The old, black Ford Ranger slowly came to a stop at the intersection of
Converse and Summer streets.  The driver, a young woman in business attire,
hesitated for a short while, then decided to turn right onto Summer.  After
driving most of the length of the first block, she turned the pickup into a
driveway, then maneuvered her vehicle back onto the street, heading in the
direction from which she came.  Just before reaching the intersection
again, she brought the pickup to a stop, parking under the shade of a large
oak tree.

"Whew!"  Misty exclaimed, as she turned the ignition switch off.

"What a day to be out interviewing for jobs -- in this oppressive heat and
humidity,"  she thought.  "I'd rather be on the beach, or even lying in my
hammock out back -- dressed in a bikini with a cold beer, of course.  Looks
like this spot will probably be a good place to park while waiting for my
next interview.  At least there's a slight breeze blowing through the
windows in this direction and it's fairly quiet here."

Misty decided she may as well get as comfortable as possible, and after
looking about to see if anyone was approaching, she hastily loosened her
scarf, lifting it over her head and off, and then unfastened the top two
buttons of her white blouse.  After kicking off her black pumps, she
reached under her skirt, pulled her panty hose off, and tossed them onto
the seat.  Fanning her face briefly with the classified section of the
local paper, she decided she still wasn't sufficiently comfortable, and she
slipped her hands beneath her blouse, reached up her back and unfastened
her bra, tossing that aside as well, onto the panty hose.  Then, turning
sideways in the cab, leaning against the driver-side door, she lifted her
legs onto the long seat, took another sip of root beer, and resumed reading
a copy of the Nora Roberts romance novel a friend of hers lent her.  She
brought it along to help pass the time, thinking the subject matter would
sufficiently hold her attention to help pass the time between interviews,
but somehow, her mind kept drifting off onto other things:  her job search,
the breakup of her three-year marriage with Bob, a year and a half ago, her
dire financial situation, her mother's recent illness.

"When am I ever going to get another job?"  she wondered, taking a deep
breath.  "My savings won't last much longer.  I just don't understand why
nobody wants to hire me.  I've got lots of secretarial experience, good
references and a decent resume.  Could it be an age thing?  I wonder if
they just prefer the younger women?  Or blonds?  Thirty isn't that old, is
it, or do they just want the young girls?  Everyone tells me I don't look
my age.  You'd think they'd prefer someone with more experience.  There's
always some excuse they offer.  'Oh sorry, the position's been canceled.'
'We decided to fill the position internally.'  'We were hoping to find
someone with industry experience.' and on and on.  There's nothing I hate
worse than looking for a job -- except perhaps looking for a boyfriend.
Maybe I should dress more seductively -- you know, in a short, short skirt
with a slit up the side."    Peering down at her shapely legs stretched out
on the seat, she observed,  "Now, I know I have great legs.  Get enough
looks from the men on that score."  At that, she took another deep breath,
and with a long sigh returned to her romance novel.

But after reading a few pages more, her eyelids began feeling heavy.  As
she began nodding off into mid-afternoon drowsiness, she found herself
reading the same lines over and over.  Then, snapping to abruptly, she
decided to switch positions, sitting back in the driver's seat facing
forward again.  At least that way, she could let her head fall back against
the seat's head rest.  Just as she lowered her legs back onto the floor,
the sound of a young child talking to her parents caught her attention.
Looking out, Misty noticed a young couple slowly strolling along the
sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, hand in hand, with their young
daughter at her mother's side, holding her mother's hand.  With intense
interest, she followed the progress of the family until they reached the
nearby intersection, her eyes gradually filling with tears.  Biting her
lower lip, she threw her head back and closed her wet eyes, fighting off
the urge to let herself have a good, cathartic cry, thinking about that
other tough set of issues -- when she would have another man in her life
and start raising a family of her own.

"Now Misty, don't cry.  It's not necessary,"  she thought.  She rested
statue-like in that position for several minutes, struggling to maintain
composure with little success, as a steady stream of tears flowed down her
cheeks from each eye.

"Hello, ma'am!"

Misty was so deep into reverie that she at first hadn't noticed the voice
calling out to her.

"Hello, are you alright?"  he repeated, calling a bit louder.

She suddenly became aware that someone was addressing her.  Looking out her
window, she noticed a young man in a business suit walking quickly toward

"Oh no, I'm fine,"  Misty replied, smiling, hastily brushing her moist
cheeks with the back of one hand while nervously drawing the open ends of
her blouse closed to cover her cleavage.

"Well, I saw you there crying and wondered if there was anything wrong, or
if I could help," he added, as he approached the old Ford.

"No really, just thinking about my life and where it's been going.  I'm
doing interviews today, and it gets real intense at times, and sometimes I
just have to let my emotions run free, you know."

"Well, I hear you there.  I  know all about that,"  the young man replied,
grinning.  "I've been out of work myself for a few weeks.  In fact I've
just had another interview and am on my way home.  By the way, my name is

"And mine is Misty,"  she replied, extending her hand to greet him.  "How
was your interview?"

"Not bad, actually.  Answered all their questions.  I think I made a good
impression on them.  They said I seemed to have a good background for the
position, and asked when I'd be available to start."

"And of course you told them 'tomorrow,' right?"  Misty asked, grinning.

"You bet.  And what about you, Misty?  How have your interviews been

"Oh, same old shit, you know.  Uh, oops.  Oh sorry, didn't mean to swear,"
Misty added hastily with a chuckle, blushing and covering her lips briefly
with her hand.  "I've been to a lot of interviews this last month, but just
can't seem to get any takers.  I think they're passing me over for the
younger girls."

"That's alright,"  Sean reassured her, blushing as well.  I can handle the
language.  Younger girls?  Uh, you're not that old.   If you looked any
younger, they'd have to be askin' you for some sort of age ID."

Misty immediately broke into a hearty laugh, her face quickly losing the
last traces of its former sorrowful expression.   "Thank you ever so much!
You have no idea how much I appreciate that.  Uh, if you'd like to chat
some more, would you care to have a seat in here?  Maybe we can compare
notes on where to look for jobs."

"Sure,"  Sean replied.  "But I can't stay too long.  I have to be getting
home to my wife and daughter.  I promised them I'd set up the swimming pool
this afternoon.  Besides, Lynn gets up tight whenever I'm away for longer
than she expects."

"Why's that?  Is she jealous?  Thinks you're hangin' out with other

"Probably!"  Sean answered, emphatically.

"But of course, you wouldn't dare do anything like that, would you hun?"
Misty queried, flashing a naughty smile.

"Oh, of course not,"  Sean retorted, with a broad, mischievous grin, as he
began walking around the front end of the small truck.

"Oh shit!"  Misty exclaimed to herself, as she turned to unlock the
passenger door.  "Where the hell am I going to put the bra and pantyhose?
He's going to think I'm a real slut or hooker."  Casting her eyes wildly
about the cab, she decided just to throw the garments into the glove
compartment.  After fumbling with the compartment's latch briefly, she just
barely managed to stuff them inside and close the door as Sean reached the
other side of the pickup.

"Sorry, I'd offer you something to drink if I could,"  Misty noted as Sean
climbed into the Cab, but this half-finished, luke-warm soda is all I

"That's quite alright.  Thanks, I'm all set.  Just finished lunch, anyway,"
Sean replied, as he took off his suit jacket, folding it neatly across his

"So, tell me more about your family, Sean.  What's you daughter's name?
How old is she?"

"Jenny is going to be four next month, actually.  It seems like yesterday
when we brought her home from the hospital,"  Sean noted, turning to face
Misty, lifting his left knee onto the seat.

"Oh, what a lovely name, Jenny!"  Misty exclaimed, turning to face Sean,
and lifting both knees onto the seat until they just barely missed touching
his.  "I've always been fond of the name Jennifer.  It's a bit
old-fashioned, but so wonderfully feminine and soft.  I have a younger
sister with that name.  Hmmm.  And Lynn, is she younger or older than you?
Does she work?"

"Thanks,  Jenny was named after one of my aunts.  I've always liked the
name too, and it was a clear choice for me.  Lynn quit her job when she had
Jenny, deciding to spend some time with her while she was real young.
Actually, at 29, Lynn's a year older than me, so I guess we're an unusual
couple in that way."

Noting the age similarity between herself and Lynn, Misty broke into a
broad grin.  "No, that's fine, Sean.  Lot's of couples are like that, with
the woman older than the man.  Times aren't the same as they used to be,
you know.  Besides, one year is nothing."  Pausing briefly, Misty
continued, "I'll bet things are starting to get a bit tense at home with
neither one of you working."

"Things have been a bit tense for a long while, not just recently,"  Sean
replied, blushing, taking a long, deep breath, as he began rolling up his
shirt sleeves.

Misty loved it when Sean blushed.   She found him cute enough as it was,
especially in the darkness of the cab.  When she first caught sight of him
approaching her pickup, she knew Sean would be a draw on her heartstrings,
with his attractive, broad face, gray-green eyes, slightly upturned nose,
and dishelved, dark brown hair -- sort of boyish in a way.  She couldn't
help but wonder what he looked like without a shirt.

"Aren't you hot?  Why don't you loosen your tie too, hun?  Unbutton your
shirt a bit."  Misty urged.

"Not a bad idea,"  Sean agreed, as he quickly removed his tie and
unfastened the top three buttons of his shirt, as instructed.

"Now, doesn't that feel a lot better.  Here, let me have those,"  Misty
suggested, referring to his suit jacket and tie.  "I'll just set these up
here on the dashboard."

"Thanks, and what about you, Misty?"

"You mean . . . ?"  she asked.

"Well, your family situation.  Are you married.  Do you have any kids?  You

"Unfortunately not.  Bob and I were divorced a year and a half ago after a
three-year unhappy marriage.  We put off having kids our first year because
Bob was finishing med. school.  But after that, we just couldn't seem to
get it together again, and our sex life went down hill."

"So it sounds like we're sort of in the same boat in many ways,"  Sean
replied, sighing.

"Yep, join the club, as they say.  Are you and Lynn planning to have any
more kids?"

"It sure doesn't look like it now, with me out of work and the bills piling
up, and frankly, our relationship on the rocks."

"That's too bad.  I'm sure it would be nice for little Jenn to have someone
around to play with,"  Misty replied.

With a deep sigh, Sean turned, facing forward again.  Slouching in his
seat, he stretched his legs forward, tossed his head back and closed his
eyes.  After sitting silently for a few seconds, he added, "Can't we ever
get it together -- the sexes I mean?  There are so many unhappy couples and

"Well, hun.  Don't even get me started on that one.  I can debate you for
hours on the battle of the sexes,"  Misty asserted, chuckling.

Misty hadn't been thinking about sexual matters until then, or for that
matter for who knows how long, but she felt quite drawn emotionally to this
handsome young man stretched out -- well how should we say, somewhat
seductively.  She noticed the bulge in his trousers and wondered whether
that was just folds of fabric or rather, something hard and warm pushing up
from below.  She desperately wanted to find out, but wasn't sure how to go
about it.  She decided to reach over and brush the hairs on his left arm
with her hand.


Sean's eyes immediately popped open.  Turning his face toward Misty, he
stared briefly at her in surprise and then faced forward again.  "You know,
I'm a married man with kids,"  he said.

"So,"  Misty replied teasingly.

"So you're saying you think I'm horny and will bend the rules a little?"
Sean asked, chuckling.

"Well, probably as horny as me.  Neither one of us has had it for who knows
how long."

Sean's smile broadened into a wide grin, as he laced his fingers together
and stretched his arms outward.  Then suddenly turning his face toward
Misty again, he asked,  "Are you suggesting we go off and have sex
somewhere?  You know, I need to be getting home to Lynn and Jenn.  And
don't you need to get to another interview?"

"Oh, I'm not going to that one.  It's just a head-hunter.  What's the use.
A big waste of time.  I was just thinking we could offer each other a
little comfort this afternoon - nothing really serious."

Sean turned himself around facing Misty again, letting one knee rest on the
passenger seat, touching Misty's knee, and placed his right hand gently
over her hand.

With her best naughty grin, Misty leaned forward, placed her left hand on
the bulge in Sean's trousers and began probing for his erection.   "Well
see, you are horny aren't you?  We don't need to go off somewhere to make
love.  Can't we just have some fun here for a few minutes?  Aren't you
dying to relieve that big guy of yours?"

Sean took a big breath, turned again, stretching his legs tautly forward
and thrust his hips upwards slightly to meet Misty's hand.

"Come on hun,"  Misty pleaded, as she cautiously began unfastening Sean's
belt, checking his face with each motion, gauging his reaction.  She was
now dying to see what he looked like without clothes, wondering what his
firm member looked like and how big he was.

"There, now lift your butt up so we can get these off of you, hun"  she
instructed, after loosening his belt and unzipping the fly.   "That's it.
  Ooooo, you're hard as a rock,"  she exclaimed, first rubbing Sean's
erection through his briefs, and then slipping her hand inside them.

"Here, lift up again.  Let's slide your shorts down too, hun.  That's it.
And, why don't you unbutton your shirt?  You look so hot."

"Uhhh,"  Misty gasped, as Sean's erection sprang free of its covers,
pointing firmly upwards.  She was never into measuring men's dicks, but she
couldn't help but wonder how long Sean's was.  It seemed longer than most
she'd seen, certainly larger than her former husband's.  Perhaps it just
seemed large because she hadn't been with a man in so long.  She gently
wrapped her fingers around Sean's cock, stroking it lightly, palpating its
curves with her fingertips, as he gazed into her face, smiling.

"Would you like to play with yourself for me, hun?"  Misty asked, grinning.

"You mean masturbate?"  Sean asked, blushing.

"Uh huh,"  Misty replied nodding, with her best seductive smile.

"But . . . ."

"Oh please.  Don't be bashful.  It really turns me on so much to watch a
man do it to himself."

"I don't know.  I've never done anything like that before,"  Sean noted,

"Never had any partners who liked that?"

"No, I guess not.  Lynn wasn't much into foreplay.  Kind of conservative,
you know."

"Please.  It's so much fun,"  she replied again, pleading.  "Here, just do
it like this,"  she instructed, grasping Sean's right hand in her's and
placing it around his cock, moving it up and down for him."

"That's it.  That's wonderful.  Just slow down a little bit.  With you
being that horny, we don't want you to come too soon, do we?"  Misty
advised, as she scooted closer to Sean.  She leaned forward, letting her
head rest against Sean's head, slipped her right hand beneath his shirt,
rubbing his neck and shoulder, and began fondling his balls with her left
hand.  "Ooooo.  Your balls are so big and loose in your sack,"  she
whispered, as she gently rolled them against each other with her fingers,
kneading and massaging them.

Sean proceeded to stroke himself, taking cues from Misty, as she whispered
in his ear to slow down, speed up or stroke himself in various ways, all to
her liking and moment's whim.  This was a new treat for Misty, for though
she'd often fantasized about watching men masturbate, she never had the
opportunity with any of her boyfriends or her husband.  And what a treat at
that, with this well-endowed, handsome young man.  Whenever it seemed that
Sean was approaching climax, Misty gave an extra little tug on his balls,
pulling them down and away from his body, moving them away from  nature's
preferred position for ejaculation.  So, she was able to keep him hard and
on the edge for as long as she desired. Eventually, Sean became
increasingly agitated, sweating more profusely, and showing signs of

"Oh man,  why can't I come?"  he asked.  "I just don't understand it.  Like
every time I feel like cumming, something happens and I can't."

"It must be that you're just nervous and tense, hun, doing this for the
first time.  Just relax, close your eyes, and enjoy what you're feeling,"
she reassured him, chuckling.

"I mean, you're a really sexy girl, Misty.  Like I've dreamed about having
sex with someone like you many times.  Now I'm doing it, and nothing

Misty smiled, though didn't reply.  She laid her left leg across Sean's
outstretched legs, and began tenderly kissing his cheeks and nibbling
lightly at his ear.  In a way, part of the excitement of this new
experience for her was the subtle feeling of power she now knew she could
have over a man - to control his orgasm to her desire.  And, she relished
every moment of it.  But though she wished the excitement could last
forever, she didn't want to torture him either.

"Here, hun, let me help you along a little,"  Misty suggested, placing her
right hand on Sean's hand, arresting his movement.  "Your hand looks too
dry."  Misty worked up a mouthful of saliva, filled her cupped right hand,
and grasped his cockhead, bathing it with her fingers in swirling motions.

"OK, that should be better.  Why don't you try again."

As Sean resumed the stroking of his rigid member, Misty continued massaging
his balls, except now she gently pushed them up towards his body.  In less
than a minute of frenzied stroking Sean's moans grew louder, turning into a
long, deep groan, as his cock grew noticeably darker and more turgid,
twitched and then catapulted his first spurt of cum, which arched high into
the air, raining down upon the dashboard of Misty's pickup.  In less than a
second, another spurt shot out, splashing down on Misty's leg.  She quickly
cupped her right hand over his throbbing member, letting his warm, moist
semen pelt against the palm of her hand, and then flood down his shaft.

"Whoa, what a wonderful load!"  she exclaimed, chuckling, as the flow of
his semen abated and the rapid pulsations in his cock grew weaker and
weaker.  "That was soooooo beautiful, hun.  Wasn't that worth it?  Don't
you feel so relieved now?"  she whispered softly.

With head thrown backwards and eyes tightly closed, Sean nodded slowly in
confirmation, as streamlets of sweat flowed down his blushed face.
Noticing that his cock was still fully erect,  Misty decided to continue
pleasuring him.  She realized that an opportunity like this doesn't happen
often, wasn't about to let his wonderful hardon grow limp, and began
stroking it with her right hand, while resuming the fondling of his balls
with her other hand.

"Ahhhh!"  Sean groaned, as his body recoiled from her touch.

"Oh, god, I'm sorry hun.  I forgot you might be a bit too sensitive,"
Misty exclaimed.   "I promise I'll go real slow and be gentle."   She very
slowly and lightly twirled her fingers about his glans a few times, and
then gently resumed stroking his shaft.  Gradually, as she noticed he was
able to tolerate greater pressure again, she increased the firmness of her
grasp and speed of stroking.  She leaned back toward Sean, resting her head
on his shoulder and began kissing and licking his face softly.  Sean turned
his head toward her's, quickly finding her lips with his, and thrust his
tongue deep into her mouth, letting it dance about her tongue and probe her
lips and inner cheeks.  Under Misty's relentless assault of Sean's
erogenous zones, a second orgasm erupted quickly, as he once more shot
spurt after spurt of fresh cum into Misty's clenched fist firmly
surrounding his cockhead, as she rapidly lapped up with her tongue the
streamlets of sweat flowing down his face.

"Oh, God, unbelievable!"  Sean exclaimed, taking a deep breath, tossing his
head back onto the head rest, growing limp.  "You really know how to
please, don't you?  Oh, Misty, why didn't you come along 5 years ago before
I met Lynn?

"Who knows,"  Misty replied with a tone of exasperation.

Misty and Sean sat motionless for several minutes longer as the two of them
fell from their high.

"Look at you, hun.  You're a mess,"  Misty exclaimed, giggling.  "You can't
go home like this.  What'll Lynn think?"

"She'll have a fit,"  Sean replied, chuckling.  Sighing, he asked, "What do
you think we should do?"

Misty paused for a few second.  "I know what.  Let's head for my place.  I
live just a few miles from here.  We'll get you in for a quick shower,
while I pop your clothes into the washing machine."

"But I gotta get home really soon. They'll start wondering what happened.
Besides, I hate putting you through all that trouble."

"It's no trouble, really, Sean,"  Misty replied, reassuringly.  "I have to
do laundry anyway.  I'll just throw your stuff in with mine.  We'll get you
in and out in no time.  Promise.  Just tell Lynn you had a long interview
and they really liked you."

'But . . . . ."

"Come on Sean, you can't go home like this.  Period.  What'll you tell
them, you spilled lunch on your lap?"

"OK,"  Sean agreed, nodding in resignation.

"Here, let me help you get presentable.  Lift up your butt . . . ."

"Hey Misty, I'm not a little baby any more.   I can get dressed myself.
We don't have time.  Just get this old Ford moving -- fast,"  Sean
retorted, interrupting her.

"OK, OK.  I'm sorry.  I guess it's the mothering instinct in me.  Need
someone to love and care for,"  Misty replied, as she hastily dried her wet
hands on her legs, and then moved back to the driver's seat to start the

The old Ford Ranger slowly pulled away from the curb, carrying its two
passengers, stopped once more at the corner of Converse and Summer streets,
and turned left onto Converse, heading toward Misty's home.

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