Business Trip I
Mr. C


It’s Tuesday night, I’ve been gone since Saturday. I hate this part of traveling, being away from you for a week at a time. I miss you, and I miss making love with you. In my dreams I find what I’m missing, let me tell you about the one that just woke me up.

I had finished my training and flew home, getting in on time for a change and coming home to a dark quiet house. I could hear music coming from our bedroom but no TV from the boys’ room or any other sounds. The smell of incense filled the house, and I set down my suitcase and pc and walked through the house to see what was going on, although I had a pretty good idea. 

The bedroom was lit with wavering candlelight, and I could see you lying on the bed, freshly scrubbed from head to toe and showing off your beautiful body with some of your lingerie. I could see your nipples poking at the soft material as you sipped a fuzzy navel and lay there looking at me. Quietly you said “don’t say anything, just go take a shower and come back here. The boys are at Mama’s and I want to get reacquainted”. I give you a quick, probing kiss and go to do as I’m told, anticipating the fun to come.  

I want to finish my shower as fast as possible, I have all sorts of amazingly erotic thoughts running through my head as I scrub my body. My cock is halfway hard already and I have to be careful not to play with it and waste my load on the shower floor. I rinse off the residue of the day’s work and travel, scrubbing hard to wake myself back up from the long day. Cock still twitching as I towel off, I have to stay away from it and try to get rid of my growing hardon by thinking of the pain in the ass people on the plane. I want to see your body’s reaction as you watch and feel my erection grow under whatever ministrations you have in mind for me. I love to see your eyes light up and your tongue dart out to lick your lips as the blood fills my cock and it reaches out to you. After a few minutes it goes down enough so we get a fresh start when I get to the bedroom. 

After I towel off I add just a little cologne to my neck, chest, and underneath my balls, places I know you like to sniff. Returning to the bedroom I see you have a fresh drink, and the gleam in your eye you get after two or three drinks. I walk over to the bed and you grab the towel from around my waist. “Go slow, I just got home and want to enjoy this as long as possible,” I say. “No, you won’t last that long anyway, so let’s get the first one out of the way so you can take care of me while you recover” you tell me, and with that you take my entire dick into your mouth. I can feel your tongue massaging my quickly growing shaft. Slurps fill the air as it first hits your throat and you try to keep it all in. One of your hands begins to massages my balls and already my cock is as hard as it can get. Now you struggle to reach the bottom of it and I can feel your throat work as you try to swallow the whole thing. Since you can’t keep it in without gagging you start to work it in and out of your mouth, one hand following your lips up and down the glistening shaft, all the way up to the tip of the head, and back down to the very depths of your throat. “Not so fast we have all night!” You don’t even bother to answer me as you keep on attacking my now aching cock. I can’t argue you with you, it’s been too long and I can’t hold on much longer as you use every trick you know to get me off. I can barely string the words together as your tongue swirls around the head of my dick just before you plunge back down to reach my sack with your mouth, but I have to warn you I’m about to lose control. “Babe…aahhhh…..please….uuhhhh….I’m ready to…..uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh…shoot off!!!!!!!” Again no answer, you just suck harder and faster than ever. When I reach for your head to give you a sign you just push it off, and I can’t concentrate enough to worry about it anymore. 

I surrender completely to you. I can see the candlelight reflect off your saliva on my cock when you pull your head up, and I can hear you moan when you dive back down and the head bounces off your throat. I can smell your pussy and I know your lingerie panties must be soaked. I’m going to have to do something about that, but right now can’t think just exactly what. The smell of you, and the sounds you’re making are working with the sensations your amazing mouth is making to push me to the edge. I can feel the first tingling of orgasm deep in my balls, and you can feel them start to draw up in anticipation of the first blast. Somehow I get just a little harder, and you whimper as you feel it on your tongue. My balls are bouncing off your face as I fuck your mouth while you suck my cock. The pressure mounts up from the base of my dick with each matching stroke we make. I’m ready now, I can’t take anymore, one or two strokes away from exploding! I pump, you suck, and I know the next time I hit the back your throat it’s all done. I flex my hips to drive into your mouth, and when I push forward….there’s nothing there!!! “Baby please, please finish me off….” I’m begging you. When I look down to see what happened I see you looking up into my face with a huge smile on your face. “Pleeeeaaaaaase!!!” I continue to push my cock towards your mouth, needing just a touch to finish. Once……twice….three thrusts before you look at me one more time and then take pity on me. From 6 inches away you fall onto my agonized, twitching cock and seemingly swallow it in one gulp. As soon as your mouth closes over the head I feel the spasm start deep in my stomach, spread up to my balls, and everything in my belly tightens to get ready. You pull your head halfway up my length, and then plunge it back down so the purple head slams into your throat. As soon as it hits the cum erupts out of me, blasting into your mouth. As it flows out of me it hits your tongue as you pull back, but not off of my now jerking rod. The pressure of your mouth and tongue are incredible as another blast rumbles into your mouth. Your hand pumps my shaft while your mouth stays clamped over the head of my dick. I’m screaming with pleasure as I spasm into you two more times before I’m finished. I keep expecting you to pull your mouth off of me, but your hand keeps milking me  as my brain starts to return to my body. There’s nothing left and my knees are trembling as I look down to see what you did. You pull your head back from my spent shaft and turn to look up at me. As your eyes catch mine you start to smile at me, and my cum starts to run out of your mouth and down over your chin to drip onto your breasts. Your smile widens as your hand reaches up to smear it over your chin, cheeks and down to make your beautiful heaving breasts gleam in the light of the candles.

“Welcome…..” is all I hear before I wake up in a strange hotel room with a sharp ache in my cock as it digs into the foreign, unyielding mattress. The sight of your face and tits dripping with my cum follows me up into consciousness, but it’s the love I see in your eyes that sticks in my mind through the rest of the night and all day today. Tomorrow I’ll send you a note explaining how I plan to repay you for this incredible dream. For now I have to do something about this hard on I’ve gotten remembering this dream and hoping I get to return the favor tonight in anticipation of the real thing this weekend. 


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