Female Fantasy II


Your heavy shaft is sliding in and out of my mouth.  I circle its silky head with the tip of my tongue, then slide my lips down, down until you are far into my throat.  My nose inhales your lovely male scent.

       I imagine it sliding in and out of me, down there, going deep, withdrawing, then going deep again.  I have become very wet.  My pussy is throbbing with want of it.

       As if you have read my mind, you gently lift my head, drawing me up.  Our naked bodies, warm and smooth, fit so well together.  The heat of your throbbing sex insistent against my mound.  Obligingly, I open and straddle your swollen cock.  Your heat sears me as you move yourself back and forth against the slippery wetness of my lower lips.  My sensitized clitoris slides along the top of your hard shaft, sending sudden, blinding impulses of passion to my brain.  A lovely knot of feeling has begun to gather deep inside my vagina.

       You kiss me deeply, thoroughly, exploring my mouth.  I taste you and nibble your bottom lip.  Gently, ever so gently, you lay me down across the dark coverlet.  We kiss again, our legs entwining.  You trace down my neck with the tip of your tongue.  Along my collarbone...  Shivers of delight as you find my nipple, circling it wetly.  You suckle my breasts, first one, then the other.  You suck strongly, nibble, then suck again.  I arch, moaning in ecstasy.

       Your hardness is hot against my thigh.  I want you inside me so badly.

       You slide the warm palm of your hand slowly down my creamy belly to the thatch of black, curly hair on my mound.  Your questing fingers find my tingling clitoris.  You tease it round and round.  I gasp.  You have suddenly slipped a finger into my sopping hole.  You withdraw, then plunge in two.  An exploratory….aaaah!  I arch to meet each deep, slow thrust.

       Enough is enough.  I tug at your broad shoulders, nudging you.  You slip a knee between my legs and hover over me.  I open myself wide, but you just tease me, sliding your shaft deliciously along my sopping, slippery slit and over my engorged clitoris until I am almost mindless with lust.

       But I refuse to beg.  I know you will give in soon.  You too, are near.  Your hard sex is throbbing and glistening with our juices as you place the swollen head of your cock just at the mouth of my vagina.  I strain toward it, trying to impale myself upon you, but you draw away, teasing me beyond endurance.  The cosmic knot in my belly is huge, now, palpable.  Every nerve is tingling and alive.

       ‘Please!’ I whisper, finally.

       I expect you to thrust.  Instead, you enter me slowly, sliding deliciously into my pussy so that I feel every inch.  The very texture of your cock slipping against the ridged walls of my vagina, stretching me…I swear I can feel every vein!  I savour the feel of you within me.  I’ve waited so long.

       You stop, our wonderful cock buried to the hilt in my hot pussy.  Our pubic hair is crushed together, the friction heating my clitoris.  We lay quietly for some moments, breathing, feeling.  I revel in you.  I run my fingers up and down the smooth, warm skin of your back.  I press my palms on the round, firm cheeks of your bottom.

       You kiss me.  Our tongues entwine deliciously, old friends, now.   You slowly begin to move.  Long, slow thrusts, nearly all the way out, then in right up to your root.  I can feel your warm, soft balls against my ass each time you drive into me.

       The erotic knot is building again.  I squeeze you with the internal muscles of my vagina, trying to draw you even further inside me.  I won’t be able to hold back much longer.  You begin to speed up your thrusts.  I lift my hips to meet you.  Each one is more powerful than the last.  You are up on your hands now, looking into my eyes.  I look into your deep brown ones and drown in their depths.  The tide that is beginning in my belly floods through my whole body, washing out my mind.  Gloriously, I give myself up to it just as I feel you shoot your hot sperm deep in my pussy.

       A huge, white burst of lightening takes my brain.  Your breath is hot and sweet on my neck as we climax together.  We writhe desperately in the throes of a massive orgasm.  And collapse, spent and deliriously happy.   Exhausted, we sleep, nestled in each others’ embrace.      


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