The Cabin
Michael and Veronica's Story


The sign read Frenchman's Bay Cottages. This was it. This was the place he had told her he would be staying for the weekend, and this was the where she would be meeting him for the first time.  

They had talked many times over the last 2 years, had seen each other through pictures and webcam. They had heard each other's voice via phone and voice chat, but this would be their first and only face to face meeting.

 Veronica, or Ronnie, as she liked to be called, was nervous as she turned down the long narrow dirt driveway. There were 8 single room cabins. 4 on either side of the drive. 

"Ill be in number 7, the last one on the right. It's green. I hope you are here soon. I can't wait to see you."  That had been the the message on her machine when she stepped out of the shower that morning. Ever since then, her heart had been racing. 

There it was. Number 7 on the end. A faded green log cabin with a white door and a single window in the front. She pulled in beside a late model dark blue BMW. His car. She turned off the engine and stepped out. She stood there, leaning against the open door of the car. staring at the little house.  What was she thinking coming here. This was crazy. What did she really know about him, only what he had told her. She trusted him, but what if she was wrong. what if he........ 

Her thought trailed off as the door opened and he stepped out onto the cracked cement slab that served as the only step into the cabin.  

"Hey you." he said, a smile coming to his lips.

"Hey." She said back as she stepped around the door of the car and shut it.  'Fuck it', she thought, 'you only live once and you have waited way too long for this. For him.' As she walked the few steps toward him, she studied him. His short dark hair. His high forehead. His beautiful hazel eyes. His high cheekbones.  His strong jaw and chin. His face had, what must have been at least a 2 day shadow. She liked it. She always thought he looked sexy when he was scruffy. She smiled at this thought.  Lastly she looked at his lips. Those full lips. How many times had she imagined kissing them, tasting them. Now here she was, moments from doing just that.  

As she reached him, he put his hand out and she took it. It was a warm, sunny day, yet when she felt her hand in his, she got goose bumps and shivered slightly. She knew he would have this effect on her.

He turned as soon as he had her hand and led her inside. She turned to shut the door when they entered the cabin and as she turned back,  he gently pushed her back against the door. He put both hands on either side of her against the frame. and leaned into her. He was so tall. She knew Michael  was over 6 feet tall, 6'3" to be exact, but standing so close to him now, even at 5'8", she felt short. She thought he was going to kiss her then, but instead, he moved his head slightly to her right and whispered in her ear. "Do you taste as good as you smell?" He moved back just enough to look in her eyes. She reached a hand up and touched his lips with her forefinger, tracing their outline. "Find out."

She said, leaning forward. She kissed him putting both arms around his neck and pulling him against her.  

His lips were soft and she kissed them tenderly. She opened her mouth and he slipped his tongue inside, knowing what she would do. She had told him many times during their conversations. She accepted it eagerly and gently bit it. She ran her teeth along it as she moved her head back just a little, then forward again and began to suck it. She sucked lightly at first then with more urgency. He moved even closer to her, if that was possible, and returned her kiss with as much passion.  He put his hands in her long auburn hair, pulling her head back as he did. He wanted to taste her. All of her. Fully. 

Ronnie was wearing a light pink tank top with spaghetti straps under a plain white button down shirt that was left open, a pair of faded blue jeans and  white tennis shoes with no socks.  

Michael placed his hands on her waist and then on her stomach, moving them slowly upward  over her breasts and onto her shoulders where he slowly  pushed her outer shirt down her arms until it fell to the floor. He then ran his fingers under the straps of her tank top and slid those off her shoulders as well. He stopped kissing her then and looked in her eyes, then down.

"There it is." he said. She looked down as well, her tank top, although still covering her breasts, was not effectively concealing her hardened nipples and areola, which were apparent thru the thin material.  "Mmm hmm, there it is." she repeated, as he traced  with a single long finger the small tattoo just above her right breast. He moved his head down and kissed it and with the same finger, slid the tank top off her tits. He took a nipple and began to squeeze it gently as he rolled it between his thumb and forefinger.  She sucked in a quick breath and he looked at her again and smiled. "I think you need to lay down."  She could feel herself getting wet and was sure she was melting slowly into him. "I think we both do." she said.  

The room contained 2 things. A full sized bed against one wall and a small 3 drawer bureau against another.  

They walked toward the bed, Michael starting to untuck  the maroon t-shirt he wore from  his blue jeans. She put her hand on his arm and stopped him. "Wait," she said, " I want to undress you." 

He stopped then and turned to face her. She turned and looked in his eyes. Never breaking the gaze, she moved forward and  pulled his shirt out of his jeans. He lifted his arms up and she pulled the shirt off over his head and tossed it on the floor. She looked at his chest covered in dark hair and ran her fingers through it. It was soft and she wanted to bury her face in it, but instead she moved her hands down the length of his torso until she reached the waist of his jeans.  She unsnapped and unzipped them. She moved her hands to  his sides and pushed the jeans down his legs, bending so as to bring them to his ankles. Once there she got on her knees and looked up at him with a seductive smile and ran her tongue over her lips. She could tell his breathing had quickened and this pleased her. He was wearing dark blue boxers with a paisley print and she pulled them down to rest on top of his jeans. "Step out of them please." she said. He did and kicked the jeans and boxers back behind him.  Still kneeling she she ran her hands the length of his legs moving them to the inside as she reached his thighs. She moved closer to him and leaned in. His penis was becoming  erect and she couldn't help but smile. She liked knowing that she had this effect on him. She took his cock in her hand and began to rub the shaft. With her other hand she found his sack and covered it, moving his balls slightly with her fingers. He was shaved completely except for a dark tuft low on his pubic line, and his scrotum was a dark purple. she was close enough to him  so he could feel her breath on his member.  "I think I should sit." he said and she agreed.

He walked to the bed. She stood up and noticed her tank top was still around her waist. He watched her as she pulled it out of the waist of her pants and off over her head. She kicked her shoes off and then unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs bending over as she did. He noticed her tits jiggling as she did this and  could feel himself becoming even harder. She stood up and stepped out of her jeans she pushed her panties down to her thighs and then moved her legs back and forth, until they fell to the floor. She stepped out of those too and walked to the edge of the bed where Michael sat, looking up at her. She stood very close to him putting her legs on either side of his. He reached out with both hands and placed them on her hips then slowly moved them back to her ass, where he squeezed her cheeks while at the same time pulling her closer to him.  He brought his face to the soft, curly, red-brown bush between her legs and buried his nose there. He breathed deeply, her scent filling his nostrils. He wasn't sure how long he could hold out.  

Michael  had been reluctant to meet Ronnie in person at all, and had, in fact said no at first when she suggested it, but the more he thought about it seriously, the more he had realized that he wanted this as much as she had, and in the end had agreed to a meeting, knowing what would take place. He pushed all the reasons why he shouldn't be doing this from his mind, and although he knew they would all come flooding back to him tomorrow, right now all he could think about was Ronnie and how good she smelled and tasted, and how much he wanted her.

 Ronnie had her hands on the back of Michael's head pushing him into her mound. He moved his head down a little and stuck his tongue out so he could lick, what he discovered to be, the smooth shaven outer lips of her pussy. He then found her opening and teased her by flicking the tip of his tongue along the top of her slit. "Oh Michael, please." she begged in a heavy whisper. Now it was his turn to get down on his knees. She spread her legs a little further apart and with both hands she spread her pussy lips apart and he slid his tongue inside and covered her with his mouth. He sucked her clit and moved his mouth down just enough to stick his tongue in her hole and bring it out again and lap the length of her snatch. She was breathing heavily and her legs felt weak. She wasn't sure she would be able to stand much longer and moved her hands to his shoulders for support. He enjoyed her taste a minute longer then  he pulled his head back and cupped her pussy with his hand. His middle finger sliding back and forth on her slit until it slipped inside where he began to rub her clit gently. He heard her moan as she started to move against his finger. He slid his hand down a little then, and with his middle finger still inside her, he placed 2 more fingers inside and slid all three deep into her wet hole.  He finger fucked her slowly. Michael looked up at her and found her looking at him intensely with her lips parted slightly and just a hint of a smile, and although she looked like she might speak, she said nothing. There was no need to speak. Their eyes said everything.  

She knew if she continued to let him play with her this way, she wouldn't last, so she placed her hand over his and brought it to her mouth where she first licked and then sucked her juices from his fingers. She took his other hand and gently pulled him up and pushed him back onto the bed. He moved himself back so that he was laying in the middle of the bed. She crawled onto it and kneeled over him. She brought her mouth to his and kissed him again as passionately as before. She bit his bottom lip lightly, pulling it out just a little before letting go and covering his face and  neck with small, soft kisses, while working her way down his body. When she reached his chest, she kissed first one then his other nipple, sucking and nibbling it all the while rolling the other one between her fingers. She then made her way down further and with a trail of kisses, she arrived at his extremely hard cock. She took it in her hand and began to rub the shaft, slowly pumping him until the head changed from a  slight pink color, to dark red and then purple. It was then that she covered it with her mouth and began to suck him. She ran her tongue around the ridge of his head until she reached the underside where she licked  the length of his throbbing penis along the vein to his balls. She sucked on each one alone and then took both in her mouth and sucked hungrily on them. She released them and ran her tongue back up his shaft to the head where she once again sucked it and then circled it with her tongue. When she reached the underside this time, she ran her tongue up the slight split and onto the top of the head where she played with and stuck the end of her tongue in his hole. She covered him with her mouth and lowered her head to take him in fully. She deep throated him several times before  raising her head back and once again sucking his head while massaging his shaft with her hand. She did this for him for several minutes while his hands explored her tits and pussy.  

"Ronnie," he said between heavy breaths, "I don't know how much longer I can wait. I want to fuck you now."  

She stopped what she was doing and leaning over him again, she straddled him. Her body was parallel to his, and he lifted his head up and put one of her  breasts in his mouth. She could feel his tongue moving over her nipple and his teeth gently biting her. His other hand again tweaking her other nipple. He did this briefly then moved his mouth to her other breast and did the same. She reached  down between them, found his engorged penis and rubbed it along her slit before slipping it inside her hot, wet, waiting cunt.  She sat straight up. neither of them moved for a minute. she closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of him being inside her. Then she started to move slowly up and down. He reached up and took both breasts in his hands, squeezing her globes and gently pinching and pulling her nipples. She began to ride him harder and more rapidly. He moved his hands down to her thighs and rested them there so he could watch her tits bounce and jiggle as she fucked him. Her pussy was warm and tight and he was taking in the smells and the sensations and savoring them all. "You feel so good." she moaned.    She continued to ride him and as she did this, she cupped her tits in her hands and bent her head down at the same time lifting her breast up. She stuck her tongue out and began to lick and suck her own nipple. Her fingers played with and fingered her other nipple. She was watching him from under her lashes and could see he was enjoying what he saw immensely. She  made sure she gave him a good show and then released her tits and put her hands over his on her thighs, and continued to fuck him a little longer.  "I want to wrap my legs around you." she said finally.  Michael pulled her down on him, he could feel her breasts pushed against him and her heavy breathing. He rolled them so that he was now on top. He inched his way backward feeling her legs spread wider as he went. When he was back far enough, he could look down and see her exposed treasure. He brought his head down and started to lick her pussy. He ran his tongue along it lapping her and tickling her with it.  She put her hands on the back of his head and pushed his face into her. He could feel her starting to shake slightly. He continued to lap her while she squirmed and arched her back, still pushing the back of his head so his mouth and tongue went deeper into her. Now he was tongue fucking her and she hadn't realized she could be fucked so many ways. He stopped then and she let his head come up. He  made a line of kisses from her sweet spot, up her stomach and stopping at her breasts where he kissed each one. He took his penis and slid it inside her and She wrapped her legs around his waist and put her hands behind his neck, interlacing her fingers.  They began to move together then. Each thrust bringing them closer to the edge.  

She kissed his neck and chest, then moved her mouth to his ear and whispered "Fuck me Michael. Fuck me hard. Make me cum." He thrust harder and harder. She could hear their bodies coming together and feel his balls slamming against her. She didn't want this to ever end. He felt so good insider her. His body covering her, making her feel safe and secure.  And then she came. She could feel the small bursts inside her  multiplying into the explosion that overtook her. "Oh god, oh god  I'm cumming. Ooh ooh  Michael don't stop."  She pulled his head down and kissed him hard. At that moment his release came in violent spasms One after another, his juice spilling into her hot and fast. Their bodies colliding together pounding each other hard and furiously. They both let out moans then, and Michael  gave one last deep, hard thrust.

When they were done, he collapsed on her, all their energy spent. They lay together, entwined for sometime. He finally rolled off her and laid beside her. He put his arm under his head and looked over at her. She looked back at him and they both smiled. He reached over with his free hand and brushed the hair back from her face. She moved toward him and rested her head on his chest, running her hand along his stomach. 

"I'm going to have to leave soon." She said.

"I know, but not right now." he said, as he kissed the top of her head.  

They lay there together a while longer talking about everything. All their boundaries and barriers knocked down and gone. She looked up at him and they just stared at each other for a minute and then she got up. She  got dressed, brushed her hair and slipped her tennies back on. She turned and looked at him again. He was stretched out on the bed, the sheet covering the lower half of his body. He was looking at her, his eyes burning into her.  

"I'm not sure what to say." she said as she walked toward him.

"You don't have to say anything." he answered. 

She stood beside the bed and leaned down to kiss him lightly on his lips. "Take care of yourself, okay?"

"You too." 

She nodded and stood up, turned and walked to the door. She opened it and started to step out. She stopped and looked back at him. He was still watching her. She turned back and stepped out into the sun.  Closing the door quietly behind her.  

David would be home soon and she still had to go pick the kids up from her parents house. She knew she should feel guilty,  but she didn't and she wouldn't.

She got in her car, backed out of the driveway and headed for the main road, and back to her life. As she was driving, she played back the entire afternoon in her head and smiled. She was sure that she would never experience anything like that again and  she also knew that she would probably never see him again and that saddened her a little, although she knew they would continue to speak to each other, online, just as before their meeting, and

No matter what, she would have no regrets, not ever. 

The End. 

(December 2000, PBNG)

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