Old Times
The Beast


It was late in the day when my phone rang.  I had been expecting a call from an associate who was helping me with a project that I was working on.  Much to my surprise and delight, when I answered I heard “Hi Babe”.  It was Sheryl. 

Sheryl and I had had a very passionate love affair several years ago. I was working at the time for a company that had its main plant in the town that she lived.  The town was about 120 kilometres (about 75 miles for you non metric types) from the city where I lived and worked at the company’s head office.  However, my job required me to be at the main plant several days a week.  Sheryl was working for the same company and her office was located at the main plant. 

It was there that we had met, fallen in love and had begun an intense affair.  Unfortunately it could not last; I was married, I lived in a different city and soon afterwards was no longer working for the Company.  Although we were not lovers anymore, separated by distance and Sheryl was now married, we still had a very special relationship.  We would talk on the phone or email each other regularly, but we missed the intimacy that we had shared.   We had agreed that if we ever had the chance, we would get together again, if even for one night. 

I could tell from the excitement in her voice that something was up.  “My husband is going away for a week.  Would you like to come and visit me one evening”.  It didn’t take me long to respond to that question.  We laughed and talked and planned on the date, that I would come to see her.  Her husband was going to be away for two weeks, so we agreed on the Tuesday night of the second week that he was away. 

I made the necessary excuses at home and on the appointed day made my way to Sheryl’s town.  As I was driving down, my stomach was in a knot.  It felt like I was going on a first date.  I got to the hotel that we had agreed on, checked in and hurried upstairs to get ready and wait for Sheryl to arrive. 

There was a knock on the door of my suite.  She was right on time.  I opened the door to see her standing there.  She was even more beautiful than I had remembered.  As Sheryl entered, we embraced as though no time had passed since the last time we had seen each other.  "Hello".  As I kissed her, she started to caress my shoulders and chest.  I had to run my hands over her shoulders and down to her absolutely incredible butt.  She tasted and smelled wonderful. 

I took her overcoat.  She was dressed like the beautiful elegant lady that she was, with class, and barely suppressed sexuality.  Sheryl looked around my suite and checked out the bedroom which included a large mirror on the wall.

I asked if she would like a glass of wine.  She nodded and as I turned to give Sheryl her wine, she was are standing right behind me.  We embraced and kissed again.  As our tongues explored each others mouth, I could feel her beautiful unrestrained breasts beneath her blouse pressing against my chest.  My hands explored her back and incredible butt again.  I didn’t feel any panty lines under her skirt.  I slid my hands up and undid her blouse.  I started to touch and caress her nipples with the palm of my hands and brought my mouth down to lick and suck them.  Her nipples got incredibly hard as I continue to suck and caress them.   

Sheryl opened my shirt and ran her hands through the hair on my chest.  She took particular care to kneed my nipples.  I brought my mouth back up to hers and as we embraced she pushed her breasts against my chest while my hands slid down to her ass. 

As I caressed her body, I brought my hands up under her skirt.  I rubbed and caressed her cute ass.  My fingers wandered towards her hot pussy where I could feel her wetness.  I broke our embrace and told her.  "I want to taste you".  She sat on the couch and had me kneel in front of her.  I began to kiss her legs and worked my way up to her thighs.  As I reached her pussy Sheryl shifted and opened her legs to give me maximum access to her pussy.  She was hot and incredibly wet.  I continued to lick and drive my tongue in and out of her pussy.   My tongue focused on her button as my hands reached behind her to grip her ass and pull her closer to my probing tongue.  I left her button to lick her pussy again and press my tongue into her.  I licked down and flickered my tongue over her asshole and then returned to Sheryl’s button.  She was really hot and wet now and as I licked her button, my finger explored her pussy.  I inserted one, then two fingers into her.  Sheryl was squirming and I could feel that her orgasm was near.  I continued to lick her button and started to caress her asshole with my fingers and lubricate it with her juices.  Sheryl’s orgasm was near as I continued to lick her button.  I then thrust my finger into her ass.   The dam burst, and waves of pleasure broke over Sheryl as her orgasm washed over and onto my face. I thought her juices were going to drown me but I greedily lapped them up.  She tasted great.

 As Sheryl’s breathing began to return to normal, she pulled me up and onto the couch.  Her hands started to explore my chest again and she leaned forward to suck on my nipples.  As she sucked on my nipples her hands dropped and undid my belt and pants.  She could feel my hard cock straining to get out of my underwear.  I lifted my hips so that she could push my pants and underwear down.  My cock sprang out to its full length as she released me.  Her lips started to slide down my chest across my flat stomach to my stiff cock.  She lightly brushed its head with her tongue and slid her mouth up and down the side of my shaft while her hands caressed my balls.  She slid her mouth over the head of my cock and took me fully into her mouth and started to slide her lips up and down my straining cock. 

She pushed me sideways onto the couch and slid sideways so that her awesome pussy was over my mouth again.  She didn’t stop her wonderful sucking on my cock as I began to suck on Sheryl’s pussy again.   Her mouth slid down the side of my cock and she started to lick and suck my balls.  I could feel her tongue start to wander towards my ass.  I grabbed Sheryl around her ass to pull her closer to me as I slid my tongue around her button and in and out of her pussy.  Sheryl stopped for a second to lick her finger and then returned her mouth to my cock.  Her finger started to push its way into my ass.  Her mouth and finger set me off.  “I’m cumming”, I panted and as I shifted to take my cock from her mouth, Sheryl hungrily held on and began to suck harder.  I started to cum and as I shot into her mouth, Sheryl drained me.  As I stopped spurting, I could feel that Sheryl had started her next orgasm as my tongue continued its work on her now very sensitive  button.  Again I could feel the waves of pleasure wash over her. 

As we both came down from our peaks Sheryl rolled off me.  She turned and as we kissed we could taste each other on our mouths.   When we broke our embrace I said, “Hi Beautiful”, Sheryl smiled and replied “Hi babe, where are we going for dinner”. 

We straightened our selves up and went across the street to a favourite Japanese restaurant.  The sushi, main course and company was great.  We had a lot to catch up on.  But after our earlier appetizer we were anxious to return to our hotel suite for dessert. 

We left the restaurant and headed back across the street to the hotel.  As we rode the elevator to our floor I had to lean over to kiss and caress Sheryl.  We locked our lips in tender embrace, my hands massaging her breasts through the fabric of her blouse.  We were both aching for what was to come next.  Finally we reached our floor and room.  After getting ourselves a glass of wine, we sat on the bed. 

I leaned over to Sheryl and brushed my lips across her mouth and around her ears and neck.  Our lips met and we locked in a deep passionate kiss.  My hands started to caress her and I slowly undid her blouse.  As I caressed her beautiful breasts, her nipples again hardened like rocks.  I just had to kiss them so Sheryl lifted her arms up and slipped out of her blouse giving me complete access to her beautiful tits. 

Sheryl’s breasts were obviously very sensitive and she was squirming as I sucked and teased her nipples with my tongue and mouth.  She pushed me away and undid my shirt.  “I want us to be naked”, she said as she took off my belt and slid my pants and underwear over my hips and off my legs.    Sheryl stepped up from the bed and slid her skirt over her hips.  She had no panties on and as she let her skirt side to the floor I could see that her pussy was again wet with anticipation. 

As I gazed at Sheryl’s beautiful erect breasts and absolutely fuckable ass, she pushed me back on the bed and lay down on top of me.  We kissed and ran our hands over each others bodies that we had missed for so long.  Sheryl began to slide down, kissing my chest, nibbling my nipples and working her way down to my throbbing cock.  She teased me as she flickered her lips over cock head and licked the drop of precum that had oozed out of me.  Slowly she slid mouth down the side of my shaft towards my balls.  She sucked my balls lightly and licked downward towards my ass and back to my cock head.  She took me into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down.  I pulled her up as I wanted to cum deep in Sheryl’s pussy this time. 

Sheryl released my cock and worked her way back up to my waiting mouth.  As we locked our mouths together I could taste me on her lips.  She continued to slide up my body.  She paused as my lips found her breasts and nipples, but soon she continued her slide up my body.  My mouth licked and sucked on her stomach and navel and soon I reached her pussy.   Sheryl pulled her legs up and slowly brought her pussy down towards my eager mouth.  I grabbed Sheryl’s ass and pulled her down to me.  I thrust my tongue in Sheryl’s pussy as far as I could and began to lick in and out and around her button.  As hot and wet as she was, she soon was even wetter.  As I continued to lick her delicious pussy, Sheryl arched her back and flooded my face as she came again. 

Sheryl shifted downward and soon her pussy was directly over my hard cock.  She leaned forward to kiss me and to taste herself on my mouth.  I want your hard cock in me she whispered.  She slowly began to lower herself onto my hard shaft.  I felt the head of my cock start to part her pussy lips and slide into her.  She was so wet, that she lowered herself onto me with ease.  She felt like heaven.  Sheryl leaned back so that I could caress her tits as we began a slow and easy in and out motion.   The sensation of my cock going in and out of Sheryl’s pussy was incredible and I hungrily leaned forward to suck on her nipples.  We looked down and watched my hard cock going in and out of her.  In the mirror on the wall of the bedroom, we could see ourselves as we fucked. 

I pulled Sheryl down to me and as we kissed I rolled us over.  My cock was still in her and I  could feel her pussy contracting around my cock as I plunged in and out of her.  Sheryl was panting, and gasped that she was going to cum again.  She pulled me deeper into her as her waves of pleasure began again.  I couldn’t hold it any longer and I began to shoot deep into her pussy.  She milked what seemed like gallons of cum out of me as our orgasms washed over us. 

As our orgasms subsided, I rolled off Sheryl and looked at our sweat soaked bodies.  We could see my cum dribbling out of Sheryl’s soaked pussy.  She reached down and rubbed some of our juices from her pussy  around her ass.  “I’m not finished with you” she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled it towards her ass and had me start to finger her anus.  We looked at each other and smiled.  She never before had me fuck her ass, but obviously tonight was the night. 

Sheryl rolled over and pushed her beautiful ass up in the air.  Sheryl continued to rub our juices from her pussy into her anus.  “I want you in my ass” she told me.  As I watched her play with her pussy and wave her ass in the air it didn’t take me long to get hard again.  I moved in behind her and positioned my now hard cock at the entrance of her asshole and slowly began to push into her.  Sheryl was incredibly tight and we had to take it slow, but soon had a comfortable rhythm as I went in and out of her. I reached forward to caress her tits as we watched ourselves in the mirror.  The sight of me going in and out of her tight ass was incredible.   Sheryl was moaning with each trust and she continued to play with her pussy.  Soon she panted, “I going to cum again”.   I couldn’t believe that I had anything left in my balls but I also was on the edge and as she came I began to spurt into her once more. Her ass milked my cock as she shuttered with her orgasm.   

We were spent and had to take a break.  When I slowly pulled out of her, I lay down beside Sheryl and we slowly caressed each other.  We talked, laughed,  made love again,... talked, laughed, made love again, .... for the rest of the night.   

We can hardly wait for her husband to go away again. 

The Beast, June 2000 

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