Barber Tease
Total Haircare


Rhonda, 35, is a delightful barber to visit because in addition to a great hair cut each guy gets a wonderful close up view of her body and can enjoy her playful conversation. 

Today she wore a tight white sweater and red pants with white heels. Her lovely large breasts were clearly outlined and her nipples were hard and obvious. Rhonda is a blonde about 5'7" tall with a lovely figure and long blonde hair. She is happy and smiles a lot as she bends close and moves around to cut hair. The guy can watch her in the mirror and up close as she checks her work. 

Colin, 45, is 5'8" and ready for extra sexual adventures beyond his wife. After the usual trim today Rhonda leaned close in front of him to check his eyebrows and nose hairs. 

"Would you like a little extra?" she whispered with an inviting smile. 

"What do you mean?" he asked. 

"I have a special 'total body' treat for select gentlemen like you.

"Rather than just cut the hair on your head, I will trim and shape all the hair on your body!" 

She smiled as she stood with her breasts very close to his face. "I don't wear much when I do a special treatment. Would you be interested?" 

Of course he was. She told him to return that evening at 7:00 p.m. after the shop was closed and knock three times on the door. She would be waiting.  

Later he did just that. The shop was in darkness and he knocked. The door opened and he slipped inside. Rhonda took his hand and guided him silently to a back room. When the door was closed she spoke. 

"Welcome to my pleasure room, Colin." He looked around and saw a padded table with a pillow and blue barber sheet on it. Beside was a table with combs, brushes, scissors, and an electric clipper etc. 

There were hooks on the wall and a chair in the corner. The lighting was soft but bright. 

"Colin, I am in charge now," she said "and you simply have to strip and lie on the table. I will give you the total treatment. Just hang up *all* your clothes," she smiled broadly as she said this, "and lay face down on the table with the blue sheet to cover you. I will just go over here to prepare myself." 

Colin went to the other corner where the hooks were and quickly stripped to his shorts. As he did so he turned to look at Rhonda and saw her sitting in the chair removing her heels and watching him with great interest. 

"The shorts too?" asked Colin. "Yes, darling, the shorts too. I need you totally naked for this total hair treat." 

He turned his back to her and quickly slipped the shorts down, grabbed the blue sheet and wrapped it around him as he got up on the table. He lay there, on his front and covered, and propped up on his elbows to watch her. 

"You seem a little shy about being naked in front of me." Rhonda teased. 

"Well, I do feel a bit strange here." he replied, blushing. 

"That's just fine, Colin. I like shy men and I enjoy seeing you blush. You will be fun to play with, and I'm really looking forward to this total body hair care." she teased. Rhonda had slipped her red pants off now and he watched her slowly roll down her panty hose. Then she removed her sweater, slipped on her white heels again and walked over right in front of him. Her legs were luscious and her thin white panties were so skimpy he could see light brown pussy hairs creeping out around the edges. Her patterned white bras held her gorgeous 36D breasts and her large nipples were still poking through the material! 

Colin was in a dream land with this wonderful barber. She came close to rearrange the blue sheet on his back. Her pussy was inches away from his face and he could smell her sex juices. She squatted in front of his face. "Just relax now Colin, let me do all the work and I will give you a wonderful trip. Enjoy it!" With that she kissed him gently on the lips and then went to the side of the table to start. 

She pulled the sheet down to his bum and started brushing the hair on the backs of his arms and his back. She would trim a bit here and there. The stroking started firm and then became very light so it was almost a tickle. Her hands smoothed out his hair with a caress that definitely was intended to arouse. 

He was hard very soon, pressing against the table and wondered what to do about it. His breathing became heavier and Rhonda noticed. 

"Are you O.K., Colin?"

"Yes, but this is quite arousing!" he muttered. 

Rhonda came to the head of the table and squatted so he could clearly see down the top of her bras at her lovely cleavage. She smiled: "I love to tease, Colin, and you seem like a wonderful modest guy who I could have some fun with. Is your cock real hard yet?" 

"Yeah, I can't control it!" he said. 

"Good, I love to cock tease. You guys are so much fun, because you have that wonderful joy stick all hot and hard and asking to be played with! Enjoy it Colin!!" 

She walked back and removed the sheet and started trimming and stroking the hair on his bum. It felt so good! She spread his cheeks with her fingers and clipped a few long hairs around his asshole with her scissors. Her brush was firm all over his bum and then the familiar light finger strokes. Colin squirmed with pleasure. 

"I'm glad you're enjoying this Colin. I am too." 

She went down each leg and following her pattern of trimming and then stroking with her brush and fingers. Colin was feeling very exposed since he had no covers and his total backside had been open to Rhonda's view and fingers for the last 10 minutes. 

"I feel very exposed like this. It's not my usual feeling with my barber" Colin said. 

"Yes, for sure. I don't usually get to see this much of my clients either. But this is fun isn't it? I'm using this little brush to clear off the tiny hairs. I hope it feels good." Rhonda said. She brushed up his legs and over his hips again. She opened his bum to expose his asshole and brushed it until Colin was wiggling. 

"You like that don't you?" she teased. 

"It sure tickles" he muttered. 

"That's the idea, sport. I bet you are enjoying this as much as I am. The best part is yet to come!" 

She draped the cloth back over his body and walked up to his head. She ran her fingers through his hair to smooth it. Inches away he could see her panties which now had an obvious wet spot and could look down her smashing legs to her white heels. 

She pressed her tummy against his face and he kissed her. 

"You're a wonderful guy, Colin. I'm holding the cloth so you can roll over on your back." He did and she arranged his arms behind his head on the pillow and smoothed the cloth down the rest of his body. It tented in the middle.

"That's a lovely tent there, Colin. I'll be down to play there in a moment." 

Rhonda smiled brightly and worked in his armpits and then the hair on his chest. She tickled  his armpits and he squirmed. 

He stared at her breasts, mesmerized with their shape and movement even in her bra as she worked. She enjoyed this because he was so delighted to see her and was so willing to be teased. 

"Do you like my body, Colin?" she purred as she stroked trimmed the hair around his nipples. 

"It's fantastic" he sighed. From his vantage point he could see her shapely legs and sexy white heels. Her bum was tight in the white panties and her boobs swayed gently as she trimmed and combed the hair on his chest. 

"If you're good, you may get see more!" she teased. 

Rhonda was enjoying this and looked forward to playing with his cock and balls. She slipped out each leg from under the cover and trimmed and brushed the hair on it. 

All the time she was watching the delightful "tent" between Colin's legs. When she leaned forward to examine a spot on his ankle her long hair caressed his foot and the covers twitched with his excitement.  

"Do you like that, Colin?" she asked.  "Yes, Wow!" he stammered.  

Now she knew she had him for sure! Rhonda lowered her head and caressed his leg with her hair and as he moaned in pleasure. She moved up to his chest and caressed it too with her hair. He was squirming in delight. 

"Now its time to trim your pubic hair Colin," she said softly with a large gleeful smile, and examine everything hanging between your legs." Rhonda continued "I like to do this very slowly and carefully so you will have the neatest pubic hair in town. I hope you don't mind having your private stuff all exposed to an eager woman like me who enjoys seeing and feeling your manly cock and balls while trimming your pubic hair!" 

Colin just moaned. "I'm glad you are enjoying this." Rhonda said with an obvious big smile. She toyed with his erect nipples and added: "If you get very excited and feel like cuming just let it happen! I will be glad to wipe you up! Now, let's look and see what is happening with you between your legs!" 

Rhonda chuckled in anticipation. She slowly slipped back the blue cover and tossed it into the corner. Colin's cock flopped out, stood up straight and quivered in the air. Rhonda gleefully smiled at it as she gently spread his thighs a bit wider and reached for her scissors. "You've got a nice one, Colin. He looks so proud and strong.

Does your wife play with it much? Does she suck you off?" Rhonda admired it moving it slowly back and forth for a good look, slowly caressing it with her fingers and her bright excited smiling eyes. 

Colin didn't answer, but closed his eyes and moaned with delight. Rhonda started pulling his pubic hair up and trimmed it to an even length. Of course her hands were all over his erect cock as she worked with his hair. She would move it over to one side and let it flop back upright. Rhonda enjoyed this immensely because she could tease his prick under the pretence of trimming his pubic hair. She made sure that she touched and moved it as much as she could. Then to stroke his hair she held his cock tip to move it from side to side. She used the soft brush to stroke both his hair and his cock. 

She held his balls in her hands. "Would you like me to remove the hair from your balls, Colin?" 

"Yeah," he moaned. She took the electric clipper with its delicate blades and grasped his sac high up so his balls were tight against the sac. Then she slowly worked her way all over them trimming the hairs away. The vibration added to his excitement and she laughed. She ran the clipper all around his scrotum and he was jerking in excitement. This was great fun she thought as she looked at his eyes all big and bulging. She put the clipper away, squirted some skin lotion on her hand and started to rub it on Colin's new smooth ball sack. To do this she grasped his cock in her left hand and masturbated him while rubbing the lotion into his skin. 

After three rubs he shot his load all over her hand with a shout of glee. "Go for it, Colin, cum all you can! I love to watch!" she encouraged. He thrust and unloaded his sperm. Rhonda kept milking him watching every detail with her great teasing smile. She tasted it, smiled and wiped up the rest, all the while caressing his cock "to get it clean" as she said. 

She came up the table beside his face. "Colin, you've been delicious, and now I am all wet and horny. See!" With that she slipped off her soaked panties and placed them on his face. He saw her neatly trimmed light brown pussy and could smell her desire. He slid off the table and embraced her.

His hands undid the clasp of her bras and it was off in a jiffy. Her gorgeous breasts tumbled out swaying freely, feeling very soft and looking very inviting. He kissed her with desire feeling his hardness returning and pressing against the soft hair of her pussy. His hands ran over her lovely bum. 

Rhonda broke the kiss and whispered, "Colin, I'm all yours now. I need you so badly, take me, fuck me, use me!" ...

 ... to be continued. 

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