Female Fantasy III


Was it a dream?  I remember last night and grow warm and moist between my legs.  I am curled in the crook of your arm, warm against your side.  You are sleeping soundly.            Carefully, so as not to disturb your slumber, I reach beneath the covers and find your sleeping manhood.  It is so delightfully soft and pliable.  My questing fingers encounter the sac at the base of your prick.  I roll the globes within and your dormant sex begins to awaken.

            Gently, I turn back the bedding, exposing you.  I am fascinated by your so-different male anatomy and examine you closely.  Your cock is small and soft.  Curious, I wonder if I can get it all in my mouth.

I move cautiously.  I do not want to wake you.  Not yet.  I ease your long legs apart and kneel between them.  Moistening my lips, I take your soft member into my eager mouth, sucking until my lips and nose are buried in your black, curly thatch of pubic hair.  My chin is nestled cozily against your balls.  With your manhood entirely in my mouth, I smile and inhale the warm scent of your maleness.  I am very aroused.  My pussy is slippery with my juices.

I notice that your sex is not so small anymore.  It is awakening even though you still sleep.  I give it some encouragement by swirling my hot tongue around its warmth.  Soon it is returning my heat and becoming quite rampant under my attentions.

I am still cautious, but now I begin to glide my lips up and down your shaft. I pay particular attention to its smooth ruby head, then slide down its length again.  It is near its full, throbbing size.

I slip sideways to run my tongue along first one side, then the other.  I lick up and down the underside where a huge, pulsing vein throbs to the beat of your heart.  I suck the head and tickle with my tongue all around under the ridge, then slide the whole shaft into my throat once more.

Are you having nice dreams, my love?

You stir slightly and moan.

Light as a feather-touch, I draw your pulsing shaft out of my hot, wet mouth.  I suck its head, my fingers encircling its base while I cup your balls with my other hand.  I tug gently on them, then roll them in my palm, while sliding my lips up and down, up and down.

I can feel your balls begin to tighten.  I know you are approaching the peak.  I can’t wait until you fill my mouth with your warm, thick cum.

Your breath is coming in small gasps.  I tighten my lips on your cock and suck strongly on its head each time I withdraw.  I begin to slide my fingers up and down its length, below my mouth.  Your balls are drawn up tight. 

Suddenly, as your sex swells and throbs with the beginning of its ejaculation, your eyes fly open.  Too late. 

You grasp my head with both hands and shoot your hot, steaming sperm down my throat.  I swallow and squeeze your throbbing rod, eager for more.  I am not disappointed.  Searing streams of cum shoot into my mouth.  It feels so thick and juicy, sliding down my throat.   Slowly, the pulsing subsides.  Gently, now, I suck and lick every drop.

When I am done, I crawl up to snuggle once more in your arms.  You hold me and stroke my hair.  Then you tilt up my face and cover my mouth with kisses. 

Sweet dreams. 

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