The Dance

When I opened my eyes, it was dusk, the candles were still burning and the smell of sex lingered in the room.  My head was resting on his broad chest, content feeling his strong arms wrapped around me.  My leg thrown over his waist, his hand resting on my thigh while he sleeps.  I feel the wetness between my legs as I look down and see his hard cock...everything about him was sexy.  His short dark brown hair, those seductive green eyes, kissable lips that frame a warm smile.   An athletic body, starting with his thick neck and broad shoulders.  Hard muscular chest, arms, and strong legs.  Our bodies fit so perfectly together. 

I awaken him with tiny kisses on his lips and nose while my hand gently rubs his cock.   I feel his body responding while I remember his passion and tenderness.  My breasts pressed against his bare chest while his hands caress my body as our lips meet.

Slipping out of his arms, grabbing his shirt off the chair... I put it on and I  am wrapped by his scent.  I walk over to my overnight bag and pull out two silk scarfs, a black lace top with matching panties and spike heeled shoes.  I disappear into the bathroom to get dressed.  When I come out I am still wearing his shirt and motion for him to sit in the chair.  As he walks over to the chair, I put the radio on and lite a few more candles.  The only light in the room comes from the 15 candles now the music begins, I slowly walk over and stand behind him.  Taking his hands I tie them behind him with one of the silk scarfs.  Gently kissing the palm of his hand, my tongue glides from his palm to his fingers..taking his index finger into my mouth and sucking.  Moving back to his palm, my mouth continues its journey, moving up his arm.  Reaching his collar bone...kissing his neck, my hands touch his chest as I turn to face him.   Kissing him on his lips, I suck his lower lip while my hands are entangled in his hair.  I pull the other silk scarf out of his shirt pocket, my mouth kissing his chest.  Moving over to his nipple, licking it, biting lightly...I hear him groan. Continuing to move down his body, teasing him with my tongue...down to his legs, just passing over his cock, I give him a little kiss.  He gets anxious, moving about in the chair, I ignore him and continue.  Tracing lines on his inner thigh with my tongue, my mouth moving behind the knee, kissing and sucking. I begin stroking his cock while taking his balls into my mouth.  Running my tongue along the shaft, up to the head.   Wrapping the scarf around his cock, I begin to pull it slowly, while I look up at him.  He tells me the silk feels good against his skin.  I lower my head taking his thickness into my mouth, moving the scarf backward and forward.  He is watching me as my lips slide up and down his cock, the scarf rubbing against his balls and shaft.   Standing up, turn around and dropping the scarf, my back to him, I begin to dance.   Unbuttoning his shirt, I turn around, letting it fall to the ground.  Swaying my hips to the music, I move closer to him.  Standing inches away, my fingertips trace his jaw line as I tilt my head, placing a kiss on his mouth.   I straddle his legs while lifting my lace top over my head.  My breasts not quite close enough for his mouth to reach. Moving away from him, still dancing I begin touching myself, squeezing my breasts with my fingers.  My right hand moving down over my stomach, I flick my navel ring.  I wiggle out of my panties and toss them towards his face.  Dancing over to him, I put my leg on his shoulder, my pussy
now in his face, he moves closer and I let him have a taste of my honey.  I grab his hair and pull him away from my sweet nectar, he is so close but so far.   I lower my leg to the side of the chair, my hand is now where his mouth longs to be.  I begin pleasing myself with my finger.  Pinching my clit...moving to my lips, slipping my finger inside. Taking my finger out...grazing it along his lips, then sticking my finger in my own mouth, tasting myself...moaning. 

I dance around and begin to untie him.  He stands up, watching me dance, my hands fondling myself.  I open my arms, inviting him to dance with me...both of us naked.   My arms losely around his neck, his arms around my waist, our lips meet once again while dancing to the music.  I feel his hard cock as he begins grinding against my mound.  My pussy, wet and wanting...he lifts me up and slides me onto his cock, my legs wrapped around his. His hands gripping my ass as he moves over to the wall.  I gasp as I hit the wall feeling the the
light switch digging into my back.  His thrusts are deep and hard, moving into a fast and furious dance.  He is like a raging caged animal, taking me nails digging into his back as he pounds my pussy.  I won't last long, I am so hot for him.   Hips thrusting, my breasts jiggling,...We kiss passionately, our tongues dancing together as we slam against the wall. Feeling my orgasm peak ..he is thrusting deep and hard .. my body quivers.  My pussy grabbing his cock, I climax as I feel him release deep inside.  We remain there, letting ourselves come to rest. He is buried deep inside my warm folds. Both of our juices running down his legs.  We are sweaty from the effort, kissing and holding each other in a tight embrace.

As the music ends, so does my time with him.  Our excusion is over and he must go back to his life, as do I.   We take one last shower together and watch each other dress. We kiss goodbye.  I watch him walk out of the room as I begin to pack up my belongings.  In my overnight bag I notice his baseball shirt...number 26 and I realize that he is now just a sweet memory.


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