Female Fantasy I


The room is dim.  On the bedside table, a small green lamp throws soft illumination over the coverlet.  Pillows are plumped across the headboard.

       I step in close to you, pressing my face into your neck just under your ear and breath deep.  Your scent is heady, intoxicating.  An electric thrill of feeling shoots downward through my abdomen as I draw my head back slightly and kiss you for the first time.  Your lips are so soft.  You kiss me back – and I realize you want me as much as I want you.  I draw back and we smile at each other.  We’ve waited so long for this moment.

        I press my lips to yours again.  This time you encircle me with your arms and draw me close as our lips open to each other.  Our tongues introduce themselves and explore deeper and deeper.  My knees are going to water.  I can feel the whole length of your body against mine.  I can feel your hardness pressing against my lower belly.  I thrust my hips forward.

       We take off each other’s clothing: shirts, pants, my bra and panties. 

       You cup my bare breasts in your hands.  My nipples are already hard and protruding like sultana raisins.  You roll and pinch them between thumb and forefinger, then bend to suck my left nipple.  I nearly collapse with the incredible rush of feeling shooting from it to my womb.  I have become very wet.

       I place my hand on your manhood.   Through the stretchy material of your underwear, the bulge is hard and stiff.  I explore the length and breadth of its pulsing hardness. 

       But I want a closer look.

       I hook my thumbs in the elastic of your shorts and pull them slowly down, carefully freeing your throbbing member.  Easing the flimsy garment down to your ankles, I discover that I am now eye-level with the object of my desire. 

       I smile and bury my nose in the warm, steamy space at its base.  The scent there drives me wild.  Your curly pubic hair tickles my nose and I inhale deeply, nuzzling.  I turn my head slightly to run my tongue along the underside of your throbbing ebony shaft.  When I reach the tip, I find a pearly drop of pre-cum there and lick it up.  Then, I slowly slide my wet mouth over the head of your cock.  A low moan escapes your lips.

       Encouraged, I take you deeper, easing you back out, then in again, ever deeper, until finally, you are all the way to the back of my throat and can go no further.  I suck and lick, tickling under the swollen head of your prick, exploring every inch.  I cup your balls, gently rolling the soft globes.   I notice you have locked your knees.  Your hands hold my head, gently guiding it back and forth.  I wonder if I can make you come this way…..


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