At the Gym


I was at the gym because I knew you were there. I smiled at the plan. Inside it was getting quieter; the place was unfamiliar to me - but I could hardly ask for the women's locker room... 

I sat for a while, thumbing through literature about membership but really looking out for you. When I saw you come out of the exercise room my heart beat so fast; what if you saw me now? It wouldn't be the same if you saw me before, smiled and waved... 

I watched as you headed down a corridor; I couldn't believe it that you were on your own. After a minute I followed, finding the changing room door and waited a while, then sauntered in - hoping I'd look absent minded if anyone saw me, if there was anyone there who wasn't you. 

There was a hint of steam in the air from the showers, a smell of soaps. Looking around I saw no one else and moved inside, smiling. 

The waiting was agony; anyone could come in - what the hell would I say? Then I heard the water stop; more long moments passed as I leaned on the end of a block of lockers. When you came out, naked, you were rubbing your hair on a towel, looking down. Slowly you walked down the row of lockers; not expecting to see anyone I suppose is what made you not see me. 

I waited, until you stopped at the locker that your sports things were beside. Watching you open it my cock grew even harder, my breathing deepening. I licked my lips. You got out a pair of white panties and slid into them easily. Then the matching camisole top, a touch of fine lace at the bottom where your hands held it lightly as you pulled it over your head. You were about to pull it down when I stepped forward smiling. 

"Oh! God!" you cried out with a short scream; then recognized me. The expression of initial surprise and confusion on your face as I walked towards you became replaced by one of amusement and some concern. 

"Dave, what are you doing here? Oh -" you almost whispered the next words, "what if someone saw you come in?" Your eyes widened; by now I'd reached you. Still with a smile I bent to your lips and kissed you rapidly between each of your next words, "what"

"if someone"

"comes in now?"

By the last phrase my kiss deepened on your mouth, my hands insistently moving up from the curve of your hips to the top you'd just put on.


I broke the kiss and whispered between light kisses to your lips and neck,

"they will"

"see us"


You looked at me; at that moment you could decide. You glanced quickly at the door and reached around me. Your eyes met mine.

Quickly I slid a hand between your legs feeling the softness of the silk panties touching your hotness; feeling them getting wet already. I kissed your hair, tasting it, still wet, the fresh smell of shampoo on it. You leaned back against the coolness of the blue metal locker and your hips moved towards me as my fingers traced the underside of the lace that edged around the bottom of the panties. My other hand snaked up your firm body under the top to tease your right breast. My fingers found your nipple and squeezed it gently. 

Your hands quickly opened my pants as I pushed the top up and kissed between your exposed breasts, moving from one to the other rapidly, the excitement already so strong it made me suckle your softness and bite gently on your nipples. 

I felt your hands run up my back under my T-shirt then down, inside my pants, pushing them down, laughing that I had no underwear on.

"You were ready," you grinned.

"I am," I replied as my cock stood stiff between us. My fingers slid into the tops of your panties and I pushed them down. Your hands dug into my butt, pulling me to you. "Fuck me so hard, fuck me now," you said. My fingers slipped over your slit for a moment feeling the wetness then you pulled my cock there quickly.

"Put your cock in me now," you whispered. Looking at you I moved down then, as your fingers guided me, slid my hard-on deep into you in one swift move. We both moaned together as your wet pussy hugged my cock tight. 

I began to move quickly, your hands on my ass urging me, your hips pushing hard towards me.

"Harder Dave," you moaned as I slammed into you, groaning. My hands cupped your breasts then took your nipples and squeezed them, my mouth finding them, teeth grazing as I sucked your skin into me. 

You leaned your head back on the locker, pushing your hips hard at me, grinding your mound against my quickening thrusts. You lifted your left leg and rubbed your inner thigh down my hip, my leg.

"Oh fuck," I groaned, knowing I couldn't hold out long.

Your pushes became quicker; I slid a hand between us into the hot wetness around your clit.

"I'm gonna cum," you said, "oh god,"

I felt your nails dig deep in my back as I pushed hard and fast and deep in your pussy.

"Yes, yes," I moaned and thrust deep, coming, spurting in you, clutching your body to me. Your head was back, eyes closed as your body thrust back at me, coming, draining my cum into you.

We began to kiss each other greedily as we slowed. Then looking at each other, coming back to earth, realizing where we were I slowly began to withdraw from you. I slid a finger across your slit, gently just into you, feeling where our juices just mixed. Slowly you pulled down your top. We grinned.


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