Fallen Angels


She knew it was wrong.  She was totally happy with her boyfriend; he was a sweet amazing lover and a best friend.  But always at the edges of this sea blue-tinted love there crept shadows: the shadows of EP.  She couldn’t forget his eyes, those splintered blue-green eyes that reminded her of broken church windows, fallen angels.  She couldn’t forget how unbearably achingly naked she felt when he stared past her guarded gaze, the cold heat that paralyzed her when he fixed that stare on her lips.  He would brush against her, saying her name with an edge of sarcasm and desire, and she couldn’t move for a moment.  She loved her boyfriend so much, and knew she didn’t want to lose him, but she would have given her soul for a single kiss from EP…  

They were sitting on the porch and the darkness quivered between them.  Alone with him, she was half-breathless and eternally grateful that the dark hid her desperate expression.  He talked to her about unimportant things, music and shows and such, as his tongue languorously played with the silver lip ring that circled his bottom lip.  Her entire being was fixated on that little piece of flesh and metal, longing to suck it into her mouth and feel the darkness flow from him into her.  All fantasy was suddenly jolted away as his hand slowly touched the back of her neck.  She felt instantly vulnerable and on fire.  His touch burned her and her entire body was enveloped in the flames.  She felt herself crumble into ash as he leaned toward her and asked her to go on a walk, and she rose up like a phoenix to join him.  Gone was any trace of reason or common sense.  She was overwhelmed by him.  

The moon was slowly getting enveloped by clouds as they walked down the cold asphalt of the street.  They reached a barricade surrounded by ancient looking trees and kudzo.  He looked down at her through the shadows.  “What are you thinking,” he whispered.  “I don’t know,” she honestly replied.  Her mind was blank with desire.  “What are you thinking?”  He didn’t answer, and just stared into her eyes for a moment.  She could feel his eyes see past her defenses and excuses and all of a sudden his lips were on hers.  

The sickening knowledge of what she was doing hit her stomach, and then dissipated as his tongue and teeth nipped at her lips, erasing everything from her mind and body except for a dizzying undeniable attraction to him.  He pulled back, his teeth gleaming predatory in the dark.  “What just happened?” he asked her, his voice tempting, teasing.  “You…” she stammered, “kissed me.”  “Yeah,” he said.  “I did.  Do you want it again?”  “I can’t,” she said, but her voice didn’t sound entirely convinced.  “Yeah,” he whispered, “but do you want it?”  She couldn’t voice it, but he could see it in her eyes.  He tangled his hand in the hair at the base of her neck and pulled her close, but didn’t kiss her.  She could feel the tension through her hair, the need radiating through his fingers.  His tongue slowly licked the outline of her lips, and she could feel the cold metal of his lip ring burning her lower lip.  His movements were slow and patient but it was obvious it was all he could do to hold back.  

His control snapped and he grabbed her by her neck and ass, pulling her excruciatingly close to his body.  She could feel the heat radiating from his lips as he ravaged her mouth, his tongue trying to overpower hers.  His hands, clumsy with need, slid under her shirt, his fingertips branding her smooth skin.  She felt him cup her full 34D tits, all gentleness gone.  He squeezed her hard, bringing her to the edge of pain, then past that into pure ecstasy.  His fingers found her nipple, twisting it between thumb and forefinger, pulling her closer by those aching bits of flesh.  She arched her back into him, her fingers clutching his shoulder blades, nails unsheathing in an attempt to mark his skin through the fabric of his shirt.  His lips descended to her neck, licking and sucking with wild abandon.  She felt the heat and darkness running through her body, down to her pussy, electrifying every nerve.  

He ripped off her shirt, oblivious to the road just feet away.  His hot mouth tore at her breasts, teeth, tongue, and metal racking her body with complete pleasure.  “Oh god I need you,” he whispered against her quivering skin, biting her stomach.  Grabbing his face in both her hands, she dragged him back up to eye level and stared into his eyes for one moment, seeing her own needs mirrored in him.  She looked into him for one more moment and then attacked, their lips ripping at each other in a one-minded quest to merge together.  He tore off her pants, and she followed suit, almost tearing his shirt in an attempt to feel his bare skin against her breasts.  She fell to her knees in the dead leaves, running her hands desperately over his naked body.  She vaguely wanted to slow down, to savor the moment, but she needed him too goddamn badly.  The dark fire was consuming her more with every second.  

She bit his thighs, his balls, rubbing her face against the smooth heat of his penis, feeling the velvety head against her eyelids and cheeks.  She needed to be in delicious contact with every inch of him, licking her hot tongue up and down the shaft.   She kissed the head softly before her hunger for his cock overwhelmed her and she plunged her sweet wet mouth down the entire length, feeling it hit the back of her throat as she felt his balls sway against the underside of her chin.  Oh god she loved it, tasting him in the back of her mouth, feeling his hands tangle in her hair, pulling her head closer, gently fucking her mouth.  She sucked all the way back up to the head and then bobbed her head a few times, worshipping his cock, her hands caressing, squeezing his balls.  She felt the skin drag against her lips, imagining it in her aching pussy.  She moaned aloud, the vibrations running through his body.  Reluctantly, she took her mouth from his luscious cock, sliding back up his body to taste his hot lips.  

He pushed her violently back against the metal barrier, cold against her burning ass.  He licked up her thighs, sucking her pussy lips into his waiting mouth.  Parting the lips with his tongue, he tongue-fucked her furiously for a moment, digging his fingers needily into the soft curves of her ass.  Her eyes were closed in complete ecstasy, and the soft cries escaping her trembling lips drove him to even greater need.  He licked slowly up to her clit, where she ached for his touch.  Her legs shook uncontrollably, and one hand tangled in his black-dyed hair.  He refused to touch her where she wanted him.  He had wanted her for too long, wanting to hear her voice beg him, to see her body arch toward him in a frantic need for him.  He gently bit her nipples on the way up and then tilted her chin to look into his eyes. 

“Do you want me?” he asked, barely controlling himself from sheathing his cock inside of her.  He nudged it near the opening of her pussy, pushing it in just enough to tease her.  Her answer was unintelligible; she was incoherent with lust.  He grabbed her hair, forcing her to look at him.  “What do you want baby?” he asked again.  He pushed his cock against her slightly before withdrawing again.  She was silent, held back by the last shred of inhibition.  He bit her ear and whispered fiercely “Do you want me to,” he punctuated it by slow licks, “fuck you?” 

Her silence broke with this, and she began a litany of reckless begging.  “Please, please, I need you,” she whimpered, wiggling her hips and trying to get his entire cock inside of her.  “Please,” she arched her back, pushing her tits up toward his face.  “Tell me,” he commanded, pushing the first inch of his cock inside of her throbbing pussy.  “Oh god, please, please fuck me,” she screamed.  “Fuck me now! Fuck me hard!” 

With that, he immediately plunged his entire dick into her waiting pussy and she screamed and trembled in ecstasy.  He started slow, his entire body consumed by the feeling of her wrapped around his cock, her arms around his neck, kissing his neck and clavicle.  She moaned and cried and whispered shreds of dirty thoughts into his ear as his cock thrust repeatedly in to the deepest place inside of her.  Neither of them could stand the slow pace for long, and she started thrusting her hips toward him, rubbing her clit against his pubic bone.  

Drenched in sweat, feeling the night breezes sweep across their bodies, they fucked with wild abandon, gripping each other tightly.  The caressing tightness of her, the inexorable steel of him, drove them both into a savage state.  There was nothing except for the two of them.  Her soft thigh brushed against his hip, driving him totally out of his mind, and she pulled him closer with her long legs.  They moved together, rushing toward release.  He bit her neck, muttering “oh god … oh god …” against her skin.  She whimpered louder, and then in a nerve-shattering explosion they came together.  It seemed to last forever, the night would never end and they would be melded together in fireworks of ecstasy and a desire so hot it burned.  Finally, they collapsed against each other, panting and drenched.  It was hard to believe they were still alive.  She felt like an angel with two broken wings, but sometimes, falling can feel the same as flying…

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