Peggy - Part I 

    "Hello?" said Leon as he opened the door.
    Leon was a tall, dark, and handsome German man who Peggy, Megan, and
Sally had been referred to by a friend. Peggy and Megan were much more
excited to see him than Sally; Sally was a skeptic and a bit of a lush. To
her, he was just another man. She swept her long black hair behind her
shoulder and crossed her arms.
    The girls stood in amazement. Well, at least Peggy and Megan did, Sally
just stood looking bored. She wondered what the big deal was. Peggy and
Megan, however, already knew.
    "Like...Oh my god!" said Peggy. "It's, like, actually you!"
    "Well...yes...I suppose it is," said Leon, a bit confused. "Would you
ladies like to come in?"
    Megan and Peggy giggled nervously as they entered the dark, quaint living
room; Sally wasn't too far behind.
    "Milde!" yelled Leon. "Bring me three root beers and a brandy, schnell!"
    Then, a somewhat tubby maid with short brown hair peeked around the
corner, nodded, and left to fulfill the order.
    "Now," he said as he fell back into the big brown chair, "what brings you
little ladies here?"
    Megan, Peggy, and Sally, all seated practically joined at the hip on the
couch, looked at each other. Sally rolled her eyes and turned away.
    "Go ahead, Peg!" whispered Megan.
    "Uh...We, like, think you're kinda cute!" said Peggy. Megan nodded
    "Danke schoen, Milde," said Leon as the maid returned with the drinks. He
took a long sip from his brandy and a deep breath.
    "Cute, eh?" he said.
    "Well, yeah," said Peggy.
    "But not Sally," said Megan. "She's just here because we can't go
anywhere without each other."
    "What can I say? I was bored. Very, very bored," said Sally, still gazing
at the wall.
    "So," said Peggy, standing up and approaching him in a slow, slinky
manor. "Do you think I'm cute?" she said as she sat on his lap and wrapped
her arms around his neck.
    "I suppose..." said Leon. "Will you other girls be alright here by
yourselves for a minute or so? I can fetch a periodical or two if you
like..." he said slowly as his gaze wandered down towards Peggy's perky
    "Yeah, we're fine," said Megan. Silently, Sally took out a nail file,
crossed her legs, and began to file. Leon shrugged, and effortlessly lifted
Peggy into his arms and carried her up the stairs.
    Peggy had never seen such a large bedroom. Leon set her down and locked
the door, while she looked around at the stunningly high navy blue walls and
ceiling. The curtains were drawn, and the dim light made for a very eerie
effect. The creepy feeling greatly aroused her, along with the thick scent of
cigar smoke and cologne, and the most obvious factor, the fact that she knew
exactly what was coming.
    Leon could tell how anxious Peggy was as he latched the door shut. He
knew that all he had to do was turn around, and it wouldn't be long before
she'd start doing something. He drew a long breath and slowly turned. Sure
enough, she flung her arms around his neck and rammed her tongue into his
mouth. He placed one hand on her waist, and allowed the other to roam down
around her thighs and her tight little ass. Before he knew what hit him, she
had him backed up against the wall and was proceeding down to his neck.
Wasting no time, she knelt down and undid his pants, and pulled them down
just far enough for his stiff cock to come popping out.
    Slowly, she ran her tongue from the base to the tip. Leon jumped a
little, startled by the sudden rush of pleasure that swept his body as a moan
escaped his lips.
    This was perhaps the most satisfying sound Peggy had ever heard. She
closed her lips around the head and began flicking her tongue over the tip.
As the saliva dripped out of her mouth, she rubbed it all around the shaft
with her hand. As she took Leon deeper and deeper into her mouth, her hand
was working wonders on that which just wouldn't fit. She began to suck harder
and harder, stroke faster and faster, using every technique she had picked up
along the way, although that wasn't very much. She had only sucked cock once
before, and she was, in fact, a virgin.
    Peggy could tell that Leon was about to cum. She continued with exactly
what she was doing, and as he screamed in ecstasy, her mouth was filled with
a sudden rush of fluids. She swallowed, of course, and when she withdrew her
mouth, she lapped up the last little bit that came trickling out.
    Peggy stood up and giggled. Leon was still out of breath and had his head
leaned back against the wall.
    "How long do you think it'll take that puppy to get back up?" asked Peggy.
    "Not too long..." replied Leon. "Why do you ask?"
    Peggy pressed her chest to his and teased his ear with her lips as she
whispered, "I want you to fuck me."
    Leon knew this was coming. He cocked his head in satisfaction and said,
"Fine then, but first take off all your clothes."
    Peggy was glad to oblige. Leon walked over to the bed and sat on the edge
as she lifted her shirt past her stomach, past her bra, and over her head.
She turned her back to him and undid her bra hooks, then slowly slid each
strap over her arm and let it fall. She turned to face him again, her round
medium-sized breasts standing at full attention. She undid the six buttons on
her jeans, one by one, and slid them off, leaving her with only her white
panties. She ran her thumbs around the edges, teasing a bit, and slid them
off too.
    By this time, Leon's cock had become hard again, and he couldn't wait to
stick it in this young succulent creature. He studied her carefully; he could
see that she was very wet. Her pussy glistened in what little light there
was, and a trickle of juice ran down her leg. He stood, picked her up, and
flung her onto the bed.
    Peggy gazed into Leon's eyes with burning lust and spread her legs wide.
She leaned back on her arms and her chest heaved forward with each deep,
heavy breath. Leon positioned himself on top of her and stroked her breasts.
He had wanted to do this from the moment he learned of her true intentions.
As if her nipples couldn't get any harder, they tightened up rock solid as he
ran his tongue over the tips. Peggy tilted her head back, closed her eyes,
and bit her lip. This was the moment she had only been able to fantasize
about. As he entered her, she could feel herself break. Each thrust sent an
excruciating pain through her entire body that made tears pool up in her
eyes. It was nothing she hadn't expected; she knew it would hurt and she knew
she would love it. She felt the mix of blood and her own cum drip down her
thigh, which aroused her even more. She moaned wildly, in a mix of pain and
pleasure so perfect she would have never thought it was real. She thrust her
pelvis high into the air, desperate for more; then, she felt the searing hot
cum shoot from Leon's penis from deep inside.
    She lay there for a moment, sore and fatigued. Leon sat on the edge of
the bed and lit a cigar.
    "Be a good girl; run and get that other little friend of yours. You know,
the one in the short skirt," he said.
    Peggy reluctantly put her clothes back on and headed for the door. Before
she reached it, she turned back towards Leon. She slinked up next to him and
gave him one long, hard kiss on the neck, and left.

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