Wishful Thinking


Everyday she always had a dilemma to try and decide which way her life was going, and she tried desperately to think of things that would make her happy.

The trouble is things that make you happy don’t always make other people happy true?

On this particular day she knew the evening would be well spent with friends at the local pub where they all gathered to play some jazz and she would also have the opportunity to sing.

As she sat with a drink looking through her songbook she looked up to see one of her favorite young admirers he smiled sweetly and waved, she knew at some point he would come over to chat.

Sure enough he did, he had the bluest eyes and very long silky brown hair which just happened to be a particular fantasy of hers. It had overtones of passion being made love too; grabbing his hair or looking down at his face as it draped over the pillow, a little like guys feel about women with long hair I suppose. These thoughts and this situation was making her feel happy but turning it into a reality was another matter, basically the more she stared in those blue eyes the more she wanted him.

The burning question was did he want her? There was only one way to find out, ask him, her pretence would be a ridiculous conversation about resolutions for the year to come. So apart from the usual stuff like losing weight having an affair was also on the list. The response was surprise but favorable and a plan was made to meet sometime to take things a step further.

Arriving home that night her thoughts and feelings were mixed was this a wise thing she was about to do? Maybe she would be disappointed or even worse, what if he is? Up to this point she had not thought about being found out by hubby maybe the overwhelming desire to be loved physically had taken over.

So this day she traveled to meet her blueyed long maned lover at a small hotel in the sticks with a whole day and night to act out fantasies, armed in her bag were essential ingredients to create the relaxing but perfect atmosphere, cassette player to play the tracks she had recorded and hoped he would like, ten large candles which weighed down her overnight bag and some essential oils, as he may actually love being massaged. On arriving at the hotel and approaching the reception desk butterflies began to set in and almost an overwhelming desire to turn around and make for home, but then she saw him coming through the door, he really did look good enough to eat and she was very hungry.

Eyes fixed they kissed politely and signed the register, you look so good he said, then called concierge to take there bags up to the room. Let us go and have a drink, you hungry? Only for you she replied, he smiled and took her hand he squeezed it gently and they walked into the bar. The butterflies had subsided now and the feelings were quite different, as they sipped their drinks and just looked at each other that warm unfamiliar feeling began to stir between her legs, I just have to kiss you, she said, leaning over she pressed her lips gently to his then very softly she bit his top lip. As he pulled back his eyes opened wide then he leant forward and kissed her forehead. There seemed to be no room for conversation or indeed any need at all, lets go he said I need to be closer than this, as they entered the room she noticed a bottle of champagne on ice by the four poster bed that she had requested when making the booking. I ordered the wine before we went to the bar he said, then he pulled her to him and kissed her in the way she had forgotten, a hesitant teasing kiss breathless and demanding oh god please slow down, she said this cant be over too quickly I want to savour every minute. Bathe with me he said and went into the bathroom, whilst he prepared the water she unpacked the candles and took them into the bathroom and placed them around the edges of the bath, she handed him a lighter, light these yeah? Ill open the wine, the light was just beginning to fade so she drew the drapes and poured two glasses of champagne, then undressed, she could see through the bathroom door that he was already laying in the water a beautiful glistening body in the candlelight. He called to her, “come here, be with me” she took his champagne to him, trying not to look at his body, her insides were quivering with desire, her hands shook as she passed him the champagne, hold my glass for me, she stepped into the bath, she could see him watching her, his eyes scanned her body in anticipation. Heres to us he said and they touched glasses and sipped. Feeling like a schoolgirl she began to pour some champagne into the bath then put down her glass, sliding up onto her knees she lent forward and emersed herself under the water and finding what she was looking for, she slid him into her mouth. Raising his hips from the water he looked down as she devoured him with mouth and hand he poured the rest of his wine into the bath and threw the glass on to the floor, I must be mad, he said but I need you to stop its too good.

She released him from her hungry mouth and looked at his strained wanton face, the blue eyed longhaired wet lover stood up and put his hands under her arms and lifted her out of the water like a little girl. They stepped out of the bath not aware of even where they were going, locked in a hard anxious kiss, hot, wet and shaking they lay down on the bed in what seemed slow motion.  

Moans of lust and music playing in the background. Touching his arms with her hands she lay for a moment then pushed forward as they sat up together but she continued to push him till he laid on his back, looking down at this face, those blue eyes was a moment she would always remember. Closing her eyes she melted in the joy of touching his body feeling each ripple soft skin until the firmness of him that obviously yearned to be released. She looked up his face before taking him in her mouth to savour the taste, oh how he moaned and uttered words which she could not make out, soon she knew he would let go but the urge to keep going was too great, feeling the power once more to please, and being wanted. The blueyed boy grasped her head and learched forward, they rocked to and fro as he guided her down to where he wanted her, then once again slid gently into her, as she opened her eyes and looked up him, his face was serious and intense, that was all it took, as she began to feel a rush of warmth and strange panic come over her, his look did not change his eyes stayed fixed to watch every moment of joy, pushing deeper and deeper he said come baby please come for me now! She gripped his arms tightly as she poured out all the emotion, still he looked on exhausted, physically drained and almost to tears she lay quietly, her heart pounding, some moments passed then he moved very slowly in a rocking motion she could feel him so hard inside of her, she turned her body beckoning him to lie on his back, but all the time he stayed inside, now she could look down and see the pleasure in his face as she eased herself up and down she placed her hands behind her, he caressed her frantically the feeling deep in her belly let her know he was going to let go, it filled her inside, warm long, he cried out almost for help. Breathless he pulled her toward him and held her tightly but there were no tears, not  this time.


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