Pleasure on the Balacony
Master Ram


    There they sat, on the shower stall floor.  With warm water cascading
down over their skin and their hearts racing loud enough to echo off he tile around them, they were basking in the pleasures they had had in the shower just moments ago.  Finally with enough strength in their legs to stand, they exited the shower and retreated to the lavishly appointed bedroom.  It was a beautiful resort, will all the ammenities they could want, but for both of them, it was the balcony they enjoyed most.  It was a simple balcony overlooking the ocean, fairly roomy with 2 recliner chaires and a small table between them.  Surrounding the balcony was a beautiful wrought iron railing with a wooden ledge on the top.  Because it was on the third floor and above the boardwalk it didn't afford much privacy, but in a way.. that was part ofthe enjoyment.

    They laid wet on the bed for a while, kissing and teasing each other,
until they decided they had better get ready for dinner. Their reservations were at 5:00 and it was already 3:30.  They ate at a cute Japanese restaurant talking and flirting and laughing.  Although the chef who cooked at their table was quite skilled at his trade, the other people at the table enjoyed watching the couple flirt as much as the cooking.  Dinner included a few drinks, and was followed by another at the bar as they waited for the taxi .  By the time the taxi arrived, they realized they better get home, before they were making love at the bar.  At this point they were so enthralled with each other, that they snuggled close in the back of the taxi, and hands soon wandered across each others laps.  Arriving back at the resort which was only a few minutes away, they went back up to the room, and began undressing each other as the door closed.  Excusing himself for a moment, he headed for the bathroom as she continued to get undressed.  When he entered the living room
area, he stopped short.  There she was, in all her glory standing on the
balcony, visible from below if someone should just look up.  She was bent
slightly at the waist, leaning against the railing looking out towards the
ocean, and looking as beautiful as she had ever been since he'd known her. Her soft curls gently blowing in the evening breeze, her tanned skin taking on a more ivory glow from the combination of moon light above and fluorescent light begins washing her body.

    Either she didn't hear him coming or she pretended not to, until he moved quietly behind her, his naked skin pressing against hers.  As his hands lightly stroked and rubbed her back, she pressed back so slightly it could barely be felt, but it said all he needed to know.  The contact of their skin allowed her to feel the twitches of his manhood as it engorged and became hard against her.  She felt it pressing against the crack of her ass and she squirmed a bit, getting very hot, knowing they were totally exposed up there. Then she felt his hands reach around and fondle her ample breasts, covering them   and squeezing gently, piching each nipple between his fingers slightly.

    It was then that they noticed a young couple had stopped under a light on the boardwalk below them... and their hearts raced as they saw the guy lean to the girl, and whisper, pointing his finger directly up at them. This got the couple on the balcony even hotter... they knew they were being watched. He continued to fondle her breasts from behind her as his hard cock pressed against her.  She let her hand slip down between her legs and apply some pressure to her clit making her wetter than ever.  Peering downward she saw the younger couple watching had turned to kiss, but were still glancing up at them.  She watched as they moved around the large sand dune just off the boardwalk, looking in each direction as if to make sure the coast was clear. But before they disappeared, they saw the young couple lock in an embrace and
watched as he reached behind her and deftly opened the bikini top she was wearing.  As it fell from her breasts, she looked up one last time and
grabbed her partner's hand as sneaked behind the dune.  The thought that these two had gotten so hot watching them and now they were going to have their own fun was a boost to the couple on the balcony.  He decided it was time to turn up the heat.  So moving his hips slightly he reached his hand down and rubbed his cock against the slick opening of her pussy.  her hand met his cock and help to press it against her pussy lips.  With a slight push forward, his cock entered her.  Just the head at first but with slow rocking motions he allowed more of his cock to enter her.  He could hear her moaning slightly at the sensation of his cock entering her, and he could feel her fingers still sliding gently over her clit as he entered and withdrew.  Each time they passed over her clit, they would brush against the base of his cock.  He began to slide in and out of her pussy now in full strokes.  The length of his cock filling her, and then pulling out to the tip and pushing it back in.  Looking down he could see his own cock, shiny with her wetness. He continued pumping into her, picking up the pace a bit.  Leaning down he whispered in her ear a question.  "Did she like being fucked on the balcony in front of anyone who wanted to watch?"  "Oh Yesss," she moaned.  Then the second question came.. "Would she like to have her ass fucked while on
display?..."  "Oh my GOD....YEESSS!" she moaned even louder.  As he pulled his cock out this time, he did not put it back.  Instead, taking her ass cheeks in his hands he spread them open.  Leaning down he licked her pussy once and the let his tongue run over her ass hole a bit to get it wet.  Then plunging his cock into her pussy one last time... we pulled out and placed his cock at her back opening.  With once quick short thrust, his cock head pushed her open and popped past her tight hole and was inside her ass again he started slow strokes allowing her to adjust to his cock in her ass.  As she began getting more comfortable with it, she pushed back against him, and he knew he was free to pump with more gusto.  As he started to really give it to her, he heard from somewhere past his right shoulder a female voice..."Hun?... what are you doing?" and hearing a response of "Shhhh..." he turned to his right and there, one floor up and two over, was a tall well-built guy, with a hard cock in his own hand and he was looking directly at them.  He was stroking himself as he watched.  Nodding up at the guy with the hard-on, as if to say it was ok to watch, he turned his attention back to the goddess in front of him, and began pumping harder into her.  She was so lost in the ecstasy, she was unaware that she was being watched.  She just needed to release... she was so hot.  Leaning over her again, he stroked her breasts a few times and began tweaking the nipples and pulling on them as his cock ravaged her rear entry.  He was getting close to cumming now and his knees
were getting weak.  She could tell he was close and began to work her clit more feverishly.  Glancing over his shoulder now, he could see the female counterpart to the handsome guy 2 balconies over.  To his amazement she was on her knees in front of him, his big cock halfway down her throat.  Sliding her mouth off his cock she licked he head and smiled across at the first couple, and then took him deep into her mouth again.  This was as much a he could stand... speaking to the woman in front of him he told her to look up to the right while he finished fucking her ass.

As she did, she was gasped at the site of this couple watching them as she was blowing him.  This took her over the edge... As he pumped the next time into her ass, the waves hit both of them.  It was as hard as they had ever cum together.  It seemed like his cum kept filling her ass, and as he withdrew his cock, his cum seeped out of her ass, mixing with her own cum, as it dripped down her legs.  Noticing this he bent down and licker her inner thighs upward toward until he reached her pussy, then he licked he juices from her pussy, and for good measure, he licked up his own cum which had dripped from her ass, making her squeal with delight.  Turning back one last time to the other couple, the saw her lift her mouth off his cock, and watched as she kneeled before him open-mouthed, pumping his cock with her hand.  Then with a soft groan and a twitch of the body... his cock squirted it's huge load.  The first quirt hitting her above the mouth on the nose and upper lip.  The second was a dead bullseye, right between the lips, as was the third.  Then she lowered her face back onto his cock and sucked the rest of his cum from his cock.  When the strength to stand returned, the couple retreated back into heir villa, where they collapsed on the bed... affirming to each other how totally fucking hot the night had been, and glad they had gotten this
room with the balcony... Lying together, they snuggled up close to each other exhausted and totally satisfied. Just before falling asleep... they heard each others voices saying..."I love you..."

for My lamb... from her Ram