Camille was feeling restless. Her long day at the veterinary center of the wild animal park had her worn to a frazzle. As she jumped into her car, thoughts of Jarrod raced through her mind. She grabbed the shirt he had left on the back seat and put it up to her cheek as thoughts of pleasure welled up from within when she noticed she could still faintly smell his cologne. She was looking forward to meeting him at Sonia's Tavern for a couple of strawberry margaritas, as usual. 

Tonight was different. Camille wanted to add some spice to her evening. She pulled into the parking lot at the market. She walked into the produce section to get some ingredients for her recipe of sinful indulgence, strawberries, honey, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. She quickly paid for the items and took them to the car and put them in the trunk, hidden in a duffle bag. She pulled away and was on her way to her 
delicious margarita and her man. 

She dearly loved him since he was the first man to ever give her the respect that she craved. He would always open doors for her and would be known on occasion to send her a dozen or two long stem roses while she was at work. Jarrod was the first man who made her feel secure about herself and her relationship. All of her former lovers left her unfulfilled and usually contributed to her already low self esteem. She was 
glad to have a man who had what she wanted, respect and honesty! 

She walked into Sonia's, past the bar to the corner booth where they always liked to sit and snuggle up close. She sat down and looked into Jarrod's eyes, who was there waiting for her 15 minutes early as always. Punctuality was always one of his strong points. Her drink was already waiting for her with a little 
umbrella and no salt. 

She began to tell him of the plans she had in mind. She told him that they were going to take a little ride, but the rest would be a surprise. So they quickly cut a path for the door and made their way out to the car. It was about 9p,m, when they pulled up to the Cornell County Wild Animal Reserve where Camille was employed as head veterinarian. 

Jarrod looked around at the empty parking lot and wondered what she had in mind. They parked and walked up to the locked front gates which she opened and locked behind them. They were the only ones on the whole property except for the animals. They walked past the ticket booths and the turnstiles and made a bee 
line for the rock garden next to the Bengal tiger exhibit. 

Camille took the food items she had purchased earlier which were hidden in the duffel bag. She opened the bag and put the contents on the huge boulder the were sitting on. Jarrod's eyes lit up with excitement because he pretty much knew what she wanted to do with these items. She told Jarrod to lie on his back and when he did she took the chocolate syrup and began to fill his belly button with a small puddle of syrup. She then took a strawberry and dipped it in and used the berry as a sort of paintbrush as she drew a happy face on his chest in chocolate and drew circles around his nipples. His body quivered with delight as she began to gently lick on her drawings making sure to get every last drop.

Jarrod's desire was growing, as was the size of his manhood which was in an erect state by now. She noticed his excitement and opened his pants. She then drizzled honey all over his penis. She stroked it gently as the sticky liquid got all over her hands. She licked her fingers clean and then began to put her mouth around him. As his chest heaved from the pleasure he felt from her warm mouth, and felt a burning desire to pleasure her as well so he grabbed her shoulders and began to massage her tender flesh. His arousal 
was accelerating. 

He wanted to make this encounter last so he grabbed her face and brought it close to his and gave her a kiss that contained enough passion to light a fire. As their tongues danced wildly in one another's mouths. The feelings intensified. Jarrod ran his hand down her back and began to feverishly rub her ass with hiss strong hands. Almost as if he was kneading dough. He instructed her to lie on her stomach over the corner of the 
boulder. He took the bottle of whipped cream and made a line from the back of her neck all the way down past her spine, and ended at her hot spot. He began to lick gently at the back of her neck, not missing any whipped cream on his way down. As he got down toward her lower back, Camille's body was wriggling 
with delight as he worked his mouth past her ass and he held her by the hips and arched her back up so he could get better access to her whipped creamy dessert, She was feeling especially naughty so she began to finger herself while his tongue licked her as gently as a butterfly. She was feeling so unbelievably good that she was having her second climax before the first one was over.........to be continued 

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