The Lucky Brother
Tired Chimp


It was my sister Holly's 19th birthday and my parents threw her a party at our house.  Since we have a pool my sister wanted to have a pool party as well.  There were 25 people with 20 of them being girls she went to school with and the rest guys she grew up with from the neighborhood.  When it was time for everyone to go swimming I was surprised to see nearly all the girls wearing binikis and not just your usual binikis, these were quite revealing.  Being tired from my long trip home from college I made my way to my room to lay down and watch some tv.  After laying down, my bathroom door opened and here comes this girl walking out with a hand full of clothes and a amazing biniki on.  Holly told Sherrie she could use my bathroom to change.  She apologized and I told her not to worry about it, as she was walking out she looked back and asked me if I was going to join them in the pool.  I told her I was tired but might make my way out after a quick nap.  As she walked out of the room I noticed her ass barely covered by her biniki and I caught myself staring until I couldn't see her any longer. 

I drifted off to sleep and almost instantly started to have a dream about Sherrie.  I couldn't get the image out of my head of her standing there in her sexy tight red biniki.  As the dream continued on, Sherrie was doing a strip tease for me.  I was in heaven watching this beautiful girl strip for me.  She slowly removed her top showing me only one breast at a time and then both.  She had amazing breast, a nice "B" cup size with perfect nipples that she rubbed in my face.  She then started to remove her biniki bottom and flashing her tight little ass.  As she walked towards me I couldn't take my eyes away from her trimmed pussy getting closer by the step.  She then whispered in my ear she wanted me to fuck her right here and now.  As I began to run my finger around her pussy lips, i felt somebody tapping my shoulder. 

That's right it was Sherrie, standing there in front of me soaking wet from swimming.  I asked her if the party was still going on and she said the party had moved into here.  With a confused look on my face I asked her what she meant by that.  She moved her hand under my sheets and grapped my cock and said you know what I mean.  She continued to stroke my already erect cock while confessing she has always wanted to fuck me.  I pulled off the sheets and she pulled down my boxers and began sucking my cock.  I could tell this was not her first sucking cock.  She was licking all over my cock and taking it deeper and deeper in her mouth.  She began sucking faster and as I placed my hand on the back of her head I used the other one to begin playing with her breast. Her nipples were rock hard and screaming through her biniki top.  Feeling them on top wasn't enough I wanted to feel her warm breast in my hand.  I moved my hand under her top and her nipples were harder than I thought.  I started to pinch one and she let out this moan telling me to squeeze harder. As I squeezed harder she sucked faster and I told her I was about to cum.  She told me to cum in her mouth, so I exploated in her mouth with a massive cum shot.  She continued to keep sucking even though her mouth was getting filled with my hot cum.  My body was shaking from the tremedous orgasm I had just expecienced.  She looked at me a smiled then got up and went into the bathroom as I lied there in complete amazment and bliss. 

A couple of minutes had passed when I went into the bathroom making sure she was alright.  As I walked in  I heard her moaning.  She was standing in front of the mirror playing with her pussy.  I walked up behind and moved my hands in front cupping  both her breast.  Her hands were now running through my hair and I continued to massage her breast.  I then unhooked her biniki top, turned her around and began sucking on her nipples.  As I slighty bit one of her nipples my free hand moved her biniki bottom to the side and began rubbing her pussy lips.  Sherrie was very wet so I put a finger inside her pussy as I bit a little harder on her nipples.  Letting out a loud moan I fingered her faster seeing the enjoyment on her face from the mirror.   

Pulling my finger out I pulled down her bottoms and sat her up on the sink.  We kissed intensly for a moment when I began to worked my way down.  Starting with her inner thigh I made my to her sweet pussy.  What a beautiful pussy it was.  She was shaved around her lips with a little strip of pubic hair to lead the way.  I felt my cock getting hard again as I begin licking Sherrie's pussy.  As my tongue was flicking her clit I slid my finger inside her pussy again.  The louder she moaned the faster I moved my finger in and out of her pussy.  Grapping onto my head she forced my tongue harder into her pussy i put another finger inside her.  She pulled me up asking me if I was hard enough to fuck her now.  Without saying anything I slid my cock inside her hot pussy and began to thrust.  Once again we began to kiss harder as I pounded away in her pussy. After a few minutes of fucking on the sink I bent her over and started fucking her doggy style.  This way I could see her reaction as I squeezed her nipples and fucked her pussy at the same time.  Pounding away in her pussy she asked me to pull her hair.  As I started pulling she raised one of her legs onto the sink letting me thrust deeper into the her tight pussy.  With her hands pressed against the mirror she screamed she was about to cum and for me to fuck her harder.  A minute later her heavy breathing turned into megaphone moaning then she screamed she was cumming.  Her hands slid down the mirror as I kept fucking her pussy as  she let out another load moan and collapsed onto the sink.   I pulled out of her and began kissing her ass when she got up and asked if I was close to cumming.  She started sucking my cock again after I had said yes, but this time she wanted me to cum on her face.  Feeling it about to happen I pulled out of her mouth and shot a large load of cum onto her face and chest.  I stood there in disbelief of what just happened.  She then got up and went into the shower to clean herself off.  

 As I got dressed she came out of the bathroom and asked me to get her bag in the next room.  While getting dressed she left the door open letting me watch her.  Lying in my bed watching this beautiful girl put her matching bra and panties on along with tight shorts and shirt was close to amazing as the chance to actually getting to fuck her.  She came over and gave me a kiss and headed back down to the party. 


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