The Big Surprise


The first time we all had sex together was an accident.  My husband Joe and I (Denise) were busy on the couch.  I was sucking on his massive cock when we both heard a noise.  It was Steve, our houseguest for the weekend.  Joe and I both forget he was in the house when we started our lovemaking.  Joe offered his apologies, he said he just wanted to get a drink of water and we should go back to what we were doing.  I had always wanted to experience a threesome and Joe knew it.  We just didn't know how to go about asking another person to join us.  It didn't matter if they were male or female.  Neither Joe nor me have ever been with a person of the same sex.  Anyway, Joe looked at me I knew what he was thinking and I nodded in agreement.  So Joe asked Steve if he would like to join us.  Steve seemed a little shocked for a moment but he said had always wanted to try sex with more then one person, and who better then his best friends. 

I went back to work on Joe now limp dick, and Steve quickly took off what little clothes he had on.  He came up behind me and started massaging my very wet pussy.  Just the thought of having sex with someone other then my husband, started my juices flowing.  He put first one then two fingers in my pussy and was friging me first slowly then he picked up the pace.  This caused me to suck Joe's cock even harder.  Joe having the best seat in the house couldn't stand it any longer having his dick sucked by his wife and watching his wife being finger fucked by his best friend, and he erupted in my mouth.  It came in gushes that haven't come like that in a long time.  I tried to take it all in, but there was just to much and his cum was oozing out of my mouth and down my hands and settled in a puddle in his pubic area.  I was so turned on the way Joe had cum that it sent me into a massive orgasm.  Mean while Steve having seen Joe cum in gushes and felt my pussy lips quiver with my own orgasm, replaced his fingers with his nine-inch dick.  As soon as I felt his big cock enter my vagina, I had another wonderful orgasm.  He went all the way in and I just let out a scream, which caused Joe to get hard again.  Steve was pounding me for all he was worth.  He was going faster and faster and I knew he was about to cum.  I felt him explode inside me and that sent me over the edge again.  Joe was stroking himself, allowing me to get everything out of this experience.  Steve pulled out of me and I turned around and I took his glazed dick in my mouth and sucked the last of his cum from his still hard cock.  Joe was now ready so he got behind me and shoved his dick in me so hard that it almost hurt.  I have never seen him so turned on.  We should have done this years ago.   I brought Steve to a final orgasm and Joe came at the same time as Steve.  I was to the point of sheer exhaustion but I had another orgasm with the two guys.  We all fell asleep on the living room floor.  When we woke we all cleaned up and had breakfast cause Steve had to go.  But we did discuss the night's events and made a date for a picnic next weekend. 

The week seemed to drag along.  I stayed busy by planning the menu for the picnic.  I knew what the guys liked and I tried to get a little of each item.  Joe took care of the wines and beer.  During the week, Joe I had more sex then we ever did.  Both of us were anticipating the weekend. 

Finally the weekend was here.  Steve arrived early in the morning cause he wanted to get an early start.  I guess he had some anticipation of his own.  We piled everything into the car and headed out to a secluded spot not so far away.  We had some small talk along the way, never mentioning last weekend or what was about to happen.  Maybe no one wanted to jinks it.  We got there and unloaded the car.  I prepared the food and the guys set up the table and blankets.  We all had some wine and started to unwind.  We even had some grab ass while I was getting the food ready.  Steve would walk by and squeeze my ass, or I would reach behind me and grab Steve's dick.  Joe, not wanting to be left out, reached in my blouse and tweaked my nipples.  I got a great big kiss out of that one. 

We finished eating and fooling around and the anticipation got the best of me.  I walk up behind Joe and pulled down his zipper and reached in and fondled his growing cock.  I used long slow strokes just to tease him.  It seemed to work cause before to long I was stroking his massive member at full erection.  Steve got into the action by coming up behind me and massaging my tits through my clothes at first and then he slowly unbuttoned my blouse and removed it.  He then undid my bra and slipped the straps off my shoulders.  At the same time, I was undoing Joes belt and soon his pants fell to his ankles.  Steve was working on my pants now and with fingers like a pickpocket, had my pant completely off.  He turned me around and kissed my full on the mouth.  His tongue went deep into my mouth and I sucked on it like it was his dick.  Joe was finishing undressing walked up behind me and slowly pulled my panties off.  Now Joe and I were completely naked.  Joe pried me away from Steve and I fell to my knees and took Joe's engorged cock in my mouth.  I suck him deep and slow.  I ran my tongue around the head of his dick and licked all of his pre cum.  Steve started to undress all the while watching me make my husband's cock completely disappear in my mouth.  He was very turned on cause when he took off his shorts; he was sporting a very nice boner that he started stroking.  Seeing this I went over and took Steve into my mouth and sucked deep and long till he made me stop.  He didn't want to cum yet.  He lay down on his back on one of the blankets and motioned me over to him.  I went over and sat square on his face.  He started lapping my already dripping pussy.  When he stuck his tongue in my vagina, I had an enormous orgasm.  I turned around in the sixty-nine fashion and was sucking Steve's cock like crazy.  Suddenly I felt my pussy being invaded.  I looked around there was Joe ramming my vagina while Steve was sucking my clit.  So there we were I was sucking Steve's dick, Steve was sucking my clit and Joe was fucking my pussy.  I thought I was in heaven. Then something happened that surprised both Joe and I.  Joe suddenly pulled out of my pussy so I looked around to see what was wrong.  Joe had not pulled out of me; Steve pulled him out and was sucking on Joe's massive cock.  Joe looked puzzled but did not stop him.  Steve suck Joe' dick for a minute then he put it back in my pussy.  Joe went back to pounding my pussy and I went back to sucking Steve and Steve went back to my clit. When he did I came ever so powerful just thinking about what had just happened.  Then it happened again.  Steve was again sucking on Joe's dick.  He did it a little longer this time, almost to the point of making Joe cum.  Steve put Joe's dick back in my pussy and I could tell he was about to erupt and Steve's dick was throbbing to the point of letting his load go.  Just at the point of no return, Steve again took Joe's cock out just as he was about to cum.  The first spurt hit my pussy lips and the rest went in Steve's mouth.  Steve had Joe's cock in his mouth sucking every drop of cum from his dick.  At that same moment, Steve let go in my mouth.  While I was swallowing Steve's cum, I had an orgasm that went on for what seemed like hours.  When Steve was done sucking Joe dry, he started to clean my pussy lips of Joe's cum.  Joe went to get some beers.  We all sat around and finally Joe asked Steve why he did that.  Steve said he had never suck a cock before and with Joe's cock so close it just seemed like the thing to do.  He said he had always thought about what it would be like to suck a cock.  Women seem to like it so how bad could it be?  I saw the opportunity and I took it.  I hope you don't mind.  Joe said he did not mind, it just took him by surprise.  To my surprise, Joe said he too had similar thoughts about tasting another man.  So I suggested that Joe take this opportunity to fulfill his fantasy if Steve didn't mind.  Joe was hesitant at first but finally he agreed to try if Steve wanted to.  Just the thought of my husband about to have sex with another man was more than I could stand and I started fingering myself and squeezing my clit between my fingers.  The guys just sat back and watch me put on a masturbation show for them and they seem to enjoy it cause they both were getting hard.  They were sitting close to each other so Joe reached out and took Steve's dick in his hand and began studying it as it grew.  He stroked it up and down.  Steve layback closed his eyes and just let it happen.  Joe bent down and licked the head of Steve's dick at first.  He really didn't know what to do.  Then he went for it. He put the whole dick in his mouth was going up and down slowly at first. I was so turned of  at the site of my husband sucking Steve's cock,  I needed more then my own fingers.  I went over and sat on Steve's face.  He started licking me with a passion that could only come from someone who was very turned on themselves.  Joe was really going at it now.  It was as if he couldn't wait for Steve to cum so he could taste what Steve had already tasted.  I erupted in Steve's mouth and he sucked my pussy till I came again.  This was the most exciting sexual adventure of my entire life.  Then I realized that no one was taking care of Joe.  So I dismounted Steve's face and went down on Joe.  He was jerking his dick in tune to his sucking of Steve's cock.  I moved his hand away and began sucking at the same pace as he had been doing it to himself.  Now he could concentrate on what he was doing to Steve.  Steve announced his pending eruption in case Joe had second thoughts of going all the way.  Joe began to suck and jerk Steve's cock until it exploded in Joe's mouth.  Joe stayed with it and swallowed every drop.  Joe let go of his load at the same time and I savored every morsel. 

We all lay around on the blanket just trying to catch breath and absorb what had just happened.  I felt kind of jealous cause the guys had an experience with each other and I still haven't tasted the sweet nectar of another women's pussy.  The guys sensed this and promised to find a woman for me.  Until then, it is nice to know that when we three get together there won't be any problem of who is sucking who. 

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