Sorority Pledge
M. Pat


Leslie was a new sorority pledge of the best sorority at IU state-they dominated the football cheerleaders and were very athletic,very smart and very sexy-
Her pledge mother Vi was to guide her through a successful pledgeship-but first tonight was the football team/cheerleader mixer, and the pledges were to be the entertainment Vi explained- Whatever an active officer of the chapter requested must be done tonight.
Leslie dressed in a provacative black side slit skirt, a semi sheer white blouse and a long gold chain necklace, and went downstairs to the basement dining room converted to party room- the guests were already there mixing-Leslie was assigned a random picked number #20 each pledge wore one- they determined their dancing order of appearance as she was soon to find out-
A chapter officer was the DJ spinning the music discs- and keeping the party on track-This was a fundraiser for their childrens charity in the community- 55 football players were in attendance-the place reeked of testesterone Leslie thought-
Soon the DJ commanded #1 pledge to take the raised stage next to her-
she played the "Do you really love me..." music- commenting on the dancing pledge-"Shake those boobies and wiggle your butt"- #1 did this out of obedience and out of looseness induced by the vodka spiked fruit punch-
At the end of her dance the pledge was told to stand next to the DJ booth and the room would bid for her pantyhose which she must allow the successful bidder to remove-They went for $35! And the tailback of the team jumped up and removed them-Leslie thought this looked harmless enough-
#2 pledge had to sell her blouse for $45-
#3 a buxom blonde lost her skirt for $50
#4 lost her blouse and bra for $85 contribution-the team went wild when her puffy nips were exposed-
By the time the event reached Leslie's #20 two girls had refused to sell and were on the scene depledged and ushered out-
Leslie's mom and sister had been members , Leslie would grit her teeth and tough it out-
Her dance was to a gangsta rock piece-punctuated by shouts of "show us your tits"- she danced on as provacatively as possible- Leslie was 5'11" 34A-28-32 a nice firm figure a little deficient in the tits department but she had 1" long protruding pink nipples that her HS boyfriends never got enough of- 
The DJ then sold Leslie's Blouse and the right to slit the skirt higher with a scissors  for  $200!!!
A good looking lineman came up on stage to do the honors- The blouse unbuttoned and he threw it to the audience-
he took the scissors and slid it up the left side slit and started snipping the 15" up to the waist, purposely snagging her V thong panty side elasttic strap and severing it-the last cut severed the skirt waistband and skirt fellin a heap, followed 2 seconds later by the dropping of the left side of her black V thong- she turned away toward the wall to hide-this did 2 things-first , it exhibited her excellent butt, and 2nd it placed the uncut right side strap right at him-he quickly in the ruckas snipped it and the thong fell to the floor- forgeting the crowd she turned to scream at him and the entire crowd saw her marvelous blond wispy bush-
Leslie never saw in the back of the room the tiny red light of the tripod mounted video camera set in the kitchen shooting out toward the stage thru the tray pass thru opening-
On the way out of the room to go upstairs she was pinched,felt,patted and groped-
BUT she was still a bonafide pledge and on her way towards initiation 4 months later and the sorority had raised $3,100 for charity this evening!
3 days later Leslie was called into the secret normally locked chapter room -Vi was there with the officers-it was explained that the chapter finances were on the edge and the pledges must earn some money to help keep solvent-
Her assigned job was to give a back rub and front rub to the Asst Dean of Women a  former chapter member-
Leslie said no-
The lights darkened and a clip of that video tape of Leslie losing her thong was shown-it even had been subtitled with her name and home address- Leslie the Treasurer said-if you do not do this one project we will send this clip to all 12 fraternities!
Leslie made an appointment on the phone to see the Dean at 8 pm that same night.
Dean S.  greeted Leslie at the door already in her terry robe- she led the way to her spa room and showed Leslie the aromatic balm to use on her back- the front would receive glycerin and rose water-
After 15 minutes rubbing her back the Dean turned over revealing her humongous 38DD breasts and her dense thatch of red hairy bush- so she was a real redhead! The dean gave Leslie $100 for the chapter and $20 tip!
(continued later)