Kiss the Drummer
Sydney Harrison-Campbell


Trish sat at a table near the dance floor, with a direct view of the stage. Flashing lights glimmered through her glass of white zinfandel as she raised it to her painted lips. 

The band had been playing for about forty-five minutes now. They were due for a break. Trish had come out with AnJelique, the guitarist’s girlfriend, tonight. AnJelique had called numerous times this past week, trying to drag Trish out of her apartment, and had finally succeeded.  Trish had seen the band hundreds of times with AnJelique and on her own over the past few years, and was in her element. 

That is, until she looked at the new drummer. Jocelin had thrown her for a loop the first time they’d met. Jet-black hair, goatee, and a gleamingly wicked smile, accented by the perfect body drummers usually have. And he would watch her as she, AnJelique, and Karin would take to the dance floor during the band’s sets. Trish was no stranger to men, but there was something about Jocelin... 

Karin stood as the intro to “Brick House” was played. She grabbed the other girls each by a hand, and drug them out onto the parquet floor to dance. Trish couldn’t resist a glance at Jocelin as he sang behind his drumkit. He was watching her again, and flashed a smile her direction. Feeling herself blush, which was quite odd, she turned away and riveted her attention on her dance partners. 

“He’s asked Danny about you, you know,” Karin leaned over to inform Trish. Danny, the keyboardist, was her husband.  

“What? What’d he ask?” Trish couldn’t resist. 

“He wanted to know if you’re single. Danny said about as single as they come.” Karin grinned. “I think he’s going to ask you out tonight. You interested?” 

A huge laugh came from AnJelique. “Of course she’s interested! He’s had her in knots for the last three weeks!” Trish turned and playfully punched her friend. But it was true. She hadn’t been able to get the man out of her mind since meeting him. 

The song wrapped up, and the girls headed back to the table. Reaching into her purse, Trish told them she was headed out back for a smoke.

 “Sure you don’t want to stick around for Jocelin?” asked AnJelique. 

Trish shook her head. “If he wants to talk, he knows where I am.” 

It had cooled off considerably since the sun had set. That was the way the summer nights were in Southern California, Trish had discovered. She liked it this way. Sitting on the back stairs of an adjoining business, she lit an ultra light and closed her eyes, inhaling the tangy air from the ocean just a block away. 

She opened her eyes when she felt someone sit next to her. It was Jocelin. The heat from his body seeped into hers, and she had an unbidden flash of what it might be like to have that warm flesh next to hers in bed.  

“Wanna take a walk? I’ve got fifteen minutes,” he asked her. She simply nodded and stood up. He rose, and they began to wander back between the buildings. 

Nothing of much importance was said.  The conversation revolved around what needed to be fixed on their cars, and how hot it had been that day. Soon they had lapsed into silence, listening to the sounds of Friday night revelers in the distance. Jocelin looked at Trish. 

Before she had a chance to react, he had pushed her securely against a brick wall and covered her mouth with his. Her body leaned toward his, unbidden, trying to get as much contact as possible. Tongues explored each other’s mouths, and Trish could feel herself getting wet. His strong hands made their way down her torso, and wrapped themselves in the material of her skirt, tugging her closer.  

When they broke away from this first kiss, their gazes met, and she smiled. “I have been wondering what you taste like,” he said in a low voice that melted in her ear. 

“Well, now you know,” she replied jauntily. Jocelin shook his head slowly. 

“No…not yet I don’t.” That wicked smile spread across his face, and Trish felt her cotton thong panties grow even wetter. Ohhh, she wanted this man. 

His right hand began to move around from where it rested on her ass as he locked her eyes to his. Slowly, his fingers found the edge of her panties, and lifted the elastic from her feverish skin with his thumb, allowing him access inside. His strong digits slid along her lips, working them open with a patience that was killing Trish. Suddenly, and without warning, he plunged his first two fingers deep inside of her. She gasped with pleasure and tightened her grip on his shoulders. 

“You’re too wet not to have a man satisfy you,” Jocelin leaned forward and whispered in Trish’s ear. “If you can be a good girl, and wait until the end of the show…” He left the sentence unfinished, knowing Trish’s answer simply by the new stream of juice that had just collected in his hand.  

“Joce! Hey, man, c’mon! It’s time!” Derek’s voice echoed against the buildings from the back of the club. Still keeping Trish’s gaze, Jocelin slowly withdrew his fingers, and brought them to his mouth. He sucked her juices off one, but as he was about to do the same with the second, Trish leaned forward and took it in her own mouth, sucking greedily as though it was his bare cock. Jocelin’s eyes fluttered closed for a moment, imagining what her hot mouth could do to him. 

“JO-CE-LINNNNN!!!” Joce’s eyes flew open. 

“I gotta go. Coming?” Trish bit back the obvious sarcastic reply and followed him back to the club. 

Two more breaks went by with Jocelin unable to get away. The first time, Derek pulled the band aside to write up the set lists for the rest of the evening. Trish could have sworn she saw a smirk playing on his face as he glanced at her. The little shit.  

The next break found two groupie-types cornering Jocelin by the stage. He managed to escape them and come to the table, but with only five minutes left in the break. Moving his chair closer to Trish, Jocelin slid his hand up her thigh, fingers playing softly near her crotch.  Her panties were beginning to moisten again, and she knew he could feel the heat from her pussy radiating beneath her skirt. Just as his fingers reached the source of that cloth-clad warmth, the band was called back for their final set. Reluctantly, his hand withdrew, and he made his way back to the stage. 

AnJelique and Karin were looking at her with huge grins on their faces. Trish knew she should be embarrassed for being caught like that, but she wasn’t.  

The dance floor was packed in the small hours of the morning. Everyone suddenly wanted to let loose, not waste another moment sipping drinks and waiting for the right song to be played.  

“Here you go, Trish,” announced Derek as the last song began. All three girls whooped with glee---Derek had chosen a favorite cover song to end the night with” Anything Anything”. Bodies churned to the beat pumping out of the subs. Trish risked another glance behind Derek. Yes, there was Jocelin, watching her with an intense look on his face. She could feel her pulse between her thighs, and could think only of how he might appease that ache. 

After the song, her pussy was so swollen from her daydreams that she had to sit down. The next twenty minutes were filled with aimless banter amongst the girls while their male counterparts tore down and loaded out. The bassist, Nigel, took off before anyone else, but was soon followed by Derek and AnJelique, and Danny and Karin. Trish had followed the couples outside, observing the unwritten rule that no one was allowed to stay inside the club after closing.  

She now settled onto the steps where she had sat hours earlier. Joce had already put all his drums in their cases, and was now in the process of hauling them out to his truck. He’d left the engine running, and Trish could make out the strains of a song by The Police being played on the radio. She settled back to watch Jocelin’s body at work. 

It didn’t take long before everything was loaded in his truck, and he was standing in front of her.  

“Well?” The question was too open-ended. Trish smiled.  

“I’m parked about three blocks away. Drive me to my car, and we can go get some breakfast.”  Jocelin grandly motioned her to his truck. 

He didn’t touch her at all on the short ride to her car, which confused Trish a bit. She went over the evening, and decided she hadn‘t done anything to turn him off. She had no clue what it could be.  

At her car, he took the keys from her and opened the driver’s side door with a silly flourish. She laughed and got in. As she began to swing her legs under the dash, she suddenly found Jocelin squatting between the door and the car’s body, looking up at her intently. His hands slid up her outer thighs and his fingers hooked onto the waistband of her panties.  

“Lift up,” he urged her. Obediently, she complied. As he pulled the panties down the length of her legs and over her feet, she had the fleeting thought that this was so strange for her. She had always been the one in control. She was the initiator. Never had she allowed a man to take over like this. 

She had the distinct impression that she liked it. 

The panties went into his jeans pocket, and he moved his hands back up to her skirt. Parting her thighs, he took a long look at her pussy, the neatly trimmed hair glistening with dew, begging for his touch. She tensed up as he emitted a small sigh. Leaning forward, he parted her nether lips with his tongue, and she closed her eyes, not wanting to be distracted by anything. His tongue worked itself gently up and down her slick cleft until she thought she wouldn’t be able to stand it any longer. He seemed to sense this, and suddenly leaned back against the car door, regarding her as she panted. Just two more seconds, and she would have reached her climax. Trish didn’t know whether to be angry with him for playing such a cruel trick, or to enjoy the idea that this would be even more drawn out than she had though.  

“Follow me.” Jocelin stood and shut her car door, then made his way back to his truck. She pulled her car out of the space and followed his taillights, wondering where he was leading her. 

They pulled into the parking lot of a motel on Pacific Coast Highway about twenty miles later. She stayed in her car as he entered the office, acutely aware that her panties were in a ball on the front seat of his vehicle. It made her feel very naked and vulnerable for some reason, to be without her underwear. Laughing to herself, she chalked it up to a strict Catholic upbringing. 

When he came out of the office, he held up a room key and motioned for her to follow him. Locking her car, she made her way up the stairs, watching his ass sway slightly as they ascended to the room. She smiled, knowing she would soon see this gorgeous man naked in her arms. 

As soon as the room’s door was shut behind them, Jocelin placed his hands on either side of her face and kissed her deeply. Her body melted against his, and he immediately guided his conquest to the bed. His mouth moved down to the tender crook of her neck, and as he bit her gently, he slid her skirt down her thighs, so it landed in a pile around her feet. She reached around her body and pulled her shirt off, revealing the perky breasts she was so proud of, as she kicked off her heels at the same time. Joce stepped back and removed his clothes, all the time filling his eyes with her body. Trish couldn’t help but smile when she saw his lean but muscular form revealed.  

Once again, he moved in to her. As they kissed, he pushed her firmly onto the bed, and had her lay out on her back. Climbing onto the bed, he straddled her, his cock already hard with excitement.  

“Danny tells me you’re a Dominatrix. Is this true?” Trish nodded her assent slowly. “Well,” Joce spoke low and deliberately, “You’re not that with me, understand?” In reply, Trish moved her arms up over her head, hands clasped above her hair. Joce smiled down at her and kissed her. “Yes…that’s what I like to see.” 

As Joce moved his mouth down to her waiting breasts, Trish found that she was becoming a bit frightened. What was she doing, giving control of herself over to a man? This went against everything she had ever known. A sudden bite on the underside of her right breast made her lose her train of thought. 

His hands found her nipples, giving them a small twist. Undulating slightly, she could feel the soft hair of his belly between her thighs. He made a sudden move, and buried his tongue deep within her waiting cleft. A moan came unbidden from her throat, even as he withdrew and began licking her in small circles from just above her clit all the way down to the crack of her ass. Oh, this was even better than what he had done in the parking lot. Trish moved her hands down and buried them in his hair, guiding him the way she liked. 

He raised his head to look at her. Trish opened her eyes, only to be met with a stern gaze from Joce.  

“I thought I’d made it clear we are playing by my rules, Trish.” His tone was one of authority, and without so much as a thought against it, Trish replaced her hands above her head once again. This apparently wasn’t good enough for Joce now. He rose from the bed, and searched through the pile of clothing until he came to his jeans. He grabbed the belt and released it from the loops with a slither.  

Returning to the bed, he leaned over Trish’s head and looped the end of the thing through the bed frame. The free end he wound around her wrists, cinching it tight with the buckle. Leaning back, he surveyed his handiwork. Trish watched him mutely, absorbed in this game being played. 

Without warning, Joce forced Trish onto her stomach. There was no time for her to protest before her ass felt the first stinging slap from his hand. More rained down on her upturned cheeks, and she realized with a bit of wonder that she actually enjoyed this. Joce spanked her with such precision that pain wasn’t even an issue. His hand stung at first, to be sure, but it was more of a heated sensation, as though she had stood too close to a roaring fireplace for too long.  

He stopped as abruptly as he had begun the spanking. She knew with a woman’s instinct that he was admiring the pink glow he had brought to the plump cheeks of her ass. She wriggled slightly, showing off. As an answer, Joce slowly slid one finger inside her wetness, followed by a second and a third. He moved them in and out languorously, feeling himself grow harder as her juices oozed out onto his fingers and her thighs.  

With the same laziness, he began painting the crack of her ass with her wetness. She tensed up a bit when she felt his finger sliding into her anus. Shit, it felt so good, but she didn’t want anal right off the bat.  

“Joce…” she began, but was interrupted immediately. 

“Shush. I’ll take care of you,” he spoke softly as he plunged his finger up her ass once more before withdrawing.  

Trish felt him move, then his weight rested gently on top of her, covering her body sweetly. Opening her legs with his own, he nestled his cock, throbbing now beyond belief with his desire, next to her drenched cave. His strong tongue drew delicate designs across her back and shoulders. Trish began moving her hips up and down, teasing him. In return, he lifted his hips and settled his meat between her ass cheeks. Slowly he slid himself across her anus, using the slippery goo he had just coated her with.  

“I will have you this way some night,” he whispered in her ear. To drive his point home, he nudged the tip of his rod just far enough into her rear hole to begin stretching it. Trish moaned underneath him with a mixture of pain and ecstasy. 

Raising off her, Joce turned his captive back over so she could face him. He leaned into her and kissed her deeply, then whispered in her ear.  

“I am now going to lick you until you can’t stand it any longer. I want to hear you scream so the other guests want to know what’s going on in here. I want to hear you beg for me to stop…and then---“ He nipped her ear enticingly, “I am going to fuck you.” 

Joce moved between her thighs, stopping only once to slap both her breasts playfully. And then his tongue found its way back inside her crevice, returning to its dance.  

Trish couldn’t help but begin to moan under his ministrations. And as she felt her muscles tighten in climax, she dimly realized there had been no need for his order to be vocal. Her voice let loose in a near-primal scream as her quivering mound gushed forth its juices again and again into Joce’s waiting mouth. Never had she come that intensely and for so long. Whimpering finally from exertion, she did beg him to stop. But it was only after one final orgasm that he made his way up her body again to kiss her mouth with deep longing.  

As he did this, his hand snaked over the side of the bed to find the condom he had dropped there. Deftly, he sheathed his member and positioned it at her portal. He teased her mercilessly by sliding only the tip of his cock inside her hungry opening. She found she couldn’t stand it a moment longer. 

“Please, Joce…please…” 

“What? What do you want me to do?” he asked in return. 

“I want you to fuck me, Joce…please…”  

“With pleasure.” He slid his rod inside her swiftly and firmly, making her cry out once again. With a drummer’s sense of timing, he fucked her hole; adding sliding moves that made her feel as though she was going to come again. Trish could feel him growing even larger inside her, and knew he was about to explode. Her muscles gripped his cock, coaxing him on. It wasn’t long before she got the best of him, his balls tightening fiercely. He shot his jism into her heat with a final thrust that made her feel as though she was splitting wide open. 

Exhausted, he collapsed on top of Trish, his fingers releasing her wrists from where they were bound. Jocelin kissed her face and lips tenderly, then looked deep into her eyes.

 “Don’t tell me this was just a one-night stand, Trish. Okay? I mean, I’d hate to think I just fucked a woman because she wanted some guy in a band.” 

Trish regarded Joce silently for a moment before she spoke. “Joce, just because I work in the sex industry doesn’t mean I’m a whore.” 

“I didn’t mean---“ 

“Wait.” He closed off his protest. “I don’t fuck my clients. I never have, and I never will. I let you inside me tonight because I want you. Not the drummer for the band, not some guy with a great body. I wanted Jocelin. And as for this being a one-night stand…” Trish took a deep breath. “It’s only that if that’s what you prefer. I hate them, myself, but sometimes it happens that way.” 

Joce smiled down at Trish with renewed confidence.  

There would be more to this story than just this night. 

Friday, July 23, 1999

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