On the Run
Slave Kitten


I'm a singer on a small outpost called Tentrex 5; it's in the demilitarized zone of our galaxy. It’s a nice enough place I guess, but it isn't home, Tavoneea!  I am a Tavon my name is Deea I have fair cream skin, light blue eyes with blue lips and long dark blue hair.  I'm 5'5'', 110 lbs and 22 years old. I'm stuck waiting here on Tentrex 5 for my big brother to come and get me; he’s an officer in the Tavon Empire for 8 years now. I'm looking forward to he and I settling down some place without war, so we can finally get on with normal calm lives.

I just finished my last set for the night when a friend of mine came over to me and said, "Deea, you're in big trouble! Your brother did something awful, he is on the run from the Empire. I don't know what he did but they're coming here to get you now!"  I was dumbfounded and scared to death. I didn't know what to do.  "You need to get off this base and get off now while you still can. Their ship will be here in 2 solar hours" I looked over at Shea, my Tavon friend, and her boyfriend Daygo he is a Coletan. Daygo is a typical Coletan, about 6'9'' 250 lb. with tan skin and brown spots here and there, long dark brown hair and eyes. I said, "What the hell do I do? There won’t be a transport off this base until next week?" Daygo had a devilish grin on his face and said, "Rayvack has a ship!" I threw my drink at him and said "You shit!" He responded, "What?… He has a ship! He could take all of us ; we could make it a vacation and have a very enjoyable time too!" Then, he pulled Shea on his lap and started to fondle her breasts as she laughed. "Daygo, I can't ask your brother for help. I have been turning him down for months."  He laughed, "Well if you gave into him, you wouldn't be so uptight all the time my sweet. My brother is not such a bad guy, you know."  "I'm not uptight!" I said, as I hit his arm. He was laughing so hard at me, he almost fell off his chair.

That really got me pissed! "Fuck you, Daygo!" 

He laughed, "Ooh baby, I'll do you anytime, anyplace sweetie, just let me know how you like it and for how long!"

 Shea smiled, "Deea, you know he would. I'll share him with you if you want. What are best friends for?"

 "Gee thanks, just what I've all ways wanted; a threesome with a Coletan. God, I need another drink!"

 Just then Rayvack sat down with us at the bar, Rayvack was Daygo's big brother. He was 7 ft 260 lb. with gold eyes, a real tuff guy and no one messed with him but me. I loved to give him a hard time.  Daygo said, "Hey Bro, she wants a threesome with us." I hit Daygo in the arm, "I didn't say it like that!" Daygo laughed, "Yes you did you said you always wanted a threesome with a Coletan!  Hey, really Bro, she is in trouble with her people and needs to get off this base in an hour. Will you help her?" He didn't even look up from is drink as he said, "Yes, let's go now."  We gals went home, got some things together and met the guys at the docking bay. Daygo took our bags and Shea went with him into the ship. I turned to Rayvack.

 "You know, you may get into trouble helping me?"

"Well then, you owe me big time, don't you? Don't try to conveniently forgetting about it, because I won't let you." 

Then, he took me in his arms, lifting me off the floor,  and planted a kiss on me. It made my head spin. I didn’t know what to say. He was my only way out off this rock and I needed help desperately. Oh well, I'll just take it one day at a time. We walked into the ship, then launched from Tentrex 5. I wasn't overly sorry about leaving, but I was saddened that I left without my brother. Rayvack did have a nice ship and it was fast! I told everyone, "It's been a long day, I'm dead tired and I need to get some sleep," Shea said, "Well there are two rooms with beds, Daygo and I are in one room, you and Rayvack are in the other; have fun!" She gave me goodnight kiss then started to walk off. She was almost out the door when she stopped, "You could sleep with us if you want to make it a threesome." I bit my lip, nervously, then shook my head “No”. She walked out laughing. Daygo walked over and kissed me on my forehead, "Don't be so uptight! Have fun! Goodnight you two." I looked at Rayvack wondering how to handle this, "Come on Deea lets go!" I followed him to his room. He undressed. I turned around to avoid watching him. After he was done, he got into bed, "Are you coming, or what?"  I turned around, "Look Rayvack I... well I..." I know I sounded like an idiot but I didn't know what to say. Rayvack laughed, "Look sweetie I'd love to fuck you right now, but it's late and I'm beat! So we'll do it another night, ok?" He rolled over. I was pissed! "God, you are so conceited! As if I would even think of having sex with you!" Then I slid into bed, fully clothed. He chuckled, "You will, before this trip is over. You’ll be riding on my cock telling me you want more!" I was so shocked; "There is no way that will ever happen Rayvack! "I turned my back to him and tried to get some sleep. I was almost a sleep then I heard Shea yelling, "Ooh god yes, fuck me! Fuck me!" Rayvack whispered in my ear, "That will be you in two days" I pushed him away, holding back a chuckle. Daygo and Shea kept it up for hours. Finally I could take no more.

"Damn it! don't they ever sleep?" 

"Why! you getting jealous your not getting it put to you like that? If you are, I guess I could help you out,… if you ask nicely."

I turned around and looked at him in disbelief, "God you're a pain in the butt! No, I don't want you to do anything for me so shut-up!"

"Well you didn't say that when you wanted off the station. I could always turn you in for the reward."

I almost cried, "You wouldn't do that to me would you?"

"Show me your tits and we'll call it even." 

 "No! I will not!"

"Fine I'll fuck you later as payment then."

He could tell I was getting upset. So he said, "Look! it's no secret I want you! I have wanted you for years but I would never make you do anything against your will! So don't worry about it! Get some sleep."  I nodded “Ok” and turned over to sleep.


In the morning I woke up with my arm around Rayvack and my head on his chest. I got off quickly, hoping he didn’t notice. As I turned around, I saw Shea standing in the doorway with a smile on her face. She shook her head, laughing.

 "You're too funny Deea!  Just get it over with, fuck him you'll love it!"

I rolled out of bed, "No, I don't want to! Do we have a shower around here?"

 "Yes, go that way, third door on the right."

I gathered a towel and some clothes and went into the shower room. I undressed and walked into the shower. The water was nice. Rayvack walked in and turned around quickly.

"Sorry! Didn't know you were in here. Shea said you weren't"

"That little bitch."

"Water's limited on the ship so only short showers; ok?"

I quickly turned the water off, "Alright, sorry, I didn’t think of that." He left and I got dressed. He must have given Shea a hard time about it because before I could say anything Shea and Daygo busted out with laughter. Shea said, "You two are so uptight! You need sex!    Sweetie, you know I'm only trying to look out for you. If the fever starts, you will not be happy!" I shook my head, "I'm not going to get the brain fever so lay off!" Shea took Daygo’s hand and said, “Fine!” They went back into their room and started doing it again. 


Rayvack said, "So what's this brain fever she's so worried about!"

I turned a little red, "Oh, don't worry about that. When a Tavon doesn't climax for a long period time, we can get a brain fever. We need a great deal of sex to prevent and stop it. That's not going to happen to me; It's hasn't been that long. So, what is there to do around here?"

He laughed, "Are you bored? How about, you start dinner and I'll see if I can get your brother on the com-link."

"Ok, It would be nice to talk to him again and see what’s going on."

I almost finished dinner, when he said, "Deea, come here!" I quickly went to see what he wanted. He had found my brother, he was on the video com-link." I was so happy! I squealed “Hi Deton!"

He smiled and said, "Hi Sis! I'm glad you’re with Rayvack. He's a good guy and a great friend. He will take good care of you! Please stay with him! Deea, this isn't going to just blow over with the Empire. They're out for blood. What ever you hear I didn't do it. Now stay with Rayvack! Hey Rayvack, my friend, take good care of my little sister, Ok? And don’t let her boss you around. She tends to do that sometimes!"

Rayvack said, "Don't worry my friend. I will not let her out of my sight!" 

Deton smiled, " Good! I've got to go. Deea, be good and listen to Rayvack. He'll keep you safe! Stay away from any Tavon bases and don't Tell anyone your real name. I love you! Bye."

"Bye Deton." I turned around, put my head on Rayvack's shoulder and cried. He put his arm around me, "Hey, don't cry I'll take care of you! So let’s finish dinner. I’m sure our friends will be starved. Once they finish fooling around, or should I say if  they ever finish." He put his arm around me as we walked to the kitchen.  "So Deea, tell me more about needing multiple orgasms, it sounds like fun." I shook my head, "Rayvack, you never stop, do you?" 

"Hell no! If you ever let me start I'll keep it up for hours and your brother did say that you have to stay with me.  He also said that I should take REALLY GOOD CARE OF YOU!" as he rubbed his cock through his pants. I just shook my head and walked away . 

Shea and Daygo came out of their room. Daygo asked, "So, what's for dinner?" Rayvack said, "It's a Tavon dish." Daygo said, "Oh are we having Deea for dinner? mmmmm" I hit his arm, "No! you're as bad as your brother. Hey, if you don't like what I've cooked you can cook next time yourself!" The guy's just shook their heads and said, "This is fine. Yeah, this is great! You can keep cooking."

"Uh huh, that's what I thought." 

The days went by and we had been running for over a  month. I woke up one night  hot, I couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk on the ship. I heard some moaning sounds, I thought it was Shea and Daygo so I followed them. He was sitting on the floor and she was on top of him. It was dark but the light from the porthole lit Shea , her long blue hair flowing back and forth as she rode on top of him, moaning with delight. The light glistened off her pale blue nipples and her skin seemed to sparkle. She was so hot, I never thought about her that way before. As I watched them I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Rayvack. He leaned in and whispered in my ear “Looks like they're having fun.” I looked up at him; I was trembling. He felt my head, "You're burning up." He picked me up in his arms, carried me into our bedroom and gingerly placed me on the bed. "It has started, hasn't it?" I nodded. He removed my clothes and tied my hands over my head so I wouldn't hurt myself, when the madness starts. I asked, "Now far has it gone?" He straddled my hips, leaned in close and took my face in his hands, "Your eyes have turned violet. Your face is flushed from the fever and you have fangs now! All in all I'm really turned on from it." I smiled, "There is still some time, I can still talk, soon I will not be able to speak. Rayvack, help me!"  He appeared to be slightly frightened. "Should I get Shea?"  I shook my head, then I trembled. "Help me, please! You know what to do!" He leaned in close to my ear and growled, knowing it would arouse my mating senses. My people were cat-like in many ways. I growled and my primitive instincts took over. He ran his tongue down my neck and looked up at me, "Is there anything I shouldn't do?" I was enthralled with raw animal lust and couldn't speak any longer. I just growled, quietly. He smirked "Ok, never mind!" He spread my legs, then ran his cock up and down my little blue pussy until it slipped in. He thrust in deeply. I moaned and wrapped my legs around him.  He rode me hard for a long time pounding his hard cock into me. The noise I was making got Shea’s attention. She walked into the room with Daygo. "Oh goddess, It's started!"  She walked over to Rayvack, put her hand on his arm. "Easy Rayvack, soft and long, not hard and short. Longevity is required to release the needed hormone. When you can't keep it up anymore get Daygo. If you two can keep it up all night, she will be fine in the morning and will only need maintenance." They left us. Rayvack put his face next to mine, breathing heavily against my neck. He slowly rocked rhythmically, in and out of me as I trembled under him all night! 

In the morning, Shea entered the room, walked over to us and touched my face. "Her fever has passed, notice how her eyes are pale blue? Good, it's over! You can stop now. Were you up all night? Rayvack nodded. “I'm impressed" He pulled out of me, then touched my face, "Yes, all night! But she still has fangs?" Shea laughed, "She will  have them for a long time. That is the price we pay for neglecting ourselves . She will be confused for a day or so. She will not talk much, if at all, for a week or so. Let's take her on a picnic at one of the M class planets we’re passing. The fresh air will do her some good!"  Rayvack said, "Ok, but not now. We need to sleep!" He lay down next to me and pulled me close to him. We slept most of the day. When I awoke I still could not speak. His arm was around me. As I tried get out of the bed I awakened him. He smiled, "Are you Ok?"  I nodded. I ran my tongue over my teeth, wrinkled my face in disapproval. Rayvack laughed, "I like them. Shea told me they will be there for a long time" I nodded. Daygo walked in the room to check on us. He turned to his brother, "Hey! why didn't you come get me last night I would have loved to help!"  Rayvack shook his head, "Look Bro as long as it took for me to get it, I wasn't going share for anything! You got your own woman, leave mine for me!"

Shea came in, "I found the perfect place for a late lunch." Rayvack scanned the planet and thought landing would be relatively easy! He landed the ship and we disembarked. It was so nice to feel the soft breeze on my face. My senses were heightened from the fever. I felt the need to hunt! I caught the smell of an animal and took off after it. Rayvack shouted, "Hey! were are you going?" He took off after me. "Deea! Stop! Stay with me, Deea!" But I couldn't understand what he was saying. My people were great hunters. Though we lacked size, we compensated with agility. I made my way through the tree as Rayvack traveled on the ground. I dropped from a tree to meet my prey!  The scent, though enticing, was misleading. The creature was twice my size, a snarling, course skinned beast, with very large teeth and claws. I was the prey  and it was too late to run. It leapt at me! Rayvack shot it in the air. He walked over to me, took my arm in his hand then lifted me to his eye level, "I told you to stay with me! Do you understand me?" I looked over at the animal, then looked at him and nodded.  He put me down. "Stay Deea!" He walked over, picked the animal up and said, “Dinner,… Coletan style. Deea, come with me!" We went back to the campsite. Daygo said, "Yeah, fresh meat! Who got it?" Rayvack handed it to Daygo, "Well, she found it but I killed it before it could eat her." Daygo shook his head, "You better keep an eye on that one!"  

We sat around the campfire. The meat was cooking and the odor filled the air, intoxicating me. The breeze was perfect; the night air was cool. It danced off my skin as I lay against a fallen tree.  This place was stirring something wild in me. I looked over at Rayvack. He was sitting up, against a tree, a few feet away, looking up at the stars. I arose, walked over to him. I stepped over him and squatted down onto his lap, facing him. I opened his shirt, ran my hand down his chest and kissed him. He smiled, "Can I help you?"  I put my hand down his paints. He laughed, "Well, I guess you can help yourself!" He unfastened his pants, I slid his hard cock inside of me. I began to ride him. He felt sooo… good!  

Daygo announced, “The meat's cooked.”  Rayvack said softly, "Shall we eat now ?" I growled at him in disapproval. He grabbed me, as if to wake me from a trance. "I would never do that to you! But I like to be the one in control!" He tossed me to the ground on my back and pushed his hard cock back into me.  Daygo looked over at us, "Oh yeah, a show with dinner! What more can a man asked for?" Shea sat down next to him and took a bite of the meat he was holding in his hand. She said "How about some dessert?"  He looked over at her, "Ooh baby yes I'll be doing you later."  She leaned over to him and licked the meat juices off his fingers then sat back and watched Rayvack take me. He had my legs up and around his neck as he plunged deep inside my pussy. As my body shook in climax, I dug my nails into his arms and squealed. He came the same time as I did, "Nice work-out before dinner. You stay here. I'll get us some food." He came back and started to hand it to me then pulled it away, sat down and said "Kiss me." I shook my head. He laughed. "Oh, you'll jump my bones anytime the urge hit's you but you won't kiss me when I ask for it." I crawled over to him like a cat and smiled. He was right; he had been good to me and I was being selfish and silly. Old habit, I guess. I ran my hand up his leg to his chest , kissed him and ran my tongue across his lips. He smiled and handed the slab of meat to me. He touched my face, "Are you going to be nicer to me?" I smiled back at him. "Good." We ate our dinner and went back to the ship. We can't stay in one place too long.

The adventure continues! 

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