A Queen's Love
Lady Madison

She sits on a smooth, flat rock at the edge of a beautiful waterfall. A soft breeze plays with her hair and makes it dance in the fading light as she watches a young dragon frolic in the pool before her. The sound of the water falling from the rocks above is almost hypnotic. Behind her, beyond the clearing she can see the castle looming above the trees in the distance. The late afternoon sun shining on it's towers, making it glisten.

This is her favorite place in all the kingdom. Her special slice of heaven. The sounds and smells known so well to her, caress her body and her mind like an unseen lover. A small smile crosses her face as she thinks of him and her body moves slightly on the rock beneath her. If only he were here. She sighs softly to herself and leans forward to gaze into the clear water. She can see his face smiling back at her in the pool, she reaches down to touch him but his image disappears as soon as her fingers touch his cheek. A lone tear slides down her face. Her heart aches for him. Her love. The other half of her soul.

The young dragon curls up beside her and places his head on her lap. He senses her feelings and offers his own small amount of comfort. She rests her hand on his head and looks down at the beautiful creature. "Thank you, my friend," she whispers. He lifts his head, looks at her for a few moments, then lifts his wings and slowly ascends to his cave behind the waterfall.

She watches him leave and the tears begin to flow. She has never felt so alone as she does at this moment. She buries her face in her hands and lets the tears flow freely.

Behind her she hears the soft sound of horses hooves moving slowly amongst the trees. She gathers herself and rises, smoothing her gown and fixing her cloak around her.

She starts off toward the castle in the distance, her heart pounding her fear in her chest. She does not want to be found by a stranger. It would not be fitting for the Queen to be seen alone and so far from her realm.

In her despair she had not noticed the setting of the sun. She stumbles over the roots of a tree beneath her feet.

The sound is becoming louder in her ears, her pace quickens. Suddenly the sound has stopped. She steps behind a tree and peers in the direction the footsteps were coming from. In the moonlight she can see the horse grazing in the clearing and a shadowy figure is standing on her rock. He bends to scoop some water from the pool and drinks from his hand. He looks up at the waterfall with a faraway look of longing. He is too far from her to see his features clearly. Could it be? No. But the figure seems so familiar. Her heart quickens again and she steps out from behind the tree. Is she willing to walk down quietly and find out for sure? What if she's wrong? Her instincts take over, it is him! He has returned at last. She runs towards the clearing. The horse, suddenly startled, looks up with a snort. She stops and looks towards it, frightened by it's reaction.

The figure turns and a gasp can be heard from his lips. Their eyes meet. They move forward slowly, both amazed at finding each other here. Her tears begin to fall again, this time from extreme happiness.

" M'Lord, you have returned to me at last. I have missed you so."

He takes her into his arms, holding her against him and stroking her hair down her back, kissing the top of her head. "Do not cry, My Queen. I too have felt regret by not being by your side. I am with you now and will remain so for as long as you shall have me." His words trace rainbows across her heart.

She raises her head and loses herself in his eyes. She feels his hands cradle her face and tilt it slightly before his lips rest upon hers in a kiss that takes her breath away.

His hands move to her shoulders, softly tracing down her arms and back up to her neck. He undoes the clasp of her cloak and lowers it gently to the ground behind her.

He traces the outline of her face, over her eyes, her cheeks, her lips. They travel down to her neck, along her collar bones and over her shoulders again.

Her eyes close at the touch of his hands. Nothing in her mind but her King. She is truly happy being in his presence once again and the world around her drifts away as she loses herself to the feelings inside her. She loves this man with all her heart. He is a part of her. He completes her.

An overwhelming desire to touch him overcomes her. She reaches out with her hand and one finger slides down his cheek. His skin against hers sends shivers down her spine. She wants him, needs him, aches for him.

He can see the desire in her eyes matching his own. He pulls her to him again. His hands holding her close. His heart beating in time with hers.

She touches him, feels him. Her lips meet his with an urgency that surprises them both. Her hands moving all over him, his in her hair holding her head to his mouth. The kiss deepens. Her head is spinning with the desire she feels. Her legs are weak.

Her hands move to remove his clothing. Slowly piece by piece until he is naked before her. She wants to feel his skin against her face, her fingers and eventually her body.

Her heart seems to stop as he begins to undress her. His hands following a path over her body like hers had done with his only a few moments before. She can't keep her hands off him. They leave him long enough for him to pull the sleeves of her gown slowly off her shoulders, down her arms and over her hands before returning to his chest as the dress falls to the ground around her feet.

He gazes at her body in the moonlight. Her skin appears to be glowing and a beauty like he has never before seen falls across her face. The love he feels for her is taking over his mind. He lifts her effortlessly in his arms and places her on his cloak before him. His gaze never leaves her body and he stands above her drinking her into his mind through his eyes. He will never forget the scene of this moment. The majestic tree above them, the moonlight shining through the leaves onto the body of his love.

Her heart is pounding in her ears as she lets him look at her. She raises her arms to beckon him down to her. "Please My King. Be mine."

"'Tis the reason I live, My Queen."

Dropping to his knees beside her he gently brushes the hair away from her face. Her eyes shine up at him with the love that she feels.

She places her hand on his cheek and draws him down to her lips again. The kiss is full of love, desire and her dreams.

As the kiss breaks he draws a line with his finger from her hairline down her cheek, her neck, between her breasts, coming to rest with his hand on her stomach. Her skin felt like it was on fire where he'd touched her. Her body was alive and burning for him. She lifted his hand from her stomach. Bringing it to her lips she kissed each finger and the palm and then placed it on her breast. Her eyes never leaving his.

His passion runs away from him and his mouth falls to her neck.

Her eyes close and she surrenders herself to the man she loves.

His mouth travels across her neck and down to her breast. As he takes her nipple in his mouth her back arches up to meet him. His hand strays to her other breast as his tongue plays with her, tastes her, loves her.

Her hands entwine in his hair. She's lost in this man. The scenery around her begins to drop away. All that remains is the here and now. The Queen and her King. Skin on skin. Hearts beating as one.

His mouth never leaves her skin. His lips caress her and begin to take her to heights that she has only ever dreamt of. His tongue draws patterns on her breast around and up until it once again reaches her hard nipple. He licks it before taking it gently between his teeth and then flicks at it again. He can hear the growl in her throat and his tongue begins to work even more magic on her.

Her body is squirming beneath his mouth. She can't keep still. He's driving her mind to distraction with his ministrations on her. The pleasure is almost unbearable and she doesn't know how she'll live through it. She can feel a heat rising up through her and she doesn't want it to ever leave her body. She feels as if she's floating off the ground, the most amazing feeling that she can ever remember. She calls out his name and her body arches again towards his mouth.

As her body arches, his arms move under her and around her waist. He lifts her up to sit before him, his mouth finding hers again. His kiss is full of his passion and desire for his queen. He moves his lips to her neck and her head rests against his shoulder. Her arms are around his body, holding him tight as she sits in his lap.

She raises her head, leans back slightly and looks at her King. When she speaks her voice is tight and hoarse with emotion. "My King, you are forever in my dreams, heart and soul for 'tis these things of mine that you have and they will remain with you forever more."

His heart almost leaps out of his chest at her words. She has touched him to the very core of his being. Those few words mean more to him than anything else that he'd ever heard. He loved her so much. He had no way of expressing to her in words how he was feeling or how her words had affected him. His hands cradled her face, his eyes spoke volumes to her.

"My Queen, I am overwhelmed by your words. I am deeply touched to the very depths of my soul. I know not what to say to convey my feelings that I have at this and every moment of every day."

With tears sliding down her face she kissed his eyes, his cheeks, his lips. That kiss ignited a fire in them both and he lay her back down and began kissing her body again. Her hands found their way to his head and down his back. Up his arms to his shoulders, down to his chest. Her fingers softly grazing his skin with the gentlest of touches. His mouth on her spurred her on. She lost all inhibitions with him and became the aggressor. Her hands gently pushed him away from her and she grinned at him with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

He looked up at her with a look of surprise on his face.

She giggled. It sounded like sweet music to his ears. A sound that took him back to his carefree days of childhood. It gave him a comforting feeling that a flood of emotions covered up.

She allowed her hands to roam over his skin again as she kissed his neck. Soft kisses that are full of her feelings for this man that she calls her King. Her mouth moved lower, down to his chest. She dropped tiny, feather light kisses over him, her tongue tasting his skin as his had done to her. She moved across his chest slowly, working her way lower as she went.

His eyes closed with her first kiss to his neck. He could think of nothing but his queen and her movements over him. His breathing grew rapid and his heart beat faster. He was completely lost in his emotions. He felt her mouth move down his body and her warm breath on his skin. He moaned softly as he felt her mouth reach his hip and begin to move inward.

She heard his moan and smiled to herself. She wanted to please him to the best of her ability and it seemed that she was accomplishing this task that she had set herself. She kissed his skin along his hip and moved inward towards his most sensitive area. She wanted to take him to new levels of pleasure that he had yet to experience.

She let her tongue draw a line from his hip to his manhood, down to his inner thigh. She left a few small kisses on his thigh before she moved back up with her tongue and then down to the other leg. She traced a line down to his knee before slowly edging her way back up towards that part of him that she was yet to discover.

She kissed the length of him, her mouth and tongue learning every part of him. She let her tongue slide over him, around him. He tasted like the sweetest nectar that she had ever had. Her own breathing quickened. She was so desperate for him. All of him.

She took him into her mouth and let instinct take over. Her tongue traveled all over him as her mouth sucked him in deeper. She heard the sharp intake of his breath as she sucked and knew that she was pleasing him. He seemed to be twitching in her mouth. She could feel him moving against her tongue. She sucked him in deeper until he was filling her and she felt as if she had devoured him. Her tongue licked over the tip of him inside her mouth and she felt him twitch again. Her mouth held him between her lips and she let her tongue work over him. With one final flick of her tongue she engulfed him again, sucking hard, drawing him into her.

His hands reached down and touched the top of her head. She let him slide gently out of her mouth and raised her head to look at him.

His eyes said all there was to say. He placed his hands on her shoulders and drew her down beside him. He kissed her with a kiss that left her breathless and his hand found her breast. He eased her over onto her side facing away from him and he began to kiss her back. His hand never left her breast as his lips caressed her. She began to drift away from reality again.

She felt him between her legs and moved slightly to position him better. His lips and hands continued their slow travels over her. She felt him slip inside her and she gasped. Her hips moved backwards slightly to bring him deeper. Her hand wandered to his hip and her fingers lovingly moved across his body. She moaned. He began to move slowly inside her, slightly deeper each time. She was in a world where nothing mattered but him. It didn't matter that she was the Queen. To be here with her King, in this magical part of her kingdom, was all she needed and all she ever wanted.

His kisses on her back continued. His hand slowly moved from her breast down to her hip, using it to pull her onto him. She pushed back with every pull of his hand. He filled her but she wanted more. Her thirst for him was unquenchable. She raised one leg and rested it on his thigh.

His legs moved slightly and he began to move faster into her. Her body moving with his. Again she could feel the heat rising through her and she moaned again. His name was running through her mind continually, repeating itself over and over, lifting her even higher.

She could feel her body begin to tense as their movements increased. They were moving together both trying to lift the other to the same ecstasy that they were each feeling.

Suddenly his name escaped her lips almost as a scream and her body shuddered. He held her tightly against him and felt her contracting around him. He kissed the back of her neck softly until her breathing slowed.

Her head was racing as the feelings overtook her. She felt as if she was flying and she didn't ever want to land.

She felt him moving against her again and her heart filled with joy. She joined him in the rythmn and together they gave each other the love that they were feeling.

He could feel his body taking over with a power of it's own. She was moving against him with such passion that he lost himself in the movements. She was in control now, bringing him to the same place that she had just visited. She wanted him to join her there and she was going to take the ride with him. His breathing suddenly became ragged and she knew it was time. She pulled him into her one last time and then together they flew up to the heavens.

Her eyes fluttered open and she could see her surroundings around her clearly once more. His breath against the back of her neck and his arms around her waist gave her the comfort and security that she needed. She lifted one of his hands and kissed it before holding it against her cheek. "I love you with all that I am and all that I will ever be." With those words she had given him the remaining part of her. All she had left to give. She was his now, even beyond death.

His hand moved to her chin and turned her head to look at him. He could see the love in her eyes and knew that the words she had spoken were the truth. He kissed her softly and his hand played in her hair.

He began to rise and a look of hurt came over her face. He smiled and held out his hand to her. She took it and stood, her legs weak. He helped her dress, kissing every part of her before the clothing covered her skin again.

She stood on her rock looking towards the cave behind the waterfall as he dressed. She felt him step up behind her. His hands came around her shoulders and held her, his body up against her back. No words were spoken, none were needed.

Very gently he turned her towards him, kissed her and then led her to his horse. Lifting her effortlessly onto it's back he swung up behind her, holding her as he took the reins. She nestled back into him and her eyes closed. He gave the horse a nudge and it slowly walked towards the castle and their future together.


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