My First Sex Adventure
Letisha S.


          The music was mesmerizing and fluid with our bodies.  The room seemed to sway with flashing hued lights in a tie-dyed fashion, the smell of  sage and sandalwood incense filled the air.  Tracing  the room with my eyes, glances of  hologram like images of flesh rubbing and caressing each to the rhythm of the  bewitching reggae beat.  I was totally inhibited by the ambiance.  My body seemed to move uncontrollably, the music had captured me, holding me until I surrendered to it.  I was nervous at first, but Brandon assured me that I would give in once I let my inhibitions go.                                                                                                               

           Never had I had sex with multiple people. Five years ago, I would have run screaming if you mentioned it.  Things have changed quite a bit since I met my archeologist of sexual healing.  Brandon was very sincere, passionate and very mysterious.  He just had a way of getting me to do things,  he opened the door to my true feminine fantasies.  The power of sensuality is great. Once you tap into the capabilities of pleasure your imagination will run wild... and life seems to dim at least for those moments, escaping. 

            I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder from behind. As I turned to see who it was I gazed at a tall silhouette of a man.  He had no shirt on and his skin was glistening against the lights.  I stood just a moment  before he reached his arm around my waist and pulled me close.  Moving to the music he began to kiss my neck, and run his fingers down my spine until he reached the small of my back.  My nipples began to tighten in response.  I tried to turn and look for Brandon, when I heard a soft deep voice whisper, "Brandon sent me to you, Kris".  I looked into his face now, puzzled, I tried to ask "wha..?" He placed two fingers gently over my lips to keep me from finishing my question. We turned to face Brandon this time. He was sitting not to far from us  in a black leather chair with a beautiful brunette on his lap.  Her legs were snaked around him as if she were holding him down and she was stroking  his erect cock slowly and methodically putting him into a visible trance.  Brandon and I  met eyes, and my confusion was obvious to him. With a small grin and a slight nod he let me know this is what he had intended for our sexual adventure.  He always told me that I wouldn't enjoy what he had planned if it wasn't spontaneous. I returned the look with approval.

          Now focusing totally on my new partner, I realized the stranger was still holding me close.  I returned the embrace as he lifted my legs around his waist.  I could feel his large hard penis rubbing against my ass, probing between my cheeks.  Looking at his face for the first time, I notice his eyes piercing me with a wanting look.  Slowly I placed my lips on his, gently caressing his tongue with mine. As we kissed passionately, I reached between my legs to grab his cock.  His head was swollen and throbbing with anticipation.  Teasing him, I rubbed his head along the lips of my pussy, letting him feel how hot and wet I was for him.  Up and down, across my clit and down to my vagina.  Letting him have a little taste, I placed his head into my vagina and squeezed not to let him get any further.  "Ahhh..." he moaned.  Flexing my muscles in time with the music, my stranger began to lean forward and lay me down on the floor.  As he gently laid me down, I looked up to see Brandon and his partner naked standing above us. 

         "This is Nicole and  Sean, baby". Brandon said as he bent down kissing my forehead.  "Just relax, you are doing great..." Sean, reached his hand out to Nicole, pulled away from me and moved to the opposite side of my head.  Now I had two very large erect cocks on each side. Still lying on the floor, I reached for Brandon's cock.   Sean placed his cock above my mouth urging me to take him first.  I started to suck him vigorously like a starving animal.  Then Brandon, each giving them equal time.  Nicole looked on, smiling as she watched me give her man incredible head.  She leaned in with her long legs straddling me on the floor, my heart was racing and my body quivering with excitement.  Both of the guys pulled away to let Nicole lay on top of me.  She began to massage my breasts pulling ever so gently on my nipples.  I could feel her warm body rubbing mine, pressing her pussy against mine.  Slowly she began kissing me, sucking my tits, then she circled her tongue down my stomach further until she reached the inside of my thigh.  My knees were vibrating as she spread the lips to my pussy apart and with her tongue she started eating me.                                     "OH YES!" I screamed as I felt more hands on me. 

           Brandon proceeded behind Nicole as she continued her feast on me.   I could see that he had started fucking her from behind.  Each thrust pressed her face harder against my clit.  I motioned for Sean to put his cock in my mouth once more.  Accepting my gesture he bent down in front of my face and started face-fucking me until I could feel him deep into my throat.  "Ahhh...!" Brandon had cum and was rubbing his spent dick across Nicole's ass in total satisfaction.  I stopped to see his face and he caught my glance and blew me a kiss.  "Let Sean fuck you, baby." "I wanna watch you cum with him."

          Sean lifted me up and carried me across the room to a pool table.  Brandon and Nicole followed eagerly.  My body was limp and still shaking from all the sex, so far.  My pussy was aching ready to be filled.   As he gently placed me on the table, I braced myself holding on to the edges of the green velvet table.  I bent my knees up so that he could enter me easily.  He began to trace my vagina with his dick until finally I felt him inside me inch by inch.  I had to arch my hips to take him deeper.  His balls rubbing my ass as he thrust slowly then faster.  "Oh yes, yes, ahhh."  My tits began to jiggle in motion with his rapid and forceful pumping. "Don't stop!" I yelled grabbing my tits, rubbing my clit.  "Harder, harder"  "Fuck....me..ah,ah." The sensation of heat was driving me crazy.  Sean clasped his large hands around my ankles fucking me harder than I have ever been fucked before. Nicole motioned for Brandon and they both got on either side of me caressing me, patiently waiting for us to climax.  I braced harder and tightened all my muscles as I felt Sean cum inside me. "Ahhh..." He moaned loudly.  I thrust my hips up to let him know I wasn't finished and he began again playing with my clit bringing me finally to fantastic climax.  I let go as my body trembled violently. "Oh oh yes..." I went limp and closed my eyes, lying on the pool table. 

          As I opened my eyes the music became evident again.  The lights were still moving to the reggae rhythm.  The figures of bodies were still mingling as if we were invisible to them.  Sean, Nicole, and Brandon were gazing down at me with puzzled looks. "That was incredible..." I managed to spit out with a half exhausted grin. "Fucking incredible."     


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