Damn Rental Car
I couldn't believe I got stuck with the last car in the rental lot! My luck was lousy from the get go. I overslept, missed my flight... lost my wallet and my checkbook was inside. Sitting alone in the airport for 6 hours seemed likean eternity! The thought of waiting another 4 hours was out of the question! I went to the Rental desk... I reached into my pockets and took out some crumpled bills. I had to plead with the agent to rent me a car with only myairline ticket as ID. At least it was good for something.

As I drove along, I tried to relax. I guess I should have been grateful that I got this car.... but with the noises coming from that bucket of bolts, I was having second thoughts! I probably could have waited til the next flight but I really needed to see my Cowboy. I missed him terribly! I wish I could get him to change careers, all this traveling can get to me sometimes. Luckily, I manage to meet him often.

Chugging along in that piece of crap, I noticed the clouds. The rain started to fall. Nothing heavy...a light misty rain that fell silently, gently.  My mood was getting as dark as the sky. There was a sudden loud clank and then a horrible hissing noise! Smoke started to pour out of the engine. Cursing my luck, I pulled off the road. Smacking the steering wheel, I got out of the damn rental car, out into the chilly rain. I lifted the hood, like I knew what the hell I was looking for and just stood there.

Off in the distance I heard a roar, the sound of a motorcycle. Looking down the road I saw a lone headlight making its way toward me. Just when I thoughtit was going to pass by me, the rider pulls his bike in front of my car. Thathog was so noisy, I could barely hear myself think.  The rider left his bike running as he approached my car. His clothing and stature created an imposing presence. So tall and broad, dressed in black jeans and boots, white T-shirt and a black leather jacket. Peering into his full helmet, I wished I could see his face! He just nodded his head and moved between me and the damn rental car. Bending over the engine, his jeans stretched taught against a nice rounded ass.... my puss started to stir, licking my lips, I hugged myself and said over and over... Cowboy, you will be seeing Cowboy soon... As this rider turned to me he was shaking his head and gesturing. I knew he was trying to tell me something but I can't hear a thing because of his hog. All I can make out is... no luck.. go to town? This tall stranger put out his hand to me and points to his bike with the other. I knew it wasn't the smartest thing to do but I was cold and tired. All I wanted to do is go back to the town I had passed a few miles back.

I nodded my head, pulled my jacket tight around me, put the strap to my purse around my neck and climbed on behind him. He took off with a start causing me to hold on even tighter. I could feel the strength of him, the power of him. Closing my eyes..... Cowboy, I thought, you are meeting Cowboy...... Upon opening my eyes, I realized that we were NOT headed in the direction of the town! Tapping him... trying to call out, I wanted to tell him to turn around~!

He couldn't or wouldn't hear me. We pulled off the main road onto a small dirt one running thru the desert. I tried not to panic. I wondered just how far we had come and if I would get hurt if I tried to jump off and run.... I closed my eyes and tried to think clearly. Suddenly the bike stopped. I opened them to see a small cabin. No lights, no other cars or people around. As the rider stepped away from the bike, he extended his hand to me. Shaking my head, I got off on the opposite side of the bike. I had every intention of making a run for it. Well, obviously, this man could read my mind because before I knew it, he was by my side. In one swift motion, he grabbed me and tossed me over his shoulder. As if in a scene from an old movie, he kicked the front door and it burst open. Striding in on legs so lean and firm, my hands on his back touching wet leather.... the feel was sensuous. I could see his nice ass from this position. My heart raced, my puss throbbed. Oh Cowboy.... this is going to be hard to resist, I thought to myself! He turned and locked the door with me still on his shoulder. As he walked thru the cabin in the dark, he held tight to my legs with one arm as he fondled my ass with his free hand. I cursed and yelled and yet he remained calm.

As he slowly lowered me to the floor, he pressed himself against me. Held me tight as his hands grabbed my ass. I could feel his hard cock straining against his jeans as he lowered me. With my face in his chest, I thought I caught a whiff of a familiar scent. I wasn't sure, I know I smelled wet leather, sweat and.... something else. His strong hands fondled my breasts thru my jacket, pinching my nipples.... He pushed me away gently yet firmly. Straining my eyes in the dark, I tried to make out the lay of the room. There were no lights lit. No fire burning. I was shivering from the cold and the wet clothes and the unknown.

I heard noises coming from the other side of the room and I could just about make out the shadow of this mystery man. I just stood there, uncertain of what I should do next. I knew I should run. It would be a waste of energy as I saw on the way, there was no one to be seen for miles. But strangely enough I did not feel like running. I was not afraid. Something about this man made me feel on edge but not in a bad way.

My nipples were hard and aching... straining against my blouse and jacket. My pants and panties were wet but not from the rain. The feeling was unreal, my mind racing, my puss throbbing and dripping.  I felt like I was cheating on my Cowboy, and I really hadn't done anything. Without making a noise, the man wasin front of me. I wished I could see something, anything! The cabin was in total darkness. Strong hands pulled me to him and I felt small against his chest. I had my hands in front of me as if to protect myself and they were now between he and I. No jacket.. no shirt.... mmmmmm... I ran my hands upward as his hands traveled down. Tilting my head, I strained my eyes to see... his mouth came down on mine with a force and passion that took my breath away! Wrapping my arms around his neck, I couldn't help but return the kiss. Our tongues danced, teased and probed. Slowing the pace, I inhaled... trying to breath... that scent....Chaps?... confused yet excited, I reached up to his head.... Smooth and clean shaven!! Trying to hold the kiss, my hand traveled to his ear....an earring! I pulled back from the kiss with a gasp.... and he chuckled...A low sexy voice with a Texas drawl said ever so smugly, "Now, Sugah.... I told you I bought me a new bike...." Pressing myself against him, we kissed again and again....Frantically, clothes are tossed about the cabin and we found ourselves lying on a bearskin rug. His mouth traveled hungrily down my body as I awaited the pleasures I knew were to come. His tongue tracing lazy circles around each nipple, my hands caressed that sexy head....His fingers massaged and caressed my stomach and thighs, my legs spread wide as if they had a mind of their own! His strong, rough fingers found my puss so wet and inviting. Taking his time, he dipped and probed... reaching deep inside of me.. pushing farther up then he ever had before. My back arched as I let out a moan mimicking an animal in heat... the feelings shooting through me were unimaginable! A wav of emotions came rolling over me. The feel of him deep inside of me, touching me in a place I never dreamed of... made me lose my breath and all sense of time. Grabbing onto the bearskin rug and pulling it to me.. hugging it to me, trying to find myself again.. I was lost in the passion and urgency of his touch. I felt myself falling...deep inside a place of pain and pleasure.. His fingers pushed and probed and loved and touched me deeper and deeper. His mouth clamped down on mine.. kissing me with a force that matched his stroking fingers.... finally.. an explosion happened within me, so far inside the core of me!!! Bringing me to tears, I held him tightly to me.. crying through our kiss as his fingers slowly, so slowly slipped from me. Kissing my tears, he placed his fingers on my lips. Taking his hand, I gently sucked each finger as tears slid silently down my cheeks.

Laying down beside me, my Cowboy wrapped us up in the rug. I placed my head on his chest, put my arm around his waist and slowly drifted off to sleep with questions, lots of questions on my mind......

I awoke to the sun just coming up. The morning sunlight filtered in the
through the cracks of the shuttered windows. Gently untangling myself from Cowboy's arms and legs, I propped myself up on my elbow. Gazing down at him, I slowly traced around each of his nipples. He mumbled and shifted but didn't wake. Taking advantage of his deep sleep, my hand wandered down toward his navel. Teasingly, I stuck my finger in slightly and wiggled it... again he barely moved. Feeling mischievious then, my hand gently grasped his now hardened cock. I began to stroke him... feeling him throb in my hand,  made me want more...so.... I treated myself to more! Moving slowly as not to wake him, I give all my attention to the object of my morning's desire. Getting on my knees, I lowered my mouth torturously slow onto his thick cock. I heard a moan and looked back toward the sound and saw his eyes were still closed. Content to know I had some time to enjoy myself, I turned my attention back to that beautiful thing my Cowboy was blessed with. Licking and sucking lightly.. stroking at a slow pace, he began to squirm. Increasing my pace, my fingers tightened. My mouth pushed farther down until my nose touched his stomach. Relaxing the back of my throat, I pushed down one last time until finally I had him all the way down. As I began to move my head up and down, pleasuring him with my throat.. I felt his hands in my hair! Grabbing me, he pushed himself up and in and down my throat... choking me! Pumping hard and fast, his cock filling me... thrilling me.... I pressed my tongue against him as I felt him begin to pulse and throb. Finally, I felt him release deep down inside my throat.... warmth oozing, dripping in my mouth. I heard him moan as I lifted my mouth from him. I turned around to see his smile, so genuine. Snuggled against him once more, he kissed the top of my head. No words were spoken as we once again drift off to a peaceful, contented sleep......

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