Bachelor Party


Your wedding day is tomorrow...tonight you have been spirited off with pals
to celebrate your last hours as a freewheeling bachelor...and although you
are having fun being with the guys...and the general stuff that guys with
some beers under their belts and nasty on their mind get up to...you can't
keep your mind off the sexy woman who will be yours tomorrow night...she has
kept you from totally having her... everything except penetration...and you
can only think how good it will be to sink inside of her at last and know
she is yours completely....so, as the four of you drive up to a popular
strip club...you groan silently knowing this is gonna be torture..all that
flesh...all that sexual testosterone gathered in one space with no
outlet...yeah, remind yourself to kill your best friend later.....grin..
The four of you enter the club, and are led to a reserved table at the side
of the main stage....you all order more beers...and tell the sexy topless
waitress to keep them coming...her sassy reply brings ribald jokes at your
expense...and you toss off the expected smart ass replies and everyone
laughs...yeah, you think...this might just work..get your mind of your dick
and your sweet baby's lovely pussy....right, and you grin at that insane
thought...as if....
The main attraction begins and everyone settles into oogling and wishing and
general off color remarks that seeing naked women and having no way to touch
bring out in men....<g>
You turn to rebutt an aside your best bud has thrown at you...when you
sense someone near your shoulder...before you can turn your head...you hear
the soft, husky whisper in your ear....
"Want a lap dance mister?"
Your heart pounds in heavy surprised arousal...your head swinging around so
fast you almost feel dizzy...and there she was....and the song "I smell sex
and candy" immediately comes to mind..because standing totally nude in
front of you is the woman that the song totally epitomizes...she is sweet
and seductive and your cock rises so hard you hurt...and yet...all you can
do is stare..your brains and ability to talk have gone walking...
Her satiny pale skin goes well with the dark copper hair that looks like she
just tumbled out of bed...all tousled and falling around her beautiful heart
shaped face...her blue eyes filled with amused invitation and lust...and you
begin to sweat...
Her small yet plump breasts tipped in deep peach begin to harden as you
stare at them..and your mouth goes dry...they harden to nearly an inch in
length and you want to howl your need to suck and nibble at the ripe
Her stomach is flat with just a slight mound and you want to taste and rub
your face there...her firm thighs positioned on either side of your
legs...and she moves in closer ...her dark penny curls covering her mound
nearly touching the straining fly on your slacks..and you start shaking with
the roar of lust that is slowly slipping your leash...yes...you want to fuck
her very badly...
and after dragging your stunned eyes from her sweet erotic bush...you glance
again up into her face...and watch as she slowly runs that pink tongue
around the carmine tinted plump lips and you imagine all the things you
would like to do to that inviting mouth...and unbelievably you hardened even
more..jesus...you hope the damn thing doesn't break off...grin...
She raises her slim arms above her head..twining the hands around the other
as if she were tethered and then she begins to undulate to the hard
throbbing beat of the club music...and the world slips away...
You sit there...letting her body entice and surround you with pure
unadulterated sex...and you feel the slight grazing of her nipples against
your chest..and then the very obvious rubbing of her pussy over your
zipper......and you snap...
Grabbing her by the waist you move her off your lap...taking her arm and
desperately ignoring her triumphant grin... and the raunchy yells and
suggestions around you...thinking the wench is going to get her just
desserts...and you drag her through the crowd...towards the dressing rooms
in back....your intent savage look deterring anyone from standing in your
way.....not seeing the nods of acceptance she gives to the bouncers.....
You continue to pull her down the long narrow hall, opening and closing
doors...ignoring female squeals and invitations...until you reach an empty
You tug her in after you...and slamming the door shut...you whirl her
around...enjoying her sexy pleased laughter...and pushing her against the
door...you plaster your body full length against her naked one...and kissing
her rough and deep...you at last pull back and smile down in her lovely face
that gleams with sensual amusement...and say...
"Baby, you couldn't wait for tomorrow night, huh?" 


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