Let's Start with Dinner


You are waiting for me at the restaurant, having gotten there early to get a good table and watch my entrance. I told you I had something special planned for you and you can't wait to see what that is. Then I enter. As the hostess shows me to your table you are pleasantly surprised at what I am wearing. The dress is red, very low cut, floor length with slits practically up to the hips on both sides. The stockings are also red as well as the very high heels. My blond hair hangs loosely about my bare shoulders. When I reach your table you stand pulling me to you for an embrace and a very passionate kiss. I feel your arousal against my upper thigh and it sends a chill through my loins... You assist me into my chair allowing your hands to brush my nipples then resting your hands on my shoulders you lean down and nuzzle my neck with little kisses, again sending chills this time down my back.  

You notice from this vantage point that there is an almost unobstructed view down the front of my dress allowing you to see every inch of my erect nipples. You sit down, pulling your chair closer to me as you do. The slit on the side of my dress allows you to see all the way to the top of my thigh hi stockings. You reach down to caress my thigh moving your hand higher with each caress till you are touching where my panties should be and a smile spreads across your face when you realize there are no panties there. I move my leg slightly allowing you easier access to that very warm, already moist area. This is my surprise, we are going to enjoy this meal more than any other we have ever had......

Just then the waiter comes to take our order and you have to behave yourself. You order us a bottle of wine and then take the liberty to order both our meals, hoping to get rid of the waiter quickly. I take this time to look around the room. It is a very nice restaurant and we have one of the best tables in the house. There is a plant behind us blocking us from most of the rest of the room. There is one table in front of us with an older couple sitting there. The woman has her back to us but the man is staring right at me. When our eyes meet, I smile at him and then decide to have a bit of fun. The front of my dress has fallen between my slightly spread legs so I pull it to one side and open my legs a bit more. The man now has an unobstructed view of all of my womanly charms. I almost laugh when his eyes practically pop out of his head. He squirms a bit in his chair and I smile at him innocently, then turn my attention back to our table.

 The waiter is finished and leaves and your hand finds its way back to my by now very wet cunt. Thinking no one can see you begin to probe me with two fingers, making it very hard for me to sit still. I look at the man at the other table and he is practically drooling and having a hard time paying attention to his lady friend. I spread my legs a bit more to allow you to put three fingers to use. You follow my gaze and realize we are being watched. This seems to excite you even more and you quickly find my hot spot and begin to rub it with one finger while still fucking me with the other two. I reach over to feel your hardness and you almost jump out of your chair. Then I start to rub your through your clothes, we are both getting so hot it is becoming hard to remember we are in a public place. I can see the man at the other table reach down and begin to massage his own cock through his pants. He can hardly constrain himself. 

Just then the waiter arrives with our wine. You excuse yourself for a moment and leave the table, leaving me to wonder where you are going. The waiter pours the wine and then leaves me alone. I continue to watch the man at the other table and he continues to stroke himself. I decide to help him along and begin to stroke myself as well, while staring at him. We have locked eyes and I can't imagine why his partner has not noticed that he is starring at something behind her. I am really getting into pleasuring myself when you come back. You have a key, of course!! This restaurant is in a very classy hotel. You tell me you have paid the check, the meals will be delivered to our room, grab my arm and practically drag me out of the restaurant.

Our room is on the 5th floor and when we get in the elevator we are alone. You unzip your pants, pull out your cock and push me down to the floor, shoving it into my mouth. I suck greedily on it till we get to the 3rd floor. There the elevator stops and two women start to get on, then they see what we are doing and back off the elevator with a look of shock in their eyes. I just keep sucking, licking, teasing your cock, mmmm it tastes so good. The doors close again and we continue to the 5th floor. When we reach our floor, you pull me to my feet, leaving your pants open, hold me in front of you with your cock pressing into my buttocks as we walk to our room. As you unlock the door, I kneel again and suck your cock into my mouth. The door is unlocked and your are leaning against the door jam, not wanting me to stop. Suddenly you can't help yourself, you cum with a shudder.... I start to swallow as fast as I can, cum running down my chin; I lick and suck every drop. When you are finished we realize there is a man standing a few feet away watching the whole thing. You smile, say "eat your heart out!!" pull me up and into the bedroom. 

Now it is my turn. 

You pull me into the room and shut the door. You tell me to stand in the middle of the room and wait for you. You go into the bathroom and get a hand towel. Coming back, you stand behind me, put your arms around me and kiss the back of my neck. You ask, "do you trust me?" I tell you yes that I trust you completely. Then you put the towel around my eyes like a blindfold. I reach up to touch it and you tell me sternly to leave it alone. Then you tell me to take off my clothes, slowly. I begin by kicking off my shoes, then I pull my dress over my head. 

While I am doing this you quietly open the door and leave it open. The man is still standing in the hall and in a few seconds he walks over to the open door and looks in. You just ignore him. When my dress is off I am wearing only my thigh hi stockings. You tell me to stop. So I just stand there waiting for your instructions. You walk over to me and lightly run your fingers over my nipples making them jump to attention. Then you walk around me, lightly touching various parts of my body. I am so tense, not knowing what you are going to do, every time you touch me I jump slightly. You keep touching me till I begin to relax. Then you reach down and run your fingers over my clit, my whole body shudders!! All this time, the stranger is watching from the doorway and this really turns you on because you know that I am not aware that we are being watched. You finger my cunt a bit more to get me excited. I am becoming so aroused it is hard to stand up.  

Then I hear a voice from the doorway. Our food and wine have arrived and I am embarrassed that the bellhop can obviously see me in this state. You tell him to bring the food in and I hear him enter. He places the tray down somewhere in the room and I hear you tell him thank you. I don't know if he has left or not and I tense in anticipation. Then you touch my breasts again. I don't know who is touching me and I flinch... Then your hand slides down my belly to my cunt once more and you stick three fingers inside my cunt feeling my wetness. I am so aroused and you know it is because I don't know who is touching me. You whisper, " what do you want, baby?" and I know it is you. My body is so tense I almost faint from relief. I still do not know about the man watching from the still open door.  

You take my hand and lead me to the bed and help me to lie down on it. Then you leave me. When you come back I feel something very cold on my belly. You have brought ice from the ice bucket and are now rubbing it up and down my belly getting closer and closer to my cunt. Suddenly I feel icy cold penetrating my hot cunt... The sensation is so intense I moan with both pain and pleasure. Then I feel something cold running down my belly. You are pouring wine on my stomach and it is running down my belly to my cunt. The sensations I am feeling in the darkness of my blindfold are driving me crazy.

 Suddenly I feel a tongue licking between my breast and down my belly. Then you are sucking the wine from my belly button and then down to my cunt. Then you spread my legs apart and I anticipate your tongue licking me but instead I feel the cold hard bottle being pushed into my hot opening. The neck of the bottle is half way into my cunt and the cold wine is pouring into my body. I gasp as the coldness mingles with the hot juices of my arousal!! You push the bottle in further, then pull it out, then in, then out, you are fucking me with a wine bottle full of wine. The wine spills out and into my cavern of pleasure. You keep fucking me with the bottle till most of the wine spills out. Then you pull the cold bottle out and dive into my cunt to suck out all the wine that is being held there. Your tongue reaches deep inside me, licking and sucking as you savor every drop. Then you stop. I am so aroused I can hardly stand it, my moans growing louder and louder. You look at the doorway and the stranger has stepped inside for a better view. He has his pants unzipped and his cock in his hand and he is stroking it as he watches you torture and tempt me. Your own cock, which is still sticking out of your unzipped pants, is beginning to grow.

You are finished with your wine now and you make me turn over so I am face down on the bed with my pale beige bottom open for your view. You don't quite like  how pale it is so you decide to add a bit of color. Suddenly I feel a SMACK on my right cheek and I jump. I reach my hands up to remove the blindfold but you stop me. You tell me if I remove the blindfold you will stop all activity and I can just go home unsatisfied. That thought is unbearable to me so I put my hands back down to my sides. SMACK... you hit the left butt cheek. Then you pause and I relax a bit waiting for what is to come. Suddenly I feel a strap across my buttocks. You are now spanking me with your belt. One, two, three, four.... I don't know how much I can take... five, six, my butt is red and beginning to welt, seven, eight, nine, ten. Now I am crying but still I do not move my hands. I want you to make me cum and despite the pain I can feel the arousal growing in my loins... My cunt is so hot it is almost more unbearable than the belt.

 Then you stop. I feel like begging you to continue it felt so good, so bad!! Then I feel your hands massaging my sore, red bottom. Then your lips are kissing it. Then I feel my cheeks parted and your tongue is licking around my butt hole, then entering it.... You are fucking my asshole with your tongue!!! I am so aroused I cannot keep still, my bottom is gyrating in rhythm with your tongue. Suddenly I feel fingers inside my cunt, two, three, then four, finger fucking my cunt while your tongue fucks my ass... I am wild with arousal. Unknown to me the stranger has ventured further into our room and is actively pumping his cock now. Then you pull my butt up bringing me to my knees. You stick your now very swollen cock into my cunt, hard and rough. You pump in and out hard 5 or 6 times, then you withdraw.  

Suddenly I feel two, no three fingers in my asshole. It hurts, but don't stop!! When you do stop I feel some relief but I want more. I wiggle my ass to get you to do it again; instead I feel the head of your cock against my asshole. Your cock covered with my love juices is moving into my asshole, slowly at first, but your passion gets the better of you. Suddenly you ram it hard the rest of the way in. When I gasp in pain, you stop, holding me close to you; you wait for a sign from me. Then I feel you reach beneath me to find my love button. Your finger finds my clit and you start to rub it. I am so close to orgasm I gasp in pleasure.  

That is all you need, as you continue to rub my clit you start to fuck my ass. slowly at first then faster, harder, all the time rubbing my clit, the feeling is so intense. I moan quietly at first then louder, I can't stand it anymore... I am ready to explode. My body convulses in orgasm, one after the other. I am writhing with pleasure and I scream in my passion. At that moment you can hold it no longer and you cum hard into my ass. The stranger that is watching us convulses in orgasm at the same time. He has come so far into our room that his cum squirts all over my back and hair. At that moment I realize we are not alone and I cum again!! You keep pumping your cum hard into my ass till we are both spent. Before you collapse beside me on the bed you look at the stranger, and he realizes it is time for him to leave. As he leaves he closes the door and you collapse beside me on the bed. Removing my blindfold, you kiss both my eyes and then my lips and say, "You are wonderful, I love you!!" 


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