Just You and Me


We pull in to the parking lot at the state beach. We are both excited from the lust we are feeling and the hunger for one another's affection. It is a breezy balmy California night. As we grab each others hands and walk toward the sand. 

Suddenly I stop you in your tracks and I grab your lovely face with both hands and I kiss you passionately as our tongues flicker wildly in our open mouths. We continue to walk down near the pier. We set our blanket 
down and we snuggle close to one another. You are sitting in front of me with your back to my chest. I gently grab your head and tilt it back so I can kiss your neck. When the kissing starts your breaths become deeper and your hunger for my affection grows. 

As I kiss and nibble your neck feverishly with an occasional nip at your earlobes, my hands wander to your 
breasts and I put my hand inside your shirt. I manage to get my hand into one of the cups of your lacy black bra. I find a nipple and I begin to twist and pinch it gently as I feel my manhood beginning to swell. I take off your shirt and I begin to massage your breasts as I undo your bra and throw it to the ground. My left hand starts to find its way up your leg and I begin to rub your most feminine of places under your long black cotton skirt. I can feel your wetness soaking thru your panties. It is steamy and warm. I work one of my fingers in to the side of your panties and I begin to plunge my finger into your slick wet pussy. It makes you squeak with pleasure.
Then I tell you to stand up near the pier post. I take the silk strips from my pocket and I gently but firmly tie your hands behind your back. I then take another strip and attach you to the post. As you stand there 
helplessly you start to become highly aroused. I begin to kiss every inch of your body and then I begin to nibble on your kneecaps. I work my way up your leg with my tongue as it flickers. I put my tongue directly into the crack of your hot excited pussy and take it out as soon as I put it in to make you hungrier for my tongue. I love to tease. I begin to nibble at the tips of your nipples as I watch your chest heave as if you are running out of breath. 

I finally decide to untie you as I cannot bear to have my cock outside of your pussy any longer. I lay you down on the blanket and I begin to mount you. You can feel my weight on you and it oddly gives you a 
feeling of safety. Then I put your ankles in my hands with your legs in the air. Your wet femininity is glistening in the moonlight as my penis is throbbing with anticipation. I take my penis in my hand and guide it gently into you. It feels better than I could have ever imagined. You begin to suck one of your own nipples as my thrusting speed increases and your moans almost become screams. My cock is very thick and it is kind of a tight fit so it feels almost painful, but very good at the same time. You are now reaching 
up and caressing my chest as I continue to slam myself into you mercilessly. 

Suddenly you feel an orgasm coming on so your pelvis begins to grind against me even harder. I speed up the pace in return as your orgasm starts. As soon as it starts, I reach down and rub your clit rhythmically to 
intensify your orgasm. the moans are becoming louder as waves of pleasure jolt through your body and your mind races to a place you feel you have never been before. It soon becomes too much for me to hold in and I begin my climax as well. I pull my self out and you grab me with your hand and begin to stroke me as my body feels as if I am having an epileptic seizure. As my body spasms my orgasm begins to flow and I feel like a god. I immediately lay back on top of you and re-enter you as my penis loses its rigid state. 

I kiss you all over your face and tell you how deeply I care for you and you kiss my forehead. I ask you to roll over and begin to caress your back and your ass gently with both hands and bring you to a rare feeling of relaxation and peace which puts you to sleep. Then I sit and watch you sleep as I look at you and appreciate your beauty until you wake up to greet me with my next kiss.................................

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