Just the Beginning

            She was in the mood. She didn’t know what mood exactly, but it was time. Carefully she applied her makeup, exaggerating the slant and roundness of her eyes, slicking her lips in blood red. She decided on bare legs for the night’s adventures. The black skirt went snugly around her hips, the hem of it resting against her bare ass cheeks, barely covering them. Leather was her top tonight, a bodice of sorts, lacing on the sides and in the front, cut so low that the pink of her nipples showed. All the better. 

            She drove to the club, parked and climbed out, flashing the guys in the parking lot. They catcalled and whistled, but none of them had the look. She’d know it when she saw it. Ignoring them she strutted into the club, giving her hips a shake and flashing her bare ass at them.

             The inside of the club was murky, the better to get away with mischief. She smiled to herself, licking her bottom lip slowly. Flipping her red hair out of her eyes, she headed to the back, to the couches. Sure enough they were occupied. She chuckled to herself, glancing a young man in the corner of her eye. He would make fine prey. He looked young, too young to be in this joint. He was avidly watching the couple on the couch, eyes wide in the flashing lights and his left hand rubbing the bulge in his pants. She almost purred with joy. The couple on the couch were oblivious. Through the flickering lights the woman could see flashes of nipples and bare skin. So it was two women tonight, that made this little boy so hot. Things just kept getting better for her. She watched for a few moments, watching manicured hands pull and tug at nipples, the flash of teeth and the slap of flesh against flesh.

             She made her way slowly over to him, slipping up behind him silently. He was a few inches taller, but that was no problem. She pressed her breasts to his back, sliding one hand across his waist, dipping lower, caressing, until she touched his hand. At her touch the man went still. She nearly laughed, catching a brilliant shade of pink on his face as the lights flickered. She purred softly in his ear. “That’s an awful lot for just one person. Would you mind if I played too?” She heard his sudden intake of breath.  

            She slipped around to face him, dropping her hand. She pressed herself to his chest, moving her hips against his rock hard erection. She stood on tip toe to whisper in his ear. “I promise I’ll play nice.” Stepping back she lifted her hands to her bodice and pulled her breasts free. Immediately her nipples hardened in the cool air. The man gasped for air. Stepping closer she lifted his hands and placed them on her breasts. “Go ahead. Squeeze them. Touch me.” The man’s hands tightened, pinching her nipples. She moaned softly, a sound of pure pleasure. Slowly she ran her hands up and down his fly, caressing softly through the fabric. Watching his face as he fondled her breasts, she unzipped his fly, freeing his rock hard cock. With some surprise she noted his size. Eight inches, what a great beginning. She caressed his dick slowly, fondling him as he fondled her breasts. 

            She let him fondle a little while longer, increasing the friction with her fingers on his rock hard cock. Slowly she pushed and pulled the turgid flesh, tugging it gently, wrapping her hand slowly around it, up and down. Suddenly she dropped to her knees, covering his dick with her mouth. She caught his gasp and grinned. She pulled back, traced her tongue across and around the head, pulling slightly. She sucked a little harder, moving up and down his length. She rubbed with her tongue, nipped with her teeth lightly, and flicked her tongue. She purred deep in her throat as she swallowed about four inches of his cock down her throat. She felt him twitch. Already she could taste his pre cum. She stopped and pulled back, looking up into his face. He was sweating a storm, eyes closed, mouth gaping open. With a smile she reached up with her fist and palmed him smoothly, caressing firmly back and forth, up and down, twisting her hand every so often.  

            The man groaned loudly. She leaned forward, swallowing his dick again, her tongue rubbing along it, right under the head. She gave a careful squeeze of his sac through the fabric of his pants. She swallowed carefully, pulling back and then moving forward, covering his cock with her hand and mouth, she resumed her forward motion and suction. Within seconds his dick was twitching. She pulled back slightly, rubbing faster with her tongue and moving her hand, faster, faster, faster. With a groan the man lurched forward, grabbing her shoulders. She merely smiled and swallowed slowly, pulling back ever so slightly. He fisted a hand in her hair, and she could hear him gasping for air. Slowly she pulled back, untangling herself. She rose to her feet, grinning as the man shot her a confused look, looking more like a lost little boy. Delicately she wiped the corner of her mouth and leaned forward, kissing him full on the mouth. She then turned and walked away, leaving the man with a faint taste of himself and his fly still open.  

            She chuckled softly to herself as she walked away. She liked the innocent ones. A dark shadow moved into her path. Irritated she looked up and narrowed her eyes. “Still up to your tricks, babe?” the man jeered. “Fuck you, Sam,” the woman replied. “Oh, wait. That’s right, you aren’t man enough.” She sneered at him. Sam’s face flushed and he grabbed her by the arm. “You bitch. You fucking cunt.” “She looked mildly at him, amusement flickering in her eyes, one eyebrow raised. “Well, that would be next on my list, yes.” Sam looked her over, taking in her still exposed breasts. “Looking for another baby cock?” The woman rolled her eyes and pushed past him. He grabbed her again. “Come on baby, you know I was only joking.” She pushed his arm away. “Fuck you Sam. I have things to do.” He let her take a few steps away. Then he stepped forward and picked her up, tossing her over his shoulder and headed to the men’s room. 

            Once inside, he plopped her down on the sink counter. She glared at him angrily. “Who the fuck do you think you are?!” She demanded. Sam said nothing, just leaned forward and started sucking on a bared nipple, his fingers questing under her skirt. He found her pussy, newly shaved and proceeded to tease her with a finger, slipping it in and out wetly, toying with her clit as he suckled on her nipple. She arched her back, spreading her thighs. He bit down hard on her nipple. She moaned loudly. Sam lifted his head. “That’s only the beginning baby. Every goddamn person in this club is going to hear you cum.” She merely smiled back at him and leaned back, spreading her thighs even wider, her pink pussy lips glistening. Sam reached down and opened his fly, pulling out his ten inch cock. She licked her lips slowly.  

            She lifted her heels, rested them on the counter. Sam stepped closer, wrapping his arms behind her and lifting her closer. He sheathed her in one stroke, wincing slightly as she moaned loudly in his ear. She dug her nails into his back. He rested her ass against the cool top of the counter and plowed into her again. He kept pulling back slowly, only to drive forward into her in one stroke. Over and over he did this, impaling her and digging his fingers in her ass. She moaned, she writhed, she squeezed him back, clamping her inner muscles down hard on him. He sped up, pushing her, thrusting hard into her. Her cries got louder until she was close to screaming, her fingers digging deeper into his shoulders. She wrapped her legs around him, digging in with her feet. Meeting and arching against him. He moved faster, thrusting harder, shoving her back against the counter. She half closed her eyes. The bathroom door opened and in walked Boy. She smiled widely, moaning louder, meeting his eyes. Boy looked shocked and lost.  

            With a final thrust, Sam exploded inside her and she let out a scream, her eyes never leaving Boy’s. He gulped nervously, looking at Sam, who had collapsed on her shoulder. She mouthed “fifteen minutes” at him, and then leaned forward and bit the side of Sam’s neck as Boy slipped back out the door. Sam stirred slightly, looking at her with fuzzy eyes. “Fucking bitch. Moving in on my turf.” She smiled at him. “But darling, someone has to keep you on your feet.” With this she leaned forward and kissed him full on the mouth. “We have to keep it interesting.” Sam watched her silently, watched her hop off the counter and straighten her clothes. Blowing him a kiss she opened the door and walked out, looking for round two with Boy.


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