Blindfold I


Here is something I wrote to think about experiment wise, see if you can take it

Walk-in.  Sit down.  See me there, holding something behind my back.  You cannot figure out what it could be, but you know me well enough to be intrigued.  So you said.  You relax.  You let me kiss you, nibble your neck and your ears, and you begin to feel like having some fun.  But wait.  I still have a hand behind my back, and you pause to ask what  it is.  I answer "You trust me right?"  Do you close your eyes or not? 

I think you do.  You close your eyes, and put your head back.  You feel me touch your hair , feel me moving around that there, and you giggle.  You feel the kiss your nose, then feel something on it, something soft.  Open your eyes. 

You are blindfolded.  You can't see anything.  You have to trust me.  You are now a fully clothed woman, sitting on a  in a room you've never been in, with a guy, and you cannot see anything.  I giggle as you will reach for me and cut so I know you don't mean it.  You giggle a bit nervously, but I know you're getting in to it. I asked if you like it, but you don't answer.  Good enough, let's turn up the heat a bit. 

I nibble on your ear.  Your neck.  Your lips.  You turn whenever you feel my lips, but I quickly avoid your face.  You pout, but you don't try to take off the blindfold.  I asked if you like it yet, and you just pout more.  It's only half a pout though half grin, so I move on.  I kiss down your neck to your nipples.  You tried to kiss me, but I can I avoid your face.  You begin to moan as I suck your nipples, and I know I've got you.  You'll reach out, trying to touch me somewhere, anywhere but you can't find me.  Remember....*I*can see...*you*can't.  You growl in frustration, but still you don't go for the blindfold.  Your hands find my hair, and you play with it, signing and moaning as I suck your nipples hard and long.  Your head tosses around as if you're looking for something, but you can't see so it's like sensory overload.  You sigh and kissed the top of my head. 

by movement down.  Taking off your bra completely, kissing your belly, making little sucking sound on it.  You score of because I'm tickling you, but you like it.  You keep tossing at your head around trying to find me with your hands, but when you DO touch me, I've still got my clothes on so you can't do anything anyway.  I your hands go back to my hair, teasing it and stroking it as I kiss down your stomach to your hips.  I undo your pants and slide them along with your panties down to your ankles and off.  You stretch your legs out, opening and closing them slowly as if you think I along with the blindfold on.  I watch you and I do things you don't know about, only that you can hear like the clinking of glass and the rustle of soft cloth.  I see your hand turned toward the sounds, see your neck as you strain to hear a sound you can identify but it's all for nothing.  I've got you.  

Feel that?  Feel it again?  That's a vibrator.  As I run it down your bicep, you squirm and say it tickles.  I laugh at you and give you a freebie, kissing you hard and long.  I kiss the blindfold over your eyes and your nose as I move down to your neck.  Running the vibrator up your arm and to your shoulder, letting it buzz on your shoulders and neck.  You'll shiver a bit, since this is a new sensation for you but you're willing to let things go.  We'll see.  Turn your head again.*pop*Hmm....what could that the?  Your head is about to come off your neck as you turn to see me but of course you can't and I'm standing behind you can.  You feel the vibrator on your shoulders and upper back and then... tell me... what do you feel?  Cold and kind of creamy lotion maybe?  I rub the vibrator in the cream I've just put on your back then rub it down your back to your ass crack.  You wiggle and giggle and moan a little.  You're REALLY getting into this.  I nestle the vibrator between your cheeks and begin slowly, sensuously rubbing the lotion into your skin, concentrating on your neck and shoulders.  I feel you relax, and giggle when you feel like it.  I bet that vibrator tickles down their, doesn't it?  Don't reach for it, I'll move it and you'll never know next when it will be on your skin, or where.  You put your hands on your knees  like you're enjoying the attention. 

I moved.  You can't see me, but I'm standing in front of you.  You hear my pants rustle as I drop them, and you instinctively reach out, but I move away.  Sit down, yes, leave the vibrator nestled there, it'll be okay just enjoy.  I put your hands back on your knees and move away.  There.  Feel my hands on your nipples?  Do you like that?  Your hands are over mine and that's okay, you help me knead your breasts as I kiss you deeply and I reach around to remove the vibrator.  You'll let out a little whisper, like you LIKED it their, but you know I won't let it be gone for long.  I kiss you and move away, leaving your hands on your breasts and your ears hearing nothing but the sound of the vibrator buzzing.  Your head turns from side to side as you try to hear something, anything else, but you can't.  What am I doing??  You will know soon enough.  You get impatient and ask where I am.  You can't hear the vibrator anymore.  I answer and you realize that I'm closer than you thought, right behind you.  I put my hands on your shoulders and help you lie back on the bed.  Stretch out, long legs all the way out don't bend your knees.  I put a pillow under your head and you put your head back.  You look so relaxed.  I come out from behind you touching your belly lightly, and you sigh. 

You feel a soft kiss and shiver.  Feel my lips on your pussy?  You didn't know where I was, but you knew I was going to do SOMETHING crazy.  Your hands find my head and you pull on my ears, like you want me to come up for a kiss. I put my fingers in the your mouth, and  you suck on them as I kiss your belly just above your mound, blowing softly on your pussy lips.  Your legs start to move as you feel my warm breath on your clit, and you begin to roll back and forth on the bed.  I softly lick your pussy, putting my tongue in you.  I eat your pussy and ass, paying special attention to your lips, parting them and tongue fucking you hard and fast.  You cry out as you feel yourself beginning to cum and I stop, blowing gently on your clit. 


It is the vibrator.  Your head becomes off the pillow  as you hear it going and you give a curious little gasp. You reach for me, but you can't find me.  Then you gasp as you feel it on your left nipple.  I alternate left and right, as you tried to find my hand to help.  You don't get it.  I don't need your help, don't WANT your help.  I've got you... and I'm going to play with you*sly grin*.  I'm going to make this something you'll never forget.  I kiss your pussy deeply and nibble on your clit.  You lift your leg as my hand goes to your knee, like you KNOW  that I want to be in there.  Your hands are back on my head, and you firmly put my face where you want it.  I reach out and gently stroke your lips, and open your asshole with my fingers.  You actually hear it before it happens, but you gasp LOUDLY when the vibrator goes into you.  You squirm and trying to go down on it, taking it further into you.  I pull it almost all the way out then drive it back in as I tongue fuck your pussy at the same time. I pull it out and lick your ass, then shove it back in and suck your clit.  I move up on you, and as I enter you, you let out a sexy moan.  your hands are looking for me but all you get is my shoulders.  You shout "this isn't fair!  ." but I know do you don't mean it or you have taken off the blindfold.  You shake and shudder as you come with me in your pussy and the vibrator in your ass. I move quickly before you cum, bucking in and out of you harder and faster than slower and softer.  You buck against me, keeping rhythm and making it hard to keep that in your ass.  I pull out of you and you give a little whimper.  You again feel the vibrator on your clit but I pushed hard and I'm in your ass.  You gasp loudly as I fuck your ass and draw out your orgasm with the vibrator in perfect rhythm in your pussy.  I put your feet in the air and push hard in your ass as you cum, quickly pushing the vibrator in and out of your to wet, juicy dripping pussy.  I'm close to cumming so I pull out.  You twitch but let me have it, like you can do anything?? You feel the vibrator softly buzzing on  your clit, and you come again hard and long, kissing me as you do.  As youre body feels the orgasm washing over you, you gasp that I'm in  you again.  Your head tosses back and forth as I pump in and out of your pussy, wanting to cum wanting you to cum again, wanting to fill your pussy.  I do, and you wrap your legs around the pulling me deeper into you making me fill you up with my cum. 

Quiet. You realize that I'm not on or in you and you call out.  I don't answer and you reach up to take off the blindfold.  As you do you see me sitting there, nude and waiting you look at me with lust in your eyes and the look I've never seen.  "I want  you" you tell me.  You reach for me and I come to you. Again. 


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