Business Trip II
Mr. C


After last night’s incredible dream I feel like I owe you something in return. It’s Wednesday, I’ve been gone since Saturday, and last night I dreamed you gave me the most amazing homecoming I’ve ever had.  I think I left off with you smiling at me with my cum dripping down your chin and onto your chest, where you rubbed it into your skin to catch the candlelight flickering off your breasts. I only wish I had stayed asleep to see how the rest of the dream turned out. But I'll do the best I can to fill in what happened next.

After cleaning up your unbelievably sexy mess I know it's going to be a little while before I can get down to the serious business of fucking you, but I know you can't wait that long. Your last fuzzy navel is still sitting on the nightstand next to the bed, so I pick that up and take a sip. There still a little ice in it, and it's still very cold. I take another sip and hold the freezing liquid in my mouth, then I move my lips to yours to share the drink in a confusingly icy and burning kiss. As our lips meet my tongue snakes into your mouth to find yours, and I part my lips to let just a little of the drink mix with our intertwined tongues. I paint your mouth with the schnapps and orange juice, and suck it back into my mouth when I suck your tongue in. My lips massage yours as we drink the quickly warming liquid, but I need to make sure it's all gone, so I probe your mouth that just brought me to unbelievable heights of pleasure, reaching the underside of your tongue, the roof of your mouth, and licking the outline of your lips. Still, I want to make sure you got every drop, so I suck your tongue back into my mouth where it tangles with mine while our two hungry mouths stay glued together. Who would expect such a kiss after 15 years of marriage? As it continues I can feel stirrings down in my balls, but we've still got plenty of time.

Finally breaking the kiss, I move my seeking mouth down to your neck, tasting the sweat and perfume mixed from your exertions on welcoming me home. Something else is there as well, could it be a trace of the cum that you drooled all over yourself? For some reason I find that incredibly erotic, and the stirrings in my cock and balls become a little more urgent. Still----not yet. The fuzzy navel is still cold, and I find that I'm still thirsty, but I want to drink from you, not from a glass, so I pour a little of the chilly refreshment on each breast. As the cold liquid runs onto your nipples I can watch them shrivel into hardness, and my drink is ready, I move down to sample each one, your nipple hard on my tongue while I lick the orange juice from it. The taste of the liquor mixed with the taste of your skin is intoxicating, I can't get enough. As I suck the entire dark nipple into my mouth and tease it with my teeth and tongue, the smell of your steaming cunt begins to reach my nose. It's seems to call out to me, and I reach a hand down to see how urgent the call really is. The sticky flood that I find there tells me of your impatience, and I have an overwhelming desire to now thank you. I want my face covered with your cum, just as yours was with mine.

One more time I reach for the glass of now melted ice and liquor. Still, it's cold enough and I pour some into your belly button so I can stop for refreshment on my way to my ultimate destination. I trace a line down your body from your breast to your stomach, and dip my tongue into your navel for a quick sip. I don't stay long though, I can feel the heat rising up from your pussy reaching up towards my face, and I can't resist any longer. 

I move down between your outspread legs to gaze at the beauty of your swollen cunt. Your clit is poking out the top of your slit like a pearl sitting in an oyster. I can't even tease you anymore, I'm hungry for the taste of you. I use my hands to spread the outer lips wide to allow me into the slick pink butterfly of your dripping hole. The thick red lips glisten with your honey, and I dive in to get my fill. Your whole body jumps at the first contact of my tongue, and I push it in as deeply as I can to get all of the nectar running out of you. Quickly I jump up and suck your clit into my mouth where I can torture it with teeth and tongue. Each beat of my tongue on your pleasure button causes your hips to buck, and fresh cascades of pussy juice to run out of you. Not wanting to miss any of it I lick down from the top of your clit all the way down to your puckered pink asshole to lap up every drop. I lick deeply around your tight sphincter, hearing you moan in pleasure at this dirtiest entertainment of all. Still, you now need relief, and this isn't the way you'll get it. 

I start long licking strokes from your ass all the way up to your clit. At the top I take a quick lick or two on that most sensitive little bump, then go all the way back down, covering every little inch of your slit. I have to hold on tightly to your heaving hips now as your climax is near. One more circle around your asshole, then up to sink my tongue as deeply as I can into your sweet pussy. I can barely stay in place you thrash so much, your cries filling the room. After sucking the juice form the depths of your grasping hole it's time to finish you off. Up to your clit, I suck it into my mouth and beat on it with my tongue as you scream more and more. I can feel you start to get off, and you smash your pussy into my face as your orgasms washes over you. Juice floods out of you, running down your ass and onto the bed as wave after wave of pleasure racks your body. Once, twice, three times you slam your box into my mouth as your pleasure crests over you and then begins to subside. I can feel the changes in your body and know that to stay where I am will be too intense, so I move down to lap up the juices still running from you. As you relax I finish my cleanup, smearing your sticky mess all over my face. When there's nothing left to clean up, I move up to let you help finish by sharing your juices with you in one last, relaxing, but very tasty kiss.

I hope this little fantasy helps you get through to this weekend. I can’t wait to get home and make this reality for both of us.


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