Megan - Part II

    "That son of a bitch is looking for you, Megan," said Peggy as she huffed
furiously back into the living room. Megan looked shocked and confused.
"Honey, be careful, he will use you up and throw you away like some old
tissue," Peggy said, but Megan paid no attention. She was too excited.
    "So...like...where do I go?" she asked.
    Peggy sighed. "Upstairs, first room on the left."
    As Megan climbed the stairs, she wondered if what Peggy had said was
true. She did tend to blow things out of proportion sometimes. Megan also
began to wonder what she was getting into. She had never been all that far
with a guy. She remembered a time when she had been fingered off by a steady
boyfriend, but that was about it. Every step towards the bedroom door was a
step that she almost took in the other direction. However, she finally
reached the door and softly knocked. There was no answer. She slowly turned
the knob, and was overwhelmed by the hot, heavy scent floating from inside.
She stuck her head in the dark room and looked around, and sure enough, there
sat Leon puffing the last of his cigar and looking straight at her.
    Megan gazed in awe at Leon's chiseled physique. It was at that moment
that she abandoned all logic and knew she wanted it bad. She wanted to feel
those thick muscular arms around her; she wanted to feel those big strong
hands touch her all over. She could feel his eyes wandering up and down her
body. She saw his tongue run across his lips as he examined her; she wanted
to feel his mouth on her so badly.
    Megan took a few steps inside the dark, humid room. Slowly, she walked
over and sat on the edge of the bed opposite him, hoping he would do
something. She folded her hands in her lap and looked around the room,
fidgeting with the hem of her skirt. Then, a sudden rush of shock hit her as
his fingertips lightly brushed her bare thigh. She gasped as a shiver ran up
her spine. This was practically enough to send her over the edge. Leon could
tell she hadn't done anything like this before.
    "Are you alright?" he whispered softly into her ear.
    "Yes, I'm fine," she choked out as she placed her hand on top of his.
    "I mean...Have you ever been intimate like this before?"
    Megan nodded. Leon kissed her forehead and placed his hands on her
shoulders. Slowly, he pushed her down on her back and began to kiss her
passionately. From what Peggy had described, Megan didn't exactly picture it
being quite this gentle. She could feel that he knew she was inexperienced,
but she wondered why he should care? That didn't matter now, she was going to
fulfill her dream of making love to Leon and that was all.
    She tilted her head back as he moved down and kissed her neck. With one
hand, he caressed her thigh; with the other, he lifted her shirt just a few
inches. He positioned himself a little lower and began kissing her bare
stomach. He undid the drawstring on her skirt and loosened it, then slowly
pulled it down around her ankles taking her panties with it. He kissed his
way back up towards her little pussy. He was just getting a good look at it;
she was obviously the youngest of the three. He cupped her thighs in each
hand and spread her legs open. Megan sighed softly as she felt his hot breath
on her pussy. She was so built up with pressure now that one lick would have
caused her to explode...
    Not even two minutes later, Megan experienced the most fabulous orgasm
she had ever had. Afterwards, she curled up in Leon's arms and lay against
his chest, stroking it with one hand with the other around his waist. She was
so relieved that it had not led to more. She was a virgin, and wanted to stay
that way for at least a little longer. She thought everything was so perfect,
like they were the only two people in the whole world, but Leon knew better.
He didn't mind the fact that Megan was so young and reluctant to put out, but
she had him heated up pretty bad and he needed to get off. He drew a deep
    "Megan," he said. She looked up at him with hope in her eyes, secretly
wishing that maybe he wanted to do more. "What's that other little girl's
name, the quiet one?" he asked.
    "Sally?" replied Megan.
    "Sally..." Leon repeated to himself.
    "Why?" said Megan. "She's just a slut." She could feel her hopes shatter;
maybe she had been too selfish?
    "If you don't mind, would you please send for her? I just need to talk to
her for a minute."
    "Sure," said Megan. At first, she was really pissed. She wanted him all
to herself. Then, she realized: That was an order. It may have been a small
one, and not delivered very sternly, but nonetheless, it was an order. Being
of unquestionable servitude to Leon was usually the pinnacle of her
fantasies. But, that would have to wait...

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