First and Last Time
Letisha S.

            I can't remember when the moment was when I decided that I truly wanted him.  The flirting was innocent at first and then before I knew it, my mind began to drift into a fantasy of he and I together.  My dreams became filled with him touching me, kissing me, forcefully and passionately.  I would awake in the morning in a dizzy gaze and desperately want to  return to my fantasy.

         The teasing became more and more serious.  I would drop hints ever so discreetly , that I was serious and I wanted him.  Although he was a little younger than myself, it didn't seem to matter.  It was pure sexual attraction, nothing more.  I felt a sense of trust with him and a strange connection.  Maybe he knew what I needed...what I was missing.  I have had relationships with guys based on pure sexual attraction before,  could he handle me?  Was he prepared for my experience and adventurous nature?  I wanted to please him in every way possible, but I didn't want to scare him away either.

         It was a bad day that day.  The work was pilled high and it looked as though it would only get worse.  I could tell by his demeanor that he wanted to ask me something.  I walked to him and started a conversation regarding work and he asked me if he could meet me later.  My heart dropped and I began to tremble.  Hoping he wouldn't notice I calmly answered and told him to call me later and I would meet him after work.  I was in a trance after that.  Work didn't matter any longer.  I was picturing in my mind all the things I wanted to do to him.  Curious,  what he would do to me.  I looked forward to our meeting that night.  I felt alive and nervous all at the same time.  Then he called and said he had a special place picked out and to meet me at the store down the road and he would take me there.  I agreed with  a little hesitance but still excited and prepared to go through with it. 

          The street was dark and uninhabited as I followed him closely.  He finally pulled down a long driveway connected to a business.  I began to feel my body get warm and my juices started to flow with anticipation of what was to come.  I looked over at his car to see him smiling.  That pure and inviting grin with a hint of mystery and "bad boy" behind it.  I got out of my truck and proceeded to the front near the hood.  As he approached me,  I leaned over the hood,  he stood  behind me and pressed his hardness against my bottom. As I leaned against him, he reached around to gently caress my breasts.  The heat was flowing between us now, there was no turning back.  I turned to face him and started to undo his pants.  His cock was perfect and ready for me.  I teasingly took him into my hand and began to stroke him slowly.  As he responded to my movements I decided to taste him.  I placed my mouth gently but firmly around his warm hard cock.  He moaned and pulled my hair away from my face to watch me, I could tell he was pleased.  I wanted him to see how much I enjoyed sucking him.  I cupped my hand around his taught balls and began taking him deeper, deeper into my throat.  Not wanting to come right away he pulled me up to face him.  With that same grin he asked if we could get into the truck,  I agreed immediately.  I slid in first and began to remove my blouse and then my bra to expose my breasts to him.  Before I could take my skirt off, he was fondling my breasts.  Sucking my nipples just the way I liked, I couldn't believe it.  His hands were warm and  each time he took a nipple into his mouth, I could feel an orgasmic jolt all the way down to my toes.  Still playing with my nipples, he reached a hand down to feel my wet, hot pussy.  He could tell now that I was truly ready for him. 

         His attention was solely on me.  Circling my clit with his fingers, it was all I could do not to moan loudly with pleasure.  Putting his fingers in my vagina, teasing me, exploring me. Unlike what I expected, he was doing everything right!  Orgasm one, two,  I needed his cock inside me, now.  Squeezing the walls of my vagina around his fingers he began to get the hint.  I wanted to sit on his throbbing cock and ride him.  He laid back and I carefully but eagerly straddled him and slid down onto him.  Ohhh, yes...  A perfect fit.  I was definitely enjoying myself.  Pumping him up and down with rhythmic motions, deeper and deeper I wanted all of him inside me.  As he grabbed my tits I took it as a cue and began to pump faster and faster.  His body tightened and he pushed his pelvis up to go deeper inside me.  Faster and faster I was out of control watching his face to see the expression of  him about to explode.  My body trembled as I began to cum hard.   He raised up still inside me and grabbed me with his arms tight and let out a long moan.  He  thrust his cock as deep as he could inside me one last time and finally came.

          Yes, now that was what I needed.  A "no strings attached" sexual experience.  I looked forward to more times like this, but as I regretted from the beginning it would be our first and last time.     


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