The Lonely Outpost
slave kitten


Earth is at war! We just started to leave our sweet home world when they started to attack our ships and colonies. They are the Baynoucks, taller then our men with the greenest color skin, black hair and black eyes We set up looking outposts to keep an eye out for our enemies ships. The Loss of life declined greatly by doing so. We have 300 outposts in our galaxy right now.

I was posted to one that was on the edge of our galaxy, almost in our enemy's backyard. My outpost is on an asteroid Called Kneea 12. There is no plant life just a building I call a house. It has a safety screen, guns and a landing pad but nothing else. I will be the first to see if they would enter for an attack and I'm not planning on living long after, just long enough to get the info out to my people. I'm all alone here and it gets very lonely, especially for a female. I have no family and most of my friends were killed in the first attack.

I do get one visitor a month, Jane, she is the Captain of the patrol ship for my area. I love her long curly red hair and green eyes. She tells me the same about my long black hair and blue eyes. I love the way she kisses me so soft as only a woman can. Wow she sends waves of delight up and down my body that let me know I'm a woman.

I have always liked Men mostly but Jane came on so strong and it had been so damn long, I just couldn't say no to her. She brings me a new sex toy every time she comes and then shows me how to use it just right. Every time she arrives I'll do a strip-tease for her; slowly taking off my suit. By the way, I used to be a dancer in a club on Earth and I had men throwing credits at me by the handfuls. I had any man I wanted the thing is, I wanted them all and I did them all. I have no shame about it. I loved being a slut. I had men in line to get to ride me and all I asked for was a long and hard ride. Men loved that about me. I never wanted to be tied down to one guy. Well that was before this damn war and every one in my age group got pulled in it.

Anyway, back to what I was telling you. By the time I was done dancing she and I would be hot and wet. Then we would play with the new toy and each other for hours. She was the only person I knew that could make me cum with her tongue. This time was the same as always, first I meet her at the landing pad with a big hug and kiss. We walked back to the house arm in arm and I told her how much I missed her. Once inside I did a strip dance all the way down to my birthday suit, ending up on her lap we hug and kiss for a long time. Then the pleasure only a woman can show another. I laid on my back with a blindfold on and she took her tongue and ran it down my neck around my breasts. She loves to take her time there. She poured honey on them and sucked and licked them clean.  Then she licked down my tummy to my pussy. She licked me as she put our new toy in my pussy and pumped in and out until I could take no more. God she was really good at it too. I rolled over on her and we kissed for 15 to 20 minutes rolling our tongues inside each other's mouths. Then I slowly went down to her soft small breast and rolled my tongue around on them. This time I had some Cinnamon -sugar in a shaker can. Once I had her breast wet I sprinkled it on them and licked it off.  I licked down to her pussy and she was so wet. I went on rolling my tongue around her pussy until she came. Then it was time for the walk back to her ship. We got dressed and walked back .All I could think about was that she would be off on patrol again leaving me all alone to play with myself, which I did often, after all, I did have all the toys a girl could ever want. Only thing is I didn't have a man. I asked Jane to bring me a guy next time she visits. Anyone would do; but she was not into men at all so that was a wash out. It would be 30 days until I would be touched or talked to again. This was getting too hard for me.

This time when we kissed goodbye she said to look out for a small Baynouck ship she saw in this area. I told her I have seen it once every week for about 3 months now. It goes over the post and then heads back into it's space. It stays only long enough to scare the hell out of me then it's gone. Well she said you couldn't be too careful. If you need me call, other wise I'll see you in a month. Boy did I hate for her to say that, 30-days before I would see anyone! I waved good bye and headed back to the house. I saw the door was opened. Damn it! I thought I closed that, I looked around, and all looked ok so I locked up and turned on the safety screen and turned on auto guns. I was going to take a bath but was too worn-out from playing with Jane and my new toy so I took a much-needed nap.

When I woke up my hands were tied over my head, my feet were tied together and I had a blind fold on my eyes. I screamed! Then I heard his voice. He said softly "Quiet little bitch I'm not going to hurt you" I could hear my heart pounding. How the hell did he get in here? “Are you all a lone?” He asked. No! My man is out fixing things and will be here soon. He smacked my leg hard and I cried out. “I hate to be lied to bitch I know damn well you are all alone here and will be for another 30 solar days. Don't lie to me again or I will hurt you. Is that understood?” I said yes. He came back quick with a "yes what!" The only thing I could think of saying was YES SIR! “That's better” he said.  I thought, this guy is military, he has got to be from Jane's ship. This must be a test or he has just jumped ship. In any case this will be over soon. She will come back for him.

As I lay in my bed helpless I could hear him looking around my place as if he was looking for something. When he was done he sat on the bed next to me. I could tell he was big by the way the bed moved. "What is your name?“ he asked  “Why?” I said. "No reason" he said "if you rather I’ll keep calling you bitch that’ll work for me." No my name is Mariah. What do you want I asked? “I want the pleasure of your company!” My body started to tremble as he touched me. I could feel him cutting away my suit. I could feel his hot breath on my body as he removed it and I lay there naked. I begged him not to hurt me. I could hear his voice change he sounded offended" My people don't hurt females they are only for pleasure." Your people, don't you mean our people?” I almost stopped breathing as I realized what he was and how much trouble I was really in. "NO!" he said "I'M NOT HUMAN!"

"It has been a long time since I've had a female, way too long!" He started to run his big hands over my naked body. I felt so vulnerable and I started to cry. He said "don't cry. I apologize for this but it has been to long for me and I have thought of nothing else since I first saw you 3 months ago. I'm hoping you will enjoy this as much as I."

He started to kiss my neck. Then he kissed down to my breast as his other hand squeezed and kneaded my other breast. He sucked on them so hard I thought he would break the skin open and spill blood. Then I felt his teeth. Oh god no! I cried out. He stopped "your people don't bite in sex?" he asked. No! I said "Then I will not bite hard, you can trust me" he said, "I always keep my word." I could feel his teeth again it still hurt some but it was a turn on too. He started kissing down my tummy until he came to my pussy. "If you will be good Mariah, I'll take the rope off your feet and please you here and I'll show you the things my kind do to our bitches but if you fight me I'll just take you, ready or not." He cut the rope and spread my legs and started to lick me. “WOW!” Did I say that! Damn it! I did say that out loud I didn't mean for the word to escape my lips. "I'm glad I'm pleasing you," he said with a low voice. I was so ashamed to let my enemy know how fast my body was giving into him and that he was conquering me so easily.

I had been trained to fight the enemy, to kill, to be an officer but no one ever said the enemy would do this to me and I'm a woman that hasn’t had a man for over 3 years. I could feel my body giving in; my juices started to run out of me. His tongue must be longer than ours because I could feel him deep inside of me and, as it curled around my pussy. I felt the waves coming it was building, getting stronger and then my first orgasm.  He was not stopping he knew he had me now. He knew I was giving into him. I begged for him to stop but he wouldn't, orgasm after orgasm hit me. I begged him to let me see his face. He stopped and laid his body over mine with his face next to mine and took off my blind fold. I'd never seen a Baynouck before but I thought he was very good looking even for an alien. His eyes were so warm they just melted me. He didn't seem like the enemy as much any more. He kissed me like I have never been kissed before. I could taste myself on his lips .He said "Your eyes are the color of the sky of my home planet I like that ". He asked, "why did the males of your kind leave you here all alone and unprotected." All I could say is we are at war, I'm on guard duty but I knew that didn't tell him anything. It didn't tell him why! But I really didn't know why.

If you were mine he started to say, then stopped and said I want to be inside of you now and he slowly pushed the head of his large cock into me. I t filled me up like nothing had ever did, it was painful. The intensity was too much "No it’s too much! It's too big!" I said. He didn't move he let me get used to him being inside of me and kissed my neck. "How long has it been for you Mariah?" he said sweetly. With a man it would have been 3 years next month (about the time the war started) I told him. Then he started to rock back and forth, Oh wow that was feeling good I could feel my body opening up for his use. Then he started moving in and out and going deeper until he was all in me. Oh god, oh god yes! I cried, it felt so good. I didn't want him to stop. It was frightening how good he was making me feel. I felt my body surrendering to him more and more. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting in harder. It had been over an hour, I knew the end would come soon so I cherished every moment of it, then he came. I could feel his semen squirting into me.

Then he rolled off of me and laid next to me. I was still tied. So I asked,  “what will you do with me now?” He sat up and smiled at me. "Well, now that you’re mine I'm taking you back to my outpost were I can take care of you and fuck you often. You can stay on guard there for your people and I will guard you. I'll let you send a message to your people if you ever need. We will sleep for now then I'll pack your stuff up and bring you to your new home. Does this work for you?"  I smiled shyly and said, “I'm a prisoner of war then?” He laughed "No, I'll untie you when I get you home, where you will be my mate. Does this work for you?" I knew after all of this, after he took me and I gave it up to him. I couldn't be alone like before. So I gave into my womanly needs and said, “Yes, I'll go with you.” We fell asleep, I don't think I've never felt so safe as I did with him beside me. The only fear I had was being without him. As I dreamed He got up and packed my things, toys too and put them in his ship then came back for me and carried me to his ship kissing my neck and fondling my breasts as he walked. Then we took off for his outpost and my new home!

The end!


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