Outdoor Fun

I think it's sexy watching and hearing a woman masturbate.  Some people think It's strange, but when I'm having sex with a woman, sometimes I prefer to eat pussy as to actual intercourse.  

There is nothing hotter than a woman cumming, especially several at a
time.  I was with my ex-girlfriend one time.  We were working out in the yard, planting trees and that sort of stuff.  We were flirting pretty heavy throughout the day, she flash me a tittie, I'd flash her back.

Soon it got to be more of a needed distraction.  She told me that she was horny and if I minded going into the house and get a blanket, I ran into the house grabbed the nearest blanket and went outside. 

 Once I stepped onto the deck I heard her moaning, I looked to the side and I saw her masturbating with the hose, she had the water pressure beating off of her little clit, while she dug a finger in and out of her hole.  She let out a muffled scream as her back arched up.  Of course by now I was hard as a rock.  I threw down the blanket as she told me to come over and play.  By the time I was there I was as naked as she was. 

 She came a few more times with the hose.  Before long we were doing the 69 position.  I felt her warm wet mouth close around my cock.  She let out a MMMMMM sound as she sucked me.  I was more than happy to eat her
pussy.  I pulled her lips apart and placed my tongue on her already excited clit.  I sucked on it, then I would flick it with my tongue.  Her body would tense up just before she would cum.  I felt her hands grab
a hold of my head and force in down hard onto her snatch as she came. 

My cocked slipped out of her mouth as she let out a scream.  Her body rocked back and forth, as she climaxed over and over, one right after the other.  She rolled over and got on top of me.  she slid her wet pussy up and down my body, I felt her juices as she moved up and down.  She placed her cunt right above my face, I could feel the heat come off of it.  I grabbed her hips and slammed her pussy onto my mouth.  As I licked her she rode my face for several orgasms.  She started to slide down my
body, I grabbed one of her breasts and sucked on her nipple even lightly biting it.  Our lips meet as we kissed our tongues played cat and mouse inside each others mouth.  She finally stopped sliding when she got her mouth on my cock.  Her mouth enveloped it, I watched as her head went up and down, I could feel her tongue as it licked my penis, She started moving up and down even faster, it wasn't long before shot my load into her mouth, some of it dripped from the side of her mouth, as she continued to pump my dick.  She swallowed what she had in her mouth then she licked my cock all around the base.  After that we didn't have the heart to finish yard work so we went into the house showered and watched a porn flick, needless to say our evening ended with a bang, actually several of them.

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