A Night to Remember

     You sit nursing a drink at a dark corner table in a steamy hot
dangerous tavern in Istanbul.  The air is humid.  Sweat prickles your scalp
& a trickle slides down your temple.  Thick smoke forms layers too heavy to
rise. A raven haired beauty who has been glancing at you from under slitted
eyelids rises from her table across the room & sashays her hips from side to
side as she approaches your table exaggerating her sultry full breasted but
athletic figure beneath a long black clinging dress slit high up her thigh.
Stopping at your table her body writhes then shimmies while standing still.
Sensually running her hands down to her skirt she grasps the thin material
clawing it up her long thin muscular thighs. Lifting her arms above her head
she shudders & with a sexy toss of her hair the swaying approach becomes a
dance. Her Kirghiz eyes have never left yours. She spins, undulates, gyrates
& hunches, her hips swiveling in natures oldest dance... for you alone. Her
bold look musters a squadron of chills on your neck that goose steps down
between your shoulder blades & promises untold secret pleasures awaiting
only your slightest signal. I am that vision of clawing needy pleasure. You
watch me perform for you. Your smokey blue eyes & appreciative smile
encourage me to even more suggestive moves. Beads of perspiration form on my
upper lip. Leaning close to your face I lick them off with a tongue that
also promises unearthly delights. Wetting my lips, spinning & groaning as I
work for you, shaking my hips like a belly dancer, so close you can smell my
unwashed sex, my cloying, musky aroma. You are dreaming of where that honey
sweet woman musk must originate when there is an explosion. The room fills
with smoke & the lights go off. The police break in loudly yelling for no
one to move. Amid the bedlam I grab your hand & rush you through the
tumultuous confusion & darkness out a rear door into a narrow alley behind
the caberet. After many zigzags & turns, leaving the noise of the bar
behind, we pause to catch our breath in a dark recessed doorway. Your hands
find & squeeze my breasts & your mouth fastens on my neck, sucking it hard &
weakening my knees.  My already cream coated thighs up between my legs are
drenched with a new foamy flow from my excited pussy when you take my chin
in your hand & order, "lift your dress." After a brushing soft kiss my hands
obey as if directed by your mind, raising my skirt up my legs just as you
wish. "Open your legs, Kita. Dance for me now." My will captured by your
eyes, I move my hips slowly for you to watch, my soaked smooth inner thighs
opening & shining in the moonlight.  I whimper & mewl my submission as
sweetly as a newborn kitten when you motion for my skirt to be raised
higher. My hips move for you.  My thighs opening further, I grip my skirt,
holding it bunched at my hips to reveal a protruberant bald mound & swollen
excited labia. I am blatantly hunching toward you now, simulating what I
need so badly, approaching your leg, needing contact. Knowing that I am
expecting your touch, you instead send my libido reeling into submissive
sexual desperation when your lips find my ear. You whisper lewdly what I
must do. Looking up into your eyes I whimper & nod my assent. My neck &
breasts flushed with excitement, I slide down to kneel expectantly while you
reveal yourself to my eyes. I watch in nervous anticipation as your fingers
unbuckle & unbutton your trousers slowly... then push them over your hips
below your knees.  Your unpantied pussy lips seem to part & pout under my
hot gaze. As you lean back against the rough masonry you open your knees &
with an imperious nod direct me to commence your pleasure. I sway as if in a
trance... softly cooing & humming worshipfully. Pushing the straps of my
dress over my shoulders, your fingers hook the front of my dress & with a
careless yank expose my soft breasts.  Pushing me to lean back you straddle
& rub your scalding wet cunt on them.  It seems that your hungry little slit
bites & pinches my nipples as you take your pleasure with my breasts.
Whimpering & groaning... almost in tears with lust... not waiting but
knowing you need it now... I open my hungry wet oral maw & cover your pussy.
Holding it in my warm mouth. Dragging my tongue along your slit...
collecting your moisture before darting my tongue into your hole... shoving
it deep inside you. I feel your hands on my head so I lower my hands to my
sides... giving over to your will, your complete dominant control. With a
sneer you begin slowly humping my soft full red lips... caressing my face
softly with your fingertips as you watch my mouth fill with your juices. 
Opening your legs wide for me, you pull my mouth more firmly into your soppy
gash.  For several minutes the only sound we hear is the slurping squishy
squeezed-sponge sound that only an open cunt being eaten properly can emit.
Your tender words of ecstasy & our mutual shrill groans of enjoyment
abruptly become long selfish hard bruising hunches on my soft salivating
mouth as you near orgasm. Ignoring my discomfort your fists tug at my hair &
you grind your soppy cunt onto my face forcing my mouth wider. Screaming
behind closed lips your girl cum jets into my mouth, an almost stinging
spray.  Without a thought of holding back but accepting my services as your
due, you grind your swollen soaked cunt around & over my face, teeth
clenched as you prolong your spasms of orgasm. Your girl spunk freely flows
& paints my face & you squeeze a thick gooey ooze into my softly sucking
mouth with the last bucking tremor of your orgasm. I swallow softly between
groans of pleasure. When your grunts of selfish lust subside & you release
my hair from your grip. I arise & say, "we must hurry, they will be looking
for me." Having just used me cruelly, you hesitate guiltily until I assure
you, "It's all right my love. I will give you more...anything you want, my
young beauty. You are my dream...... come....... quickly!!"  With my excited
erect nipples tightening in the night air & my breasts swaying in the
moonlight, momentarily forgotten, we disappear into the streets of that
ancient city..............................

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