In Chains
Samantha Stevens


It was late one Friday night. My husband Jerry and I were lying in bed.

“Okay”, he said, pulling me closer. “We did you’re doctors and nurses thing. Now it’s my turn”.

“Okay”, I said. “Sounds fair”.

“Okay. My fantasy is...to tie you up in chains and rape you”.

“Okay...” I said. It was no weirder than me pretending to be a naughty nurse and he being the stern doctor and spanking me with the stethoscope! 

He jumped out of bed. “I bought these”, he said, emerging from under the bed with two big shackles for my feet and two pairs of handcuffs.  

I could feel my excitement build. “What do you want me to do?” I squeaked.

“Walk”, he said. “Just walk and I’ll...wait!”


“Dress like a hooker. Put on that leather mini and a g-string and knee high boots”.


“Then walk and see what happens. DON’T look behind you”. 

I got dressed and started to walk. Just then I felt a hand over my eyes and around my neck. “Don’t move, bitch!” said the voice.

 He led me to the bed and pushed me face down.

He blindfolded me and cuffed my hands behind my back.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Amanda”, he snarled. I was really excited. He sounded so real.

“So you’re gonna get it!” He continued. 

He pushed my skirt up so it was around my hips and pulled the G-String off. He then got a whip and smacked me hard with it. I was screaming, it was so painful. 

Then he turned me around took off the handcuffs. He positioned my hands behind my head and got the other pair. He then hand cuffed both my arms to the headboard.

  He opened up my legs wide and shackled my feet, so I was leaning against the back of the bed, with my knees hitched up and my legs wide apart. I had no top on. I was so turned on my nipples were rock hard and my clit was throbbing. 

He took all his clothes off and I could see him stiff and hard. He put his cock level with my mouth. “Suck, bitch”.

I sucked and sucked. I heard him groaning and he pushed it even deeper into my mouth until he came all over my face and let it spill over my breasts. 

Then he kneeled between my legs and slowly edged his way in. He slowly moved out...then thrust in so hard it took my breath away. Again, he thrust really hard. I screamed. Harder and harder, until my muscles held onto his cock tightly, filling me with his juices. He sank back and lay on the bed. He unlocked me. 

“Thanks, Sweetheart. That was great”.

“No problem”. 

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