The Phone Booth

I knew I always hated to fly but this flight from hell confirmed that! The
crew was late coming in from another flight, we had to wait in a hot plane, crying babies in the front of the plane and in the back....

Arriving at the airport in the middle of nite, I search for Cowboy. He is no where in sight! Damn! Perfect! Now what? My cell phone ceased to work hours ago and pager shows no calls from him. Frustrated,  tired and a bit annoyed, I search for a pay phone.

Sometimes I wonder about the places Cowboy has me meet him..... this placeis cold and dark and pretty deserted for an airport in a fairly large city.

Looking everywhere, I finally find a phone tucked away in a corner. Feeling relief, I open the sliding door to the phone booth and sit on the old fashioned stool inside. Seeing the age of the booth, I pray it still works! Fumbling inside my purse for change, I am certain that Cowboy has mixed up the flight times! Wondering where the hell he is, I dramatically plunge the change into the slot and dial his pager number... dial! How old is this thing, anyway? I realize that the phone isn't working, no dial tone.... I try to retrieve my change. It is futile. Feeling defeated... I turn to leave... I see a shadow in the far corner. I decide that it is probably best to stay where I am for the moment.

Sitting back down, I occupy myself with the contents of my purse, not noticing the figure approaching... I rise to leave and as I open the door I hear my change finally fall.... with my back to the door, I reach for the coin return. Suddenly, I am not alone in the booth! I am pinned against the phone by a big, strong body. Before I can react, hands are caressing me, lovingly, gently....under my blouse, pinching my nipples. A hand lifts the front of my skirt, dipping fingers inside my wet puss. I am not sure why I don't scream..... perhaps it's the familiar sexy scent I smell....or perhaps the way my body responds to this familiar touch on my nipples.... leaning my head back onto a broad chest, I sigh.

A low husky voice whispers in my ear, "I have wanted you this way for such a long time, Doll..."  I relax against my man, and enjoy his touch, his smell, his words....

I place one foot up on the stool, allowing him access to the juices dripping now from my swollen lips.... my hand covers his, urging him deeper inside of me. His lips on my neck now, sucking and nibbling on the spot where my neck meets my shoulder, sending shivers up and down my spine! Lord, how this man drives me wild! Leaving his mark upon me, he whispers his pet name for me over and over....I reach behind me to touch him, we are so close, his cock is pressed up against the small of my back... I love the size of this man, so big and strong! So close are we, I can't get my hand between us. I reach around and grab his ass... wanting him closer to me!

Pressing his fingers against my clit, rubbing me, rolling my clit between his fingers.... bringing me to orgasm so quickly, so intensely, my body shakes with emotion... tears run down my cheeks. My love for this man overflowing.... he turns my head and kisses my tears away.

Pressing into me more, he reaches behind and opens the door. Backing out, he pulls me to him. Wrapping his strong arms around my waist, we just  stand there for a moment. My Cowboy holds me til my body relaxes and the tears stop.

He kisses the top of my head as I lean back against him, enjoying his warmth. I have yet to look at his handsome face but I have no need.... closing my eyes, I see his smile. My heart swells.

My Cowboy turns me around and kisses me deeply, sensuously, making my knees weak.  My arms wrap themselves around his neck as I stand tiptoe to meet his lips. He urges me backward as we kiss... slowly.. pressing me into a corner. Our tongues dance and tease as his hands explore the places he knows so well.

As he lifts my dress, I fumble for his zipper... what are we thinking! We aren't! Our passion over rides our common sense and we know we must have each other here... now! I reach inside and grasp his cock, so hard and thick already. I gasp as he sucks my bottom lip, his fingers spreading my pussy lips. I begin to urgently stroke this man who brings me to edge of ecstacy and back. He quickly turns me around and slides his hard cock deep inside of me..... pumping me hard and fast, driving me wild, I push back against him. Wanting him to fill me, needing him to! I feel myself tightening around him, his cock pulsing and throbbing as my pussy begins to spasm.... together we climax! Reaching that place pnly special to he and I. He lays his head on my back as his cock leaves my swollen puss. Kissing my hair, my neck... he
whispers in my ear, "Welcome home, Doll...." I smile, for in his arms, I am home!

We kiss and compose ourselves, leaving the deserted airport, hand in