You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. Thoughts of you often lurking there, waiting to take seed and stir my imagination.  Just having an intimate conversation with you sends vivid thoughts and images floating around in my head. Thoughts of  you taking me in your arms, pulling me close and whispering “Make love with me. Here. Now.”  I’d smile softly as I lean into you, kissing you deeply.  “I’ll take that as a yes,” you chuckle. You brush my lips with yours...pulling softly on my bottom lip...running your hands across my body. 


And while my mind is engaged in thoughts of your loving, my hands are assisting in my seduction.  The heat generated by the thoughts of your kisses going from soft and teasing to intense and demanding has me unbuttoning clothes, sliding the fabric out of the way.   While in my mind...I wrap my arms around your neck as yours encircle my waist....our mouths open to each other in a warm welcome..your tongue extending to meet mine..moving together.  I feel intense pleasure sweep over my body as my fingers stroke and touch the skin I have exposed.  Picturing you pulling me closer; feeling your arousal.  Your hand sliding across my hip, down my thigh and raising my leg slightly..pressing me against your rock hard erection.  I gasp as I feel goose bumps race across my skin as my hands slide sensuously up my inner thigh...dipping briefly into the moisture building there . My breathing becoming slow and shallow.  Meanwhile the images continue, your hand caressing my bottom while you nuzzle my ear softly blowing on it.  Your fingers tangling in my hair  turning my head to the side slightly as you kiss the back of my neck. ..nipping softly.  My fingers softly trace the tops of my breasts circling the peak..and dipping down between them.  As I lie back on the bed..I imagine you lowering me to the bed...laying me down gently and positioning yourself over me. My hand caressing my thigh as I think of yours doing the same..so tenderly. Just the feel of the skin beneath our hands is so exhilarating. I take your tongue into my mouth and suck on it.  I moan as my fingers become your tongue....stroking my nipple..tugging gently...feeling you take it in your lips and suck.  I slide my hand cupping the soft skin...and then journey downward.  My fingers pet the smooth delicate folds..you feel my excitement as I imagine you parting my lips, circling along the outside. I move my finger very close, teasing the soft delicate skin...and the moisture there as well...and then I part them again and lightly move my finger across my clit...barely touching it...circling it...then taking it between my fingers and lightly rolling it.  Visions of you repositioning yourself between my knees...attacking me with your hungry tongue...swirling round and round... up and down...back and forth...pressing hard against me...swirling round and round my swelling clit...faster and faster my fingers rub....then I feel your tongue dip deep inside as my fingers stroke the wetness...plunging in...reaching in as deep as I can, feeling my muscles contract. I reach to stroke my clit. I can almost see you, as you  take your excited cock in hand... positioning yourself between my knees. I slowly rub my 9" vibrator across the wetness....sliding the tip in..imagining you moving over me ..excited member in hand, parting my lips with it...moving it back and forth across my swollen clit...faster and faster.....round and round...letting just the head touch me..... getting all wet.  With the use of the vibrator rubbing my clit,  I bring myself to the edge ...stroking faster.  I think of moving beneath you...positioning myself so you will enter me..then finally...I bury the vibrator deep inside myself as I imagine you driving down with one long intense stroke.  I plunge the vibrator all the way in...picturing pushing against you entangled in passion. I start a slow steady rhythm....moving in and out slowly.  I feel you moving with me. Your body coming up to meet mine as you drive down.  I feel your balls slamming against me as my hand strokes. Harder now...wanting you to bury yourself in me.. pushing it deeper with each stroke. A wave of excitement builds starting at my toes and rolling swiftly upwards.  You and the vibrator become one...driving into me as hard as you can, over and over and over again...the wave building in intensity...moving up my body. Faster and faster...until the wave totally overtakes me.  Every nerve in my body tingling as we explode together.  I kiss you deeply...my body pulsating around you, my muscles working...trying to get every drop of your excitement.  And as the waves start to subside I curl up and chuckle softly, wondering if reality would outweigh the fantasy. I can always dream. 

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