A Friend in Need

My friend Jeanette needed some help clearing some stuff out of her attic one hot summer day. After two and a half hours or so, we got done as much as we felt like it. We were drenched in sweat since the windows in her attic were painted shut and couldn't be opened. Now, although Jeanette and I were "only friends", I often entertained thoughts about what it would be like to have sex with her. She was very curvy, about 5 foot, four inches, huge dark eyes and blonde hair. I figured she thought of me as someone more like a brother, so I was real surprised when she asked if she could smell the t-shirt I was wearing! She looked a little embarrassed and explained that her girlfriends told her how hot they get when their boyfriends or husbands come home from work all hot and sweaty, and she wanted to know what a sweaty man smelled like. I said ,"sure" and took my shirt off. She inhaled my shirt deeply, walked up to me and started licking the sweat off my chest. First she started using the tip of her tongue, licking me quickly, but then changed to long, slow licks using her whole tongue, saying, "Mmmm" with every lick.

Needless to say, I had a huge erection and hoped this would lead to more than chest-licking. Jeanette didn't disappoint me, because she then knelt down, unzipped my jeans, pulled down my briefs and grabbed my engorged manhood. She stroked it with a strong grip that made me moan loudly, looked up at me with her huge brown eyes and started licking the shaft of my cock. "You smell and taste so good." she said and continued licking my shaft. I was never so hard in my life and I was aching for her to take the head of my cock into her hot full-lipped mouth. But instead she lowered her mouth to my balls and took each one fully into her mouth, stimulating it further with her tongue. She stopped after one ball and then started working on the other ball. In the meantime she stroked my cock with her hand and then played with the hole on my tip with her finger. My cock twitched at her teasing touch and some precum oozed out of my hole. She stopped sucking my balls and played with the precum with her finger and then licked the tip of her finger clean. Then she gripped my cock with her hand and kissed the tip of my cock, giving it soft licks. Then she slid the head of my cock into her moth and bobbed slowly around it. I was in sweet agony! I put my hands through her thick hair to the back of her head and tried to my push cock in further into her hot mouth. She resisted at first, but then took me in another couple inches, still bobbing slowly. While she did this, she unbuttoned and removed her shirt and then took off her bra. Her tits were large and glistened with the sweat from the humid attic. She took my cock out of her mouth and placed it between her gorgeous tits, squeezing them so I was snug. My cock slid wonderfully with her tit sweat and her saliva as she fucked me using her tits. I thought I was going to explode all over her chin and face, but she stopped. "Don't cum yet" she told me, "I want to taste you." Then she took my cock back into her mouth as far as she could. It was the best blowjob I ever had. Soon she picked up the tempo and I leaned back against a dresser while she sucked me faster and faster. I couldn't hold on any more and told her I was going to cum and let loose with a couple streams of thick, white cum into her mouth. She removed her mouth and started rubbing the tip of my cock onto her nipple where I shot off the rest of my load. When I was finished she licked my tip clean and used my cock to wipe the cum off her face and tit into her mouth. She asked me if she missed any spots on her face and I wiped them off with my cock which she sucked off.

When I regained my breath, I said, "Now it's your turn!" I picked her petite body up and laid her on the bed. I took off the rest of my clothing because it was way too hot in this attic by now. Then I undressed her completely. Her beautiful body glistened with sweat and I started kissing her neck. The salty taste inflamed me and I worked myself down to her breasts. I took each one in my mouth one at a time licking their entire surface and then concentrated on her nipples. I alternated between gently biting them and licking them while Jeanette's hands ran through my hair. Then I slid down her body, kissing her tummy, navel, hips, and thighs. I spread her legs and buried my nose in her trimmed golden bush, savoring its smell and texture. "You smell so good," I said, "I can't wait to taste you!" "I can't wait either!" she replied and pushed my head lower so my mouth was on top of her pussy. It was extremely wet and I licked all the juice and sweat from it I could. I took as much of her mound into my mouth as I could and then started sucking and licking her pussy lips. She moaned loudly and encircled my neck with her legs and started to caress my upper back with her feet. This drove me wild and I moved my licking to her clit which made her gasp. Then I started sucking on it, playing with her love bud with my tongue and lips. "Don't stop, please don't stop, ohhhhh that feels so fucking good! she moaned. But I did stop and decided I wanted my tongue inside her. I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and gently shoved my tongue into her soaking wet vagina. Now she was really moaning. Her fingers ran wildly through my hair and her legs and feet rubbed my back. I explored the inner walls of her pussy and found a spot on the upper inner wall that made her hips buck as she yelled out, OHHH!!!" I licked this area over and over and faster and faster. Her hips were bucking so I grabbed her sexy ass and held her against my mouth while I continued my tongue-fucking. She moaned, "Oh I'm gonna cum, I swear I'm going to cum!" With that, she squeezed my head with thighs, screamed , and rubbed my face all over with her pussy. Her pussy juices ran in my mouth and soaked my face. She laid down gasping and I continued to lick up all the pussy juice I could.

Then I moved up to her face and kissed long and passionately, enjoy each other's flavors of cum and sweat. Almost at the same time, we both said, "That was the best oral sex I ever had!" We laid kissing and caressing each other. Jeanette said, "I'm sorry, honey, but I'm dying of thirst. Let's go downstairs and get a drink of water." "Great idea!" I replied and we picked up our clothes and went to the kitchen downstairs.

We both gulped down a couple glasses and weren't very neat about it. The water spilled down our mouths onto our chests. Immediately I started licking the water from her tits. "I want you." I said to her. She had me sit down on a kitchen chair, and then stood above my lap facing me. She took my erection in her hand and stroked it. I reciprocated by rubbing her pussy with my hand. "Are you as ready as I am?" I asked. She answered by sticking my manhood halfway into her sex. Her juices made it enter easily and she fucked me slowly. Then she sat down on my lap and my cock entered her all the way. We both groaned with pleasure. She took my face in her hands and started kissing me. while continued her loving, slow fuck. Then she put her breast in my mouth and I sucked on it slowly. She placed her feet against my calves and used me as a brace while she continued fucking me. Every so often I'd pay more attention to her nipples making them hard. This would cause her to caress my calves with her feet and toes. We continued this for a long time, working each other up. I'd suck on her tits faster and she's do the same with her sexy foot caresses.

When our moans got loud, she slid her feet down my legs onto the floor and spread her thighs as far apart as she could. She grabbed my shoulders, arched back and started fucking me hard. Her fucking got faster and faster and I responded by squeezing and caressing her tits. "OH! OH YES! THIS FEELS SOOOOOOOO FUCKING GOOD!" She exclaimed. I moved my hands down, grabbed her hips and then started fucking her. I couldn't stop myself. I rammed upwards faster eager to ejaculate into her pussy. Jeanette must have sensed this, because she gasped, "Cum, baby! I want you to cum inside my cunt! Give it to me!" I never heard her use the word "cunt" before and it drove me wild. With a loud groan, my hands gripped her ass while I squirted another load into her. My orgasm didn't stop quickly and I held her in a strong grip while I came and came. I slumped back and said, "Your turn, baby." "Oh, I just did. Can't you tell?" She giggled. Sure enough my lap was covered in a pool of our sex juices.

Jeanette rubbed my crotch with hers, enjoying the sensation of all the cum smeared all over our genitals. She kissed me and said, "That was the best and wildest fuck I ever had! Would you like to take a shower with me and then go at it some more?" "After you!" I replied.