Home Again

Patiently I waited, sitting by the clock clicking away in the low light.  I have just bathed and sat anxiously watching the late TV news.  I couldn't pay much attention just thinking only of you, hoping that you would arrive soon safe and sound.  Turning off the TV, I go to your room, OUR room now.  Opening the closet, I touched your suits and fine clothes pausing to smell them as if searching for your presence.  We had argued the last time we spoke about what now seems like a trivial matter.  All I want now is for you to be home so that I make can make it up to you. I want to reaffirm our love for each other.

     Before getting into bed, I put on the red teddy that you liked so much.  I remember the time I first tried it on and the passion that followed that evening.  Looking in the mirror, I felt so sexy, caressing the smooth silk.  It comforted me as I slipped under the sheets.

     Drifting off to a light sleep, I heard your footsteps on the stairs and then the sounds of the shower.  I waited what seems like an eternity, then finally got up walking quietly in the dark toward the door of the master bedroom that leads to the shower.  The water was still running as I opened the door.  It was so hot and steamy, that I peeled off my teddy, placing it on the sink. I stood quietly looking at the drawn closed shower curtains.  Walking closer in my bare feet and nakedness, my eyes adjust and see the outline of your form.  Do I dare surprise you and step into the shower as I have done before?  Hesitating, I stoop down, carefully peeking around the curtain, looking behind you.  What a cute butt.  You turn around, though not seeing me.  Your hands are wiping the water out of your eyes, as I gaze up and down your sleek body.  The waters rolled off your semi hard cock, nestled against your large balls.  How sexy, I thought as I watched carefully and quietly.  Suddenly your turn again, turning off the water.  Grabbing the towel you dried your face as I closed the small fold of the curtain, backing away.  What do I do now?  Too late!  You drew the curtains open seeing me on my knees, a bit embarrassed. You had heard me all along and now stood facing me.  Your semi hard cock and large balls are at eye level as I tried to speak.  Your hand softly encircled my neck pulling me closer to you, inserting yourself into my mouth, holding me as you grew harder and harder.  I commenced sucking you, drawing you in and out.  Your fingers entwined in my hair as my hands rest on your thigh, bobbing my head on your sweet cock.  Pulling out of me, you lift me off my feet and guide me over the sink.  I look at you in the mirror as you bend me over at the waist.  Your hand rubbed my butt then down lower, finding me wet.  "How long were you watching?"  He asked.  Before I could reply you grab my nightie laying nearby, rolling it and apply it to my head as a blindfold.  Probing me, I can feel you press against me, entering my pussy which is now afire.  Yours arms wrap around me pinching my nipples.  I still could not speak, gasping, feeling you deep inside me, sending me over the edge.  With your long steady strokes, I came over and over again.  Pulling out of me, you pull me back to the floor, still blindfolded.  Sitting there I feel your hard cock probing my mouth, as I opened my lips. I started sucking, hearing your low moans.  I knew it won't be long, readying my self as your hands encircled my face, holding me, guiding me. Your hands pull the blindfold off me as you came in a torrent.  When it was finally over, I finally spoke.  "You are home"

You replied "Yes I am"