Party Time

Friday night I went with Jessica and her friends to their work and watched them strip.  Amateur night and several beers later found myself up on stage for one song, feeling like Demi Moore in StripTease!  It was such a rush (from what I can remember through the drunken haze).  There were some girls up there who simply had no rhythm. I really wanted to cry for their inability to thrust their hips.  So as I have told you before almost every weekend the girls have a small "orgy" type of thing, well I am proud to say I got to watch and semi join ;) It was weird and I was drunk, and I let Michelle and Jessy see parts of me that made me feel uncomfortable simply because Jessy and I are related- through marriage not blood- my aunts second husbands kids.  Allisin was there also, she has a fascination with her boobs and made me suck on them for her. I really wish I could go into detail, but it was all such a blur, I remember bits and pieces. Michelle ate me out for a while and Jessy fingered me, Allisin sucked on my tits, basically I wasn't allowed to touch (like I was one of the male customers outside of the stage) and just made to let go!  It was wild and sparked the beginning of a crazy weekend. 

Later the next day I stopped in to see Jessy and her friends to see what the plans were for the night.  Huge party at the local college so of course I was up for it.  There were massive fireworks that night also.  So we went to this party, it was HUGE.  The whole party took place in three different houses on the block!  Once again getting plastered, but not as bad as the night before... not at first anyway.  I swear all my cousin knows is parties where there is nothing but sex and booze going on.  She goes to that school so she knows everyone and very popular with both males and females I might add. I took Carrie with me since I'm trying to get to know her (if you know what I mean), but lost her shortly after I got there, which was fine.  Michelle was a bit jealous that I had brought her.  From what Jessy tells me she sort has a thing for me and thought my pussy tasted great ;)  There's a plus.  But as you know I'm not one to settle just for women anyway. I like cock and balls like most bi women, just want a little pussy to go with it. Well as I said I lost Carrie in the beginning, so I just basically mingled for a while and met some really great people. I decided that I had enough and wanted to catch a cab home, so I went to find her (Carrie) and it was difficult, because by then I was a goner.  I finally found her at the third house, she was in the Study (with Colonel Mustard and doing it with his candlestick…lol). Anyway so I walk in, should have suspected something because it was like the only room, besides the bedrooms, that were not full of people. I looked behind the couch and there she is with two guys...lol It was awesome. Well so there they are taking full advantage of Carrie, she was loving all of it.  She looked up at me and asked me to sit down and watch.  I'm like sure why not, I'm buzzing.  I had a feeling though if I sat down I would pass out, which I did, but only for about 10 minutes.  I look up and there was Carrie between my legs. I was like wow is this a dream?  The two guys were watching and playing with her, and they pulled her down and started fucking her.  She was on top of one guy, and the other was on her... so basically one in each hole.  Talk about getting majorly horny, I started fingering myself!   From the angle I was sitting, you could see them going and out of her holes, she had cum so much it was dripping.  All I kept thinking was "How do I manage to find myself in these situations? DAMN I'm lucky"!  Well the one guy looks over at me and asks if I want to lick up Carries pussy juice. I'm like I would love to (looking down at my own realizing I had totally creamed myself) so I get down on her as the other guy starts having her suck him off.  I kissed her tits, and shoved my fingers deep inside her. I look up and both guys are just watching us kiss and fuck.  The one guy decided he wanted to fuck her, so I got up and they switched positions.  I was laying down, she was licking me out, and the one guy was behind her and I was sucking the 1st one off. The whole time I'm thinking this all seems like such a dream.  So Carries keeps saying how she wants me to suck on her clit, for some reason she was finding it hard to cum any more with that guy she was with.  I'm like sure why not. So we basically switch spots again.  As we got up we met face to face and started kissing like there was no tomorrow, I was so fucking horny by then I wanted to be fucked by her. I told her to lay down on her back and just devoured her snatch- she tastes so fucking good!  Mean while the two guys kind of disappeared out of my mind.  I look up and the one guy is jerking off and shoving his cock in and out of her mouth.  Then I look to my side and the 1st guy is changing his condom. Not thinking anything more about it, I went back to my "meal".  Before I knew it I felt a finger behind me, probing my asshole (I was on my hands and knees). Carrie got up on her hands and knees also and we started kissing again, all of a sudden I was snapped back into reality as I felt the guy penetrated me, with full force.  While Carrie had started sucking my nipples I hadn't even noticed the other guy fucking her. We were both getting fucked in the ass, same way at the same time.  We tried kissing some more, but it was so over whelming for me because it has been so long since I have had that I just couldn't concentrate.  Not sure if it was from the orgasms or the booze. It was just surreal.  It didn't last long, only about five minutes before both guys at almost the same time blew their loads.  I don't think Carrie nor I felt fully satisfied after they left the room, as we started kissing again, both of our pussies silky with our cum.  She grabbed her bag and pulled out a dildo and started fuck my hole so hard. I came twice as hard as I had before with the one guy!  As she was fucking me with it, she was licking my pussy and clit. She spun around so her snatch was on my face, I had nothing to use on her and she knew I was looking.  So she handed me a wine bottle that was laying there.  I'm like "are you sure?"  She said yes because she wanted to be fucked by me also.  So gently I shoved it in. She stopped what she was doing and moaned so loud, then she told me to shove it in real hard, it was difficult cuz she is so tight, but I did it and she started telling me to fuck her.  It was a wicked turn on. As I did it she came all down my hand.  She asked if she could do anything to me and I said sure as long as it doesn't hurt.  So she shoved the dildo in my ass, at the same time she must have grabbed the second one out of her bag or maybe she grabbed them both at the same time, I'm not really sure.  So she shoved one in each hole. I was in heaven, it felt so fucking good.  We both hit high orgasm at the same time.  She dropped off me and we laid side by side.  We were both talking slightly, and then I opened my eyes and there is Jessy and another of her friends watching the whole thing.  She said that Michelle had been there but left without an explanation. We all assumed she was jealous or something. Jessy later told me it was everything she could do not to join in, but we were having so much fun she didn't want to ruin it.  Needless to say, that is one party I’ll never forget.  I’ll probably never see those guys again and I don’t remember what they even looked like, much less if they had names.  Everyone thinks that being a whore like me is such a bad thing but let me tell you, I could get used to it. Maybe next time I’ll take a whole frat on!!