The Betrayal


My father is the king of Kaymerea in Greece. His name is King Eli, my name is Princess Calissa, and I am to me married to the king of a large nearby kingdom. His name is King Briareus. My father is hoping that this marriage will save our small kingdom from being destroyed by the warlord Icelos; he is a truly evil man who will stop at nothing until he rules everything! Today is the last day I will spend in my small kingdom. I will be going to see my betrothed today. I’m very nervous about this because it will be the first time we will meet face to face. I so hope he will like me, if he doesn’t there wont be any hope for my people. I must make this work!

Sir Alastair walked into see if I was ready to go. He is one of the guards my betrothed sent to protect me on my journey to his kingdom. I told him to give me a little more time; I was not ready to go just yet. As we talked the guard that I have had, my whole life walked in and said with an angry voice, "Princess Calissa I must protest. Your father has told me you will be going to King Briareus' kingdom with out me at your side!" I turned around to face him, the man that had protected me my whole live and said to him, "Yes Cetus! It is true! There is no reason for you to come. Briareus has sent his own men for me and I am now their responsibility. There will be no more talk of this, you're now to guard my little sister as you have always guarded me." He looked so angry with me; it reminded me of the time when I was young, I ran off to ride my horse in the woods by myself with out telling anyone. When He found me, he spanked me so hard I could not sit down all that day!  I never did anything like that again. He stormed out of the room. 

It is late afternoon now and I have delayed too long. I know poor Alastair must be going out of his mind. We should have been there by now. I must go; I kissed my father and little sister good-bye, then walked over to Alastair,  "I’m ready now." He smiled then put me on a big white horse. I waved good-bye to my people. As we rode out of Kaymerea tears streamed down my cheek.  

It will be a long trip to Briareus' kingdom and because of my procrastination we will not get there until very late tonight. No one spoke as we rode for hours; I was getting sleepy and kept nodding off.  We were little under halfway there, when I completely fell asleep on my horse and almost fall off. Well, to tell the truth, I would have fallen off but my body guard (Alastair) caught me and said, “Maybe you should ride with me Princess!” I said, “I’m sorry Alastair I was so worried about meeting Briareus, I didn’t sleep last night at all." He smiled, “Well my Lady, you can sleep now. I will see that you do not fall!” In his arms I asked, “Will you tell me about Briareus? I know you have been with him since he was a little boy.” He held me close, “What would you like to know my Lady?” “Oh Alastair anything and everything, I know nothing about him and we will be married in two days." He told me many little funny things that Briareus had done as a child and how he had grown into a man that he was very proud of. I felt so much better about the trip and I started to yawn. “Close your eyes my lady you should sleep now.” I closed my eyes, put my head on his shoulder and was soon sound asleep. I awoke to his horse galloping fast; it had started to rain. He jumped off his horse with me still in his arms and ran into a cave. “Well my lady, it is raining and we will have to stay the night here to avoid the storm.” I looked around the cave. I must have had a displeased look on my face because he said, "I’m so sorry my lady I know this will not be very nice for you but I dare not deliver a sick bride to my king. The storm looks like it will be very bad!" He ordered a fire and a bed to be made for me. I have never slept anywhere but in my castle and in my own bed but Alastair made it as nice has he could.  I soon fell a sleep with him sitting next to me. 

 In the morning, we awoke with Lord Icelos' men standing over us. I have never been so scared in my life. One of the men, Goran, picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and walked out of the cave with me. He then put me on his horse and rode over to Alastair, "Tell King Briareus, Icelos has his woman and he will have to pay dearly to get her back or Lord Icelos will keep her for himself." He rode off with me to Lord Icelos’ Castle. Once we here there he carried me over his shoulder to Lord Icelos throne and placed me at his feet. I stood up and said, “You can’t go around kidnapping people!” He laughed, “Well I did! And you are at my mercy.” Then he walked over, took me in his arms, then started to ravage me, ripping my dress off and fondling my breasts as he drooled on my neck. I started to cry and screamed, "Stop it! Leave me alone" 

He laughed, "Have the princess taken to a room for safekeeping and guard her well or it will mean your life. I may want to use her later." I tried to slap his face but he blocked it, "My father will kill you if you try you bustard!" He laughed at me, “Your father is a feeble old man and the king you plan to marry is a little boy who wouldn't know what to do with you if he had you. If and when I want you, I will take you! There is nothing you can do about it! Now guard, take her to her room!”

 The next day I woke up thinking, “Today was to be my wedding day and here I am locked in this room, a prisoner of a warlord that wants my father’s kingdom. I can’t believe this!” Just then Goran walked in, “Come with me, it's time for your bath.” I could not believe his rudeness “Well, I’m not going!"  He shook his head and threw me over his shoulder. He walked to a very large bathtub in a big room and threw me, dress and all, into the tub. I came up for air after being under water choking to see Icelos drinking and laughing at me as he watched, “Take your dress off and give it to my slave.” I was furious, “I will not!” He stood up from his chair walked over to me, "You will, or I will come in there and take it off of you myself but I will not stop with that!" I ducked under the suds and did as I was told. Then he ordered his slave to wash me as he and his men watched. I think he got a kick out of me being so embarrassed. I have never been so humiliated in my entire life. I am a Princess after all; not one of his handmaidens. After I was done the slave brought me a large towel and held it up so, I could stand up behind it then she wrapped it around me. Icelos called for me to sit at his table and to eat with him. I was so hungry, I had not eaten since yesterday afternoon but I felt so vulnerable being only in a towel . As we ate I asked, "What will you do with me?" he growled, "I haven't decided yet!"  I was nervous, "What did you do with my guards." He looked me straight in my eyes, "I killed them. They failed you and deserve nothing less!" I was so shocked, I spilt my drink, and the glass fell to the floor shattering. Just then Cetus walked in the room, "Lord Icelos did you have any problems finding her?"  I stood up, "Cetus you were in on this? How could you?  I trusted you; my whole life you have protected me! I cannot believe this. How could you betray me like this?" He looked at me, "Sorry Princess but you said you didn’t need me anymore and Lord Icelos offered me more than I could refuse."  I looked down to the ground feeling faint, "I need to lay down now."  Lord Icelos said, “Goran take the lady to her room and have my slave dress her as my property.”

As the day went on the slave, Basilia, brought food or anything I wanted or needed. It was dark  when Goran came back in my room, "Lord Icelos has sent for you! You will come now!" I backed up trying to get away but he grabbed me, "I'm not playing with you." He picked me up and carried me to Icelos' room. He put me down outside of the door holding my arm as he opened the door with his free hand. He bowed, "She is here my Lord." Then he pushed me in shutting the door behind me.  The room was dark, only a small fireplace lit the large room. Out of the darkness He said, "Come here!" I was frightened. "No!"  I turned around to open the door but it was locked.  I felt his hands on my arms. He pulled me back against him, putting one hand on my mouth and the other hand went down my dress to my breast squeezing it hard then he kissed my neck, "You maybe a princess but right now your just a cunt that I'm going to use!" He picked me up then threw me onto his bed. He ripped my dress off then took both my wrists in one of his hands. He got in between my legs and pushed his hard cock into my soft pussy. "Ouch, your hurting me" I cried. "Get used to it bitch, you’re here for my pleasure not yours." As he took me, my body gave into his demands and my juices started to run making it more bearable for me.  He seemed surprised that I was not in pain. I think he was hoping to take my virginity but he was too late. I lost that a long time ago to one of my father’s young guards; one cold night when I was 17 and he was not the last guard I found pleasure with on cold nights.  I lay there as he fucked me hard, I tried to think of something else as he used my body. He seamed very annoyed that I did not respond to him the way he wanted. He let go of my hands lifting my legs up over his shoulders. Then he grabbed my hips and started to slam into my pussy as hard as he could. It was too intense for me and I moaned. That encouraged him to fuck me harder, which he did. Then he rolled me over, plunged into my ass, and laid down on me, grabbing my shoulder and thrusting in hard until he came. He sat up and called for Goran. He came into the room. "I'm done with her for now, take her back to her room." Goran rolled my almost lifeless body over then picked me up taking me to my room. He laid my naked body on the bed and after getting a good look at me he put a blanket on me then walked out, locking the door behind him.  I tried to roll to my side and I started to cry.

Just then, I heard a noise and felt a hand on my mouth. Then a voice said, "Quiet princess, I'm here to save you." It was Alastair! He wrapped me in a blanket and helped me out the window. Once we were on the ground, he handed me to a big guard and we rode off. Now that we were far away the man that was holding me said, “We should be able to slow down now.” Alastair said, "Yes Sir."  My whole body was still shaking. The man that had me in his arms said, "Are you OK?" I shook my head no then said, "No I'm not" and I started to cry.  We rode into Briareus' kingdom and into the castle’s gates. The guard carried me in and placed me by the fireplace to get warm.  Alastair brought me a strong drink and said, "This will warm you. Drink it all!" I said, "OK, When will I see Briareus?" He smiled and said, “You have been in his arms all night Princess.” Just then, King Briareus walked back in the room and asked, "Are you feeling better?" "Yes your highness" feeling stupid for not knowing who he was. He looked at Alastair, "You told her." Alastair smiled and nodded yes. Briareus sat by my side, "You are more beautiful then I thought you would be! What do you want to do first?  Eat? Bathe? Sleep?" I smiled, “Just sit here with you sir!” He smiled and moved in closer putting his arm around me. I leaned into his chest putting my head in the curve of his neck. He said, "Will you feel up to getting married tomorrow or would you rather wait?"  I looked up at him and smiled, "Tomorrow will be fine my lord!" I sat back in his arms looking into the fireplace. Soon my eyes were getting heavy; I thought I closed them for a brief moment but when I awoke, I was in Briareus' bed. He was sleeping in the chair next to the bed. Within a minute Alastair came in the room and said, “My lady you can't be seen by Briareus until your wedding, it is unlucky.” I quietly got out of bed and walked with him into the next room. There he had a bath waiting for me with a beautiful wedding gown. He had a servant there ready to help me then he walked out.

He went into Briareus room just as he was waking up! Briareus jumped up, "Where is she?" "It’s OK my king. She is taking a bath and getting ready for the wedding as you should be doing."  "OH, OK! Yes! You are right as always. Thank you for getting her back for me! She is so sweet and beautiful." Alastair lowered his head, "Your highness, I should not have lost her to begin with!" Briareus walked over to him and hugged him. “I should have sent more men with you but enough; we could keep this up for days, now no more of this. You will be my best man at my wedding today.” 

The wedding was so very beautiful. After Alastair gave the toast, Briareus took me in his arms and carried me off to his bedroom. Once there he helped me out of my dress picking me up then putting me in his bed. I lay there watching him get undressed. He took off his shirt. Wow! He had a great chest and when he took off his paints, my jaw dropped he had the biggest cock I have ever seen. Then he slowly climbed into bed with me. He started by kissing my ankle then up my leg until he got to my pussy. I opened my legs and he began to lick me, oh, god he did that really well!  He had my body trembling with delight with in minutes. Then when I was worked up he moved up my stomach sending gooses bumps down my spine. Then he got to my breasts. Oh, god the way he handled them and sucked on them, I will never get tired of this. He put his body over mine and he pushed his hard cock into my soft wet pussy. I said, "Oh god yes! Oh! Ohhh!"  As he started to pump me, he put his hand on my breasts and kissed my neck. I completely melted into him. I never felt that way for anyone, it was so beautiful. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he took me. He then took my legs and crossed them up in the air in front of him. He started to take me harder. "Oh god yes! Oh god yes! " My juice ran out of me like water. I was wetter then I have ever been before. He was so hard I could feel every ripple of his hard cock as he pounded into me! I was having so many orgasms I did not think I could take anymore but then the next one would come, I would find myself looking forward to the buildup of the next one. We were at it for over an hour when he thrusted in deep holding me tight. Then I felt him get soft and he rolled off me. He wrapped is arms around me and said, "Wow that was great!" I smiled and agreed. Then I asked, "Could we do it again later tonight?" He laughed,  "Yes I think that can be done! I know I'm going to love you being here with me as my queen!" 

The End!          

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