The Birthday Party
slave kitten


Today is my 37th birthday and I was feeling really down. My buddies from work showed up at my house and took me to a topless bar in the next town. We walked in and my friends told the hostess that it was my birthday. So she gave us the best table in the house. There was a blonde dancing on the stage. I turned to the waitress and asked, "Will you be having a brunette dancing tonight?" She smiled and said, "We have a beautiful fair skinned, blue eyed, auburn hair girl next." I said "Ok that sounds good." The blonde finished and the “genie in a bottle” music came on. The curtains opened and this girl in a black and gold harem suit came out. God she was hot!  She danced like an Arabian girl, slowly taking off her veils.  She looked so familiar to me. I knew her but where? She was so close I wanted to touch her so I held up a five-dollar bill and she moved closer so I could put it in her g-string. She smiled and said "Hi Frank! How are you?" I was shocked she knew me and I still couldn't place her. My friend popped up with it's his birthday! Would you kiss him for a ten? She smiled "Is it your birthday Frank?" I nodded. She said "Well then" she leaned in and took my face in her hands and gave me the biggest kiss I've had since high school. High school, that was it! Sandy! Sandy Beckman!  I gave her a big smile "Would you have a drink with me Sandy?" "That would be nice. I'll come out after I'm done " she said. Then she stood up and finished dancing. I can't believe it, my high school sweetie in a g-string, dancing on stage. My cock was rock hard. I was hoping she wasn't taken. I asked the waitress "Is Sandy married?" She said "No but she is living with this total asshole that comes in every night and puts Sandy's money down other girls panties, cheats on her and slaps her around too. He'll be in tonight to get money from her and make her cry. You know you seem like a nice guy so go for her!" Sandy came out in a tank-top (bra-less) and jeans. She smiled "So, how have you been?" We talked for a long time. She was everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. I said, "Can I get you a drink?" She said, "Just water after I dance I really just need water." As we talked her boyfriend came staggering in with a girl under his arm. He walked over to Sandy and smacked her across her face "What the hell are you doing?" She grabbed her face and said" I'm just talking to an old friend. What the hell are you doing with her?" He said "That's none of your business bitch give me your paycheck!" She stood up "Are you fucking her? Is that why you don't fuck me anymore?" He said "Yeah, her and a few others. Now give me your paycheck." She started to cry, "She has crabs and God know what else! Why would you do this to me?" He said "If you don't give me the money I'll give away all your things and you will have no place to live." I said, "That's it" I took Sandy's arm and put her behind me and said, "Get out of here!" He looked at me and said, "Who the hell are you?" I said, " I'm someone who is not going to let you hurt Sandy anymore." The staff started to clap. And the bouncer came over and threw him out. Sandy looked shocked "Wow!" she sat down and said, "I have no place to live and nothing at all."  Her friend came over and gave her a drink "Sweetie drink this." she said. Sandy downed that drink and 3 others. Her friend said, "Get her drunk and take her back to your house. Once you get her there just be sweet to her and you'll be able to keep her." I brought Sandy a few more drinks until she couldn't walk strait then I said "You’re coming home with me, I'll not take no for an answer. You can sleep with me or on the couch but your coming home with me." She looked at me with her big blue eyes and said "Ok" then fell into my arms out cold. I picked her up and started to walk out with her. The bouncer walked over and said "Bro, you better take care of that sweet thing or I'll find you" I smiled "Don't you worry! She wont even have to work with me." I took her home determined that this time Sandy was staying with me.  I laid her in my bed and took her shoes and jeans off.  I thought “What the hell, I saw her in a G-string.” I covered her with my blanket. As I looked at her in my bed I thought this was the best birthday ever. I stripped down to my boxers and got into bed with her. I leaned over to kiss her good night and she kissed me back. I put my hand on her breasts. Oh god they were so soft and real. As I touched them she softly moaned. Then I pulled her top up over her head and I put my lips on her soft nipples and started to suck on them.  I ran my hand down her body from her breast to her pussy and played with her clit until she was wet. I kissed down her neck past her breasts to her stomach. Then I went straight for her pussy. God she tasted great! I licked her clit until she came for me then I pushed my cock into her soft wet pussy. She moaned "Oh yes Frank!" I was happy she knew it was I, with all she had to drink, well I wasn't sure. I took her softly for only a few minutes and she was cuming in my arms it was great. I felt like I did in high school with her. I started to take her with more confidence now. With every impact, my hard cock knocked the breath out of her and she made the sweetest sounds. She was so wet her fluids were dripping down her leg and onto the sheets. I lifted her legs and put them around my neck and started to grab her hips and fuck her hard and fast. To show her I was a real man that would take care of her in more ways then one.  She squealed like she did in high school for me and I said, "Yes! that's what I wanted to hear baby!" I had to cum so I pulled out quickly and shot it on her stomach. I touched her face and smiled "Sandy I love you, I never stopped loving you! Please let me show you, give me a chance?"   She smiled and snuggled into me and fell asleep. I said  "I'm taking that as a yes"    

 I got up before her and made breakfast. As I woke her up, she was shocked to be in my bed and that I was serving breakfast to her. I smiled "Do you remember me taking you home after work?" She smiled and nodded yes. I said, "Do you remember us having sex last night?" She giggled and said, "Yes." I said, "Do you remember me telling you I was going to take care of you and I wasn't taking no for an answer?" She didn't answer that one. After we ate I put the dishes on the floor and leaned in and kissed her. "You're staying with me right. Please Sandy I'll take care of you. Give me a chance! I'm not letting you go again." "Ok Frank! This is to soon!" I said, "BULL SHIT! This is way over do!" She smiled "Will you help me find a place to stay?" "NO, you're staying here and your not going back to that topless bar to work any more!" I said. She looked shocked "Frank!"  "No Sandy, you don't need that kind of life. I'm in your life now and things are going to change for the better" I lend over and took her in my arms and kissed her, pushing her to lay down on the bed. We play tongue hockey for a little while, then I ran my hand down to her clit. She was wet so I climbed on top of her and rubbed my cock up and down her clit. The rubbing sensation against her clit and the anticipation of me pushing my cock into her pussy was sending shivers throughout her body and I hadn't started yet. "Do you want it Sandy? Just said so! Tell me you'll stay and I'll take care of all your needs! Tell me Sandy! Tell me" She opened she eyes and looked at me "Ok! Ok! You win I'll stay! Oh god I'll stay."  "That's my girl," I said.  Then I plunged my throbbing hard cock into her. She said "Oh God! yes!" I picked up her legs and fucked her as hard as I could, burying my cock as deep as I could go. Over and over she climaxed under me as I watched. Then I rolled her over unto her stomach and plunged in again. I laid my body on top of hers and push my hands under her hips and grindedd away at her until she dug her nails into my headboard and trembled. Then, I shot my load all over her back.  She smiled and said "Frank Happy Birthday!"  

The End!

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