Eloquent Motions
Sascha Illyvich


            “Are you there?”

            “Yes, I am here, waiting for you Mistress.”

            “It took you four rings to answer the phone Nichol.  Why?”

            “I was shaving, Mistress.”

            “What have you done today?”

            “I have taken lovers Ma’am.”

            “Oh really now, how many have you taken today?”

            “It wasn’t from you, so it wasn’t nearly enough.”

            “You’re just saying that.  Aren’t you?”

            “Do you believe I am?”

            “Don’t get snippy with me, I shan’t have it.  Not from you, nor from anyone else.  Whom are you talking to?”

            “I’m sorry.  I forgot whom I’m talking to.  You are the most important sex goddess in my life.”

            “You’re damn right, and don’t forget it.”

            “Oh, I shan’t forget it, you’re the one.”

            “Do tell me, what exactly am I to you?”

            “You are the most beautiful creature to me, my Mistress, my Lover, and my happiness.”

            “That is correct, and you to me?”

            “I am but a mere toy.”

            “Wrong answer, have you really been wanting me that badly today?”
            “Yes Mistress.”

            “But you’ve had others, aren’t you satisfied yet?”

            “No, I have not had you, not today.  I haven’t had nearly enough, and I’ve thought of you all day while having them.”

            “Why did you have others?  Tell me about them.”

            “Must I Mistress?”

            “Most definitely.  Describe them to me, all of them.”

            “There was only one today.”

            “Only one?”

            “…Yes.  Only one.  She was a brunette named Denise.  Short, stocky, not too terribly elongated features.”

            “Oh, difference for you then?”

            “Yes, I thought I would deviate some from the norm.”

            “And how was she?”

            “She was average, in comparison.”

            “In comparison to what?”

            “The others.”

            “You know I am all into details.  This is how we play the game.  Now you behave.”


            “Good, now tell me.”

            “Yes Mistress.”

            “I’m waiting,”

            “Yes, well…”


            “She was good, her lips were soft, there was no hardness to her kisses.  She preferred to let me control things.”

            “Did this turn you on?”


            “I bet it got you prepared then?”

            “It did help, yes.”

            “So tell me, give me more details.”
            “What would you like to hear?”

            “Tell me of her actions.”

            “As you wish Mistress.  She let me have control.  She let me guide myself into her cunt.  She let me control the pace of things.  She let me get off.”

            “Let you get off?”

            “Oh, I’m sorry Mistress.”

            “How did it feel?  Don’t lie to me either.”


            “You don’t want me to punish you with the cane do you?  Tell me now, how did it feel to cum on your own will?”


            “Louder Nichol.  I can’t hear you.”

            “I liked it.  It felt good Mistress.”

            “I see.  Would you like to experience that sensation again?”

            “Yes, most definitely.  The rush of cum into her cunt, some spilling out turned me on, made me hotter and I wanted more from her.  But she could not give more, she was spent.”

            “What did you do with her?  Did you allow yourself to keep her?”

            “No Mistress.”

            “Why not?”
            “I thought keeping her might upset you Mistress.”

            “She would not be an upset, do you think?”

            “I don’t know.”

            “If I were to desire her would you bring her to me?”

            “Yes Mistress, I would do anything to please you.”

            “Then there will be nothing from me until you’ve brought her to me.  I can see the look on your face through the phone Nichol.  There will be a whip lashing tomorrow for disobedience.”

            “I’m sorry.”

            “Another lashing.  I’m sorry what?”

            “I’m sorry Mistress.”

            “So what are you to do tomorrow if you want to please me?”

            “I am to bring you Denise.”

            “Then you will strip her and please her as I say.  Do you understand?”

            “Yes Mistress.”

            “You’ll receive my love and tenderness if you do well.  Don’t fail me Nichol.”

            “May I go now Mistress?”

            “Yes Nichol, I am finished with you for the afternoon.  When we hang up, do not touch your cock.  I want to see you squirm tomorrow.  If you are good, perhaps we will go out, and you can hold your leash.  Now go.”

            “Thank you Mistress.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Sascha 2000