Sorority Pledge II
M. Pat


Leslie awoke to a beautiful Saturday sun beams flooding through her 2nd floor Sorority house bedroom window- as was her custom each day she strode to the window to open it and never cared that she slept naked-after all they were on the 2nd floor-meanwhile the men in the astronomy class atop the science building a half mile away had all trained their celestial scopes on her window- the gals had theirs sited on a frat shower open window a mile away but with a 300x lens looked right next door- Oh crooned Eve-lookie this-her partner took the eyepiece careful not to jostle the tripod base-what met her eyes was a jock in his room bent over a chair bare assed naked being paddled-she could not see his face since his rear was toward her but she knew from the view between paddle swings that she would recognize those hairy testicles now so protectively taut anywhere! One had a star tattoo on the scrotum back right ball.
Joe meanwhile was focused on Leslies window and also saw a heavenly site-Leslie's index finger was buried in her bush as she stood gyrating behind the open window. Joe knew his pre-cum was seeping out and would soon bleed through his Jockeys and chinos. No wonder everyone had recommended this class!
Leslie then noticed a sealed sorority envelope taped on her bulletin board-it wasn't there last night she was sure. Opening it with her scissors she saw a note that she was invited to be the grand marshal of a Fraternity initiation parade tonight at the state park 10 miles from campus-VI said it was an honor and Leslie must take the entire pledge class in their van.
At 9pm, an hour after dusk Leslie and 9 pledges and active Vi drove to the checkpoint at the park night gate-
The 2 security guards/rangers said they should get out of the van and stay holding hands by pairs while the van was checked. They did, nothing was found of contraband. Then the chief guard ordered all jeans and panties dropped for contraband search. He then "trooped the line" of pledges inserting his baton wherever he was suspicious of contraband. He noticed the baton easily penetrated Leslie-an experienced girl he thought.
The sorority pledges were told this was a field orienteering (map reading) cross terrain exercise to test their working in teams and relationships and appreciation of natures animals.  4 per team=3 teams were formed-and the exercise begun. The woods were hot-poison ivy and sumac seemed everywhere bugs lit on their faces and walked down and bit inside their cleavages. 

After 2 hours all groups met at the shelter in the valley which was the objective for beers and large brats.

First the girls were told that free showers existed 50 ft from the shelter in the thicket. They had 15 minutes to clean up, get the mud and burrs off and cool down. The 12 pledges took their beer and brats along and trooped to the rest room/showers-they found there were lockers inside there that they could stash their clothes while they showered. The water was hot and relaxing and the body soap scented an unusual pleasing scent. Soon they emerged and looked for the towels that were on the benches when they undressed. Strangely some animals had made off with the towels. Opening the wood lockers to dress, each in turn found their lockers barren. There were rear doors in the wall and the frat had simply cleaned out each locker from the outside.
    Trapped naked in the shower building they noticed the stifling aroma of that creamy body lotion was pungently noticeable sort of smelled like her bitch in heat Leslie remarked just as 4 rottweilers found their way into their midst- the dogs quickly became agitated sniffing everyone front and rear- more aggressively each time- Stacia the smallest pledge sat 90 # was first to be knocked down by the pack leader and sniffed in her crotch by three dogs- the pledges were beginning to see what could happen when the phone rang on the center post in the locker room-Leslie answered and the voice on other end of phone said Animal control-how can we help you?
They were about to find out- but first they had to troop out of the confines of that odorous room to be safe. They willingly naked filed out the rear door onto the stone walk locking the dogs inside. As they stood outside bewildered a voice firmly said ladies give us 10 pushups for our trouble and  bright floodlights illuminated the lovely group of athletic bodies pushing up and down like they had lost their dates after the prom-