First Love
Sam L.


          Jay dashed out the door of his house as fast as he could.  He was supposed to meet his girlfriend Kat at the park, but he was late.  The park wasn’t very far from his house, neither is it from Kat’s house either.  He and Kat were both raised with the park; therefore it was very special to the both of them.  When Jay arrived at the park, he looked around frantically for a dark figure.  He scanned the park quickly, his eyes stopping suddenly at a silhouette of a tall, beautifully shaped person, her hair blowing softly with the cool breeze.  He approached this mysterious figure slowly, not sure if it was Kat or a beautiful stranger.  He was met was a tight embrace, and a soft, mellow, sweet scent of Kat’s favorite perfume tingling his senses.  They kissed passionately in the night, appearing as two embracing figures from a distance.  “Jay… I called you out here to tell you something,” Kat said softly.  “We’ve been going out for a while now, and I think it is time.”  She grabbed Jay’s hand and started leading him towards her house.  Jay was nervous, he did not know what was going to happen, but he was hoping that what he thought was going to happen was going to happen.  He knew that Kat was very sexually experienced, but he wasn’t at all.  

          They arrived at Kat’s house, but instead of entering through the front door, Kat led Jay to the back of the house, to an open window leading into her room.  They both crawl through window slowly, careful not to fall or bump themselves against anything.  Jay got up slowly with Kat, and she leaned forward slowly and whispered something in his ear, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time Jay.”  She bites on his right earlobe as she reached her hand down and lifted up his shirt.  “So Jay… I know that you have been dreaming about me… I know that you have been having sexual fantasies about me being your first,” she whispers softly to him as she finishes undoing his pants and slipping off his boxers.  “I know that you want to experience what it is like for your dick to be inside of me… I know that you always wonder why all the guys want me so bad…” Jay was literally trembling nervously, not knowing what to do.  Kat slipped off her jeans and panties slowly, and pushed him down onto her bed slowly while sliding herself onto him seductively.  She started kissing and sucking softly on his neck, running the tip of her warm, silky, slippery tongue up and down his neck slowly.  Jay closed his eyes and started to relax to the sensations, but still nervous about what is to come later.  She kissed and licked her way down until she got to the area right below his stomach, but right above his dick.   

She cupped his soft dick in her hands and started squeezing and stroking his shaft slowly.  Jay let out a sudden moan, not knowing that her hands were so velvety and soft.  Her skilled hands struck many nerves in his dick, causing it to spring up to life suddenly.  She grinned at this reaction pleasantly, and lowered her head to kiss the very tip with her smooth lips slowly.  She placed her hands around his dick firmly, and she opened her mouth to accept the tip of his manhood.  Kat sucked on it softly, humming a soft melody while running her tongue around it.  Jay moaned louder at the pleasure he is receiving from this mouth that knows how to please a guy totally, but making sure that he won’t awake her parents in the next room.  She wrapped her left hand around his balls, stroking them softly with her nails while kissing and running her soft, wet, silky tongue up and down his shaft.  She can see the pre-cum starting to ooze out of the tip of the head, and she greeted it happily by lapping it up like a kitten.  “Oh my god Jay, you taste the best out of all the guys I’ve ever been with,” she said in amazement.  With the fresh taste in mind, she suddenly took his entire dick into her mouth and started sucking on it softly.  She pressed her lips hard against his shaft, moving her lips up and down his sex, sucking as her lips move down, and releasing as she moves her lips back up.  She continues and she starts moving her lips faster as more pre-cum starts appearing.  She stops suddenly and looks up at him.  Jay was in ecstasy; he never experienced so much pleasure before.   

She crawled upward, and she brushed her pussy across the tip of Jay’s dick slowly, feeling her juices cling onto his penis.  She was ready, she could feel her wetness, her stickiness starting to flow and gather inside of her.  Kat suddenly slid down and pushed his penis deep into her pussy fully, squeezing it softly with her muscles, letting her slick juices cover his dick.  Jay moaned even more, never in his life has he had his dick in a pussy, and even if he had, he wouldn’t have imagined that a pussy could be this slippery, hot, and pleasurable.  She sat there on top of him, not moving, but squeezing and releasing his dick gently.  Jay, being very nervous, couldn’t take it anymore and he released a part of his load into her.  Kat was expecting this; she knows that Jay was insecure and was still a virgin.  She leans down and kisses him passionately.  She looks into his eyes and says, “Jay… I love you a lot, and please don’t be nervous, because I know that this is your first, but just relax and don’t worry about anything, ok?”  Jay nodded slowly, looking back into her soft gorgeous eyes.  She smiled and started rubbing her velvety pussy lips against his soft, shrunken dick.  This turned Jay on very quickly, and his manhood grew back to its full length in a few seconds.  Kat took advantage of this and she again slid his dick into her pussy.  She started rocking her hips back and forth slowly, letting his dick slide in and out of her slowly.  She continued moving, lifting and dropping her hips onto his, fucking herself gently with the first half of his penis.  Jay’s dick moves very easily within Kat, due to her extreme wetness and lubrication.  Now she was literally grinding her hips against his, getting his penis into her as much as she can.  She starts to lift her hips up and down, riding his sex slowly, but making it so that his penis slides out of her almost all the way, then going back into her wet dripping pussy all the way.  Kat started to moan softly, along with Jay as she picks up the pace by lifting her hips faster.  Soft sounds could be heard within their crotches, soft sounds of her pussy grabbing onto and milking his dick for all its worth.  As her moaning got louder, her movements became more intense.  She could feel a lot of build-up in her pussy, as she nears her orgasm.  Jay can feel a tingling sensation in the deepness of his penis, and he also knows that she is about to cum as well.  He feels her pussy squeezing, releasing, and gripping his sex, sensing a lot of twitchy movement deep inside of her wetness.  Kat started to gasp and moan repeatedly as she rocks on him harder.  “Ohhhhh Jay… uuunnnnhhhh…… mmmm……..ahhhhhh…..”  She was about to cum, and she couldn’t wait for him any longer.  She let out a loud moan of ecstasy as she cums, feeling her hot wet juices flow out of her like a river.  Jay, feeling all this sudden wetness and spasms, he feels his penis twitch and he cums as well, moaning loudly as each wave of pleasure hits his body as his sperm jets out into her pussy with each moan that Jay makes.  Kat moans again as the last of her cum leaves her pussy.   

She leans down and whispers to him, “oh Jay, that was so good…”  Jay looked down at his penis and sees a lot of moisture and Kat’s pussy juices on his lap.  “Oh Kat… you made quite a mess,” Jay said teasingly.  “Jay… let’s do this again sometime, meet me at the park tomorrow, ok?”  Of course Jay agreed, and he crawled out the window, and started walking back home.   


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