Stress Relief - Part II

You sat me down on the bed with my legs over the side and then sat behind me with your legs straddling me. You started to knead my neck and shoulders. At first it was gentle then it started to get more firm. It felt good. You then wrapped your arms around me and massaged my back with your big breasts. That felt even better. You asked me if I had any oil. There was some baby oil in the bathroom cabinet. I got up and got it for you. I sat back down between your legs. you leaned back and squirted oil all over the front of your body. You then proceeded to rub it on you fondling your tits as you did. You  sat up up and once again massaged my back. This time it was a lot sexier. Your soft smooth tits were making lazy circles all over my back. Your oily hands were rapped around my chest and slowly started to descend to my waist then rise again. It was as though you were jerking off my whole body.

Slowly you continued the motion as your arms sunk lower and your hands
started to massage my cock and balls. You kept at it until my dick was as hard as a poker. You then got off the bed and knelt down in front of me. You pushed me back on to the bed. You leaned forward and began to slowly massage my member. You held it gently in your hand and licked with only your tongue. You licked circles on the knob and ran your tongue down to my balls bathing every inch. You then put it in your mouth and  massaged it up and down and up and down.

I wanted to start to fondle you but you had an agenda and I was not going to interfere with it. I liked it when you took the lead. I had earlier
massaged you and now I did not want to disrupt your massage.

You continued to suck me. Soon I noticed a different feeling. On the down stroke, I felt that your tongue was out of your mouth and was licking my balls and that tender spot between my balls and my ass. What a great feeling that was. I leaned forward to watch you in action. It was beautiful to see. I could feel that sensation starting on my inner thighs. I was going to cum and I told you so. You proceeded to suck even harder. You reached up to that spot where your tongue was and pushed back and forth with your finger. It further excited me and I shot a wad into your mouth and you never stopped. You swallowed the whole load. Well almost all of it.

You got up, leaned on top of me and kissed me. You tried to give some of me back. I took it. Our mouths interlocked, our tongues twisted together and your tits started to give my chest another massage.  You reached down grabbed my cock and started to put it into your pussy. It was soft and would not go in. You leaned over, put it between your oily tits and
massaged it until it was firm. You then sat on it and let it go into the
folds of those pretty lips.

                        ... to be continued?...