leg up on the bench for
you. You lick my whole pussy causing me to moan so loudly I'm
surprised no one heard us, I can feel your hot breath, it feels so
good, you stick your tongue inside of me a couple of times, and I
pull your head up, I don't want to get there yet I explain. You
stand up straight again, but you begin to rub your finger between my
slit, as I let out a quiet hushed moan, you press a little harder
finding my clit you push it a little, causing me to almost loose
control. I can't stand it any more, you look so hot in your suit, I
reach for your zipper and begin to tug at it, finally making it come
loose, I have your pants to you knees very quickly. Boxers are a
nice surprise! But seeing your hard cock through them just makes me
even hornier, I have to feel of it. I reach my hand down to feel the
warmth of your cock in my hands I begin to slide my hand down the
shaft, feeling it's a little dry I bring my hand out lick it and
once again start on you cock, in response you stick one of your
fingers, already rubbing my clit, inside me. I am getting into this.
I lead you over to the bench and let you lay down. I straddle over
the top of you still holding on and moving very lightly over you,
rubbing up and down, bringing my finger lightly over the tip which
causes you to moan and raise your body at the same time. Feeling you
and seeing you I can't take it, I lean over and give your cock a good
couple of sucks enough that you are going crazy, I place it deep
into my throat where you've never had it. Causing you to tremble all
over, I move up just a little more and you reach for my pussy,
placing your finger inside one more time and pumping it a few,
causing me to be brought back on the edge, I lift up and place your
huge throbbing hard cock into my dripping hot pussy, slow at first, then
rhythmic movements. You begin to take deep breaths as your hips move faster, you slide your hand under my skirt and reach for my breast again, fondling my nipples which are rock hard and causing me to twitch, your breaths are getting shorter, and I can tell you are almost ready to explode, I unzip the back of my dress, letting it slide of my shoulders revealing my nipples that you where so cautiously manipulating, I lean forward as you grab my tit with your teeth and begin to suck ever so gently, and rubbing your tongue, even flicking it over my nipple, I love it! Still moving and getting a faster pace, I whisper in your ear that you feel great, and mean it, then I let loose a moan for you. Your cock does fill me sufficiently, I think I can feel every inch of it. My tight little pussy begins to massage your cock so you begin to pound into me, as you let loose, your body shakes and you let go a moan like I've never heard! Totally satisfied, I cum again, about the same time and it feels so good. 

Our dripping bodies lying with each other. I lean down and press my body into yours as we drift off into a dream world.............I look around, noticing that there are a lot more people in the room now, it's filled with music and conversation, I look around and spot you on the dance floor,
just like I thought you'd look like, hot as usual, bustin a move out
there, but, not by yourself, I spot your little date laughing and staring at you obviously happy with her catch. My expression saddens, I glance one more time and leave the dance, remembering my
own little dance.......

~ Nicole