Blindfold II
Turning the Tables


Picture this. 

I'm asleep, and you come home from work. You look down at me sleeping.

Mm.. I feel you climb into bed and I reach for you, eyes still closed. "You're warm baby, how was work" I mumble sleepily. I hear you giggle andcome a little more awake. As I do, I feel something tickling my nose, and I reach up to scratch it. What's this? I try to open my eyes, but can't. OH SHIT.. paybacks huh? 

I'm blinfolded. 

I try to take it off, but you take my hand and place it on your bare chest, running it across your nipples and leaning in to kiss me on the forehead. I instinctively turn my face up to accept and get it on the lips. Mmmm.. "Gonna have some fun baby? Just don't' hurt me" *smirk*

Your nipples are so hard babe, let me put my mouth on them. I reach with my neck to take on in my mouth, get my tongue around it and you move. I lunge and you catch me before I fall out of the bed, gently pushing me back. "I love you" you say, and I hear you getting of your jeans and shirt. I lie back and wonder, trying to identify each sound I hear, but I lose track. Glass tinkling, or is that ice? Soft music and the click of a light switch I think. I hear you step lightly to the bed and wonder what's in store, smiling in anticipation and lying still. 

Mmm... your hands are so soft and gentle. I feel them on my neck, my back, my ass. You rub gently and lovingly, touching and caressing every part of me, kissing and nibbling softly. I'm beginning to think this is a wonderful way to wake up when you put your mouth on me. I almost jump out of my skin then, since your mouth is COLD!!! That WAS ice!! Mmm.. I shiver in delicious anticipation as you go up and down on me. Your hands are helping me to a full hard on, and I reach for you. I get my hand on your bare ass, then you pull away as you keep sucking me. I softly moan and buck my hips a little. This is SO erotic. I run my hands through your hair and whisper "You're the best". You ask if I'm going to cum soon, and I tell you I will if you keep at it, so you stop and I can feel your hands on my cock and balls, gently rubbing and massaging.  I want to watch you "Can I please touch you baby?" You say no and move away again. 

I reach for you, but can't find you. I make big wide circles with my arms, but you've moved out of reach and probably are standing just out of reach giggling at me. 

Your hands on me again. Smell of something.. strawberries? I feel your hands on me again, this time sticky, like lotion. Bringing your hand to my mouth, I lick softly. Strawberry sauce or something and now you're smearing it all over my belly and chest. I wiggle a bit as your tongue finds my nipple and you giggle. You kiss me and I taste the sweetness in your mouth. You put your tongue deep into my mouth and we kiss for what feels like forever, till your hands find mine and you finally let me touch your nipples. I tweak them one at a time, feeling you getting hornier as you suck my nipples and the bed shakes. "Are you jumping around or just horny" I ask. You reply "I'll show you". I feel something near my ears, and I realize it's soft but firm. I turn my head to the side, sticking out my tongue and it's your leg. Hrmm.. that means... 

I put my head flat on the pillow and stick out my tongue, feeling the heat a moment before you lower you wet pussy down onto my face. I push up and tongue fuck you, and you rub against me. Bringing my hands up , I open your lips by touch and push my face deep into your sweetness. Feeling your hands on my belly, I know you are ready for whatever I can do. Being blindfolded, I can't quite see what I'm doing, but I spread your  ass cheeks and after licking my finger, put it in you at the same moment I lick your pussy. You lean forward to take me all into your mouth again as I eat you, sucking your clit and fingering your ass at the same time. I'm about to cum in your mouth, so you pull off of me. I whimper a bit, but I know more is to come, so I lay there and try not to cum. I want to cum INSIDE you, it's difficult, but I hold off. Where are you....I can't feel you. I cast my head about trying to smell or get a sound from you, but I can't find you.  

Oh. there you are. I hear your feet softly approaching the bed, and I realize it's only been a few seconds.

I feel the bed move again as you climb on, this time kissing me as you do, so I KNOW where your lower half is. I buck my hips a little, hoping to get into something w, but just as I feel your pussy hair, you pull your hips up and kiss me again. I reach down to play with your pussy, and you let me get one finger in you, then move up and down on it. I keep my hand perfectly still, and your kisses become more ardent and firm as you begin to build your cum.  You stop, draw back and I feel your weight shift. You grab my dick as you do, holding it upright and just slip down onto me balls deep. Straight in, no stopping. I feel your bush mesh with mine as your juices run down my ass. You just sit there and I wonder what you look like, the look on your face, but not for long as you begin flexing on me. "INCREDIBLE" I breathe as you being to grind up and down on me. You put your hands down on my chest and rise up and down again and again, asking me to cum.. almost begging me to cum inside you. Your breathing is in harsh gasps, as is mine, and I'm bucking up into you like mad. As you begin to cum, you slam down onto me, taking me deeper in you than I've ever thought I could be. You begin to grind back and forth, and guide my hand to your clit, helping me  diddle it. Together we play with it, and I feel your legs quiver as they have my hips caught. "I'm cumming" you breathe.. and at that moment, I do as well.. shooting and spurting deep into you... hard.. fast.. and completely. 

You kiss me o the nose and take the blindfold off with your lips.  I open my eyes and see you as you are, so lovely and seXXy and I kiss you back. I move you up and off of me, and you cuddle up beside me.. head on my chest.. hands on my belly. As we cuddle, we talk of nothing important until we drift off to sleep, content, satisfied and happy. 

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