One Tropical Night


                                       An Island Princess 

     I watch for her on the beach as the last orange arc of the sun struggles  

with the ocean… then is swallowed in it’s nightly embrace.  There!  Her  

silhouette shimmers, outlined against the first twinkle of starlight on the  

water’s silvery surface.  Ethereal, almost floating, her tiny feet step grace- 

fully along the water's edge.  She is breathtaking in a lavalava… me in less.   

Turning toward me with a smile she begins to unwrap.  Poetry, perfection,  

nature’s artistic masterpieces jiggle and sway.  Whispering my name, she  

tip-toes and reaches up to cradle my face in her soft hands.  Her upturned  

buds, hardened by the cool ocean air, burn twin tattoos up my torso.  Lacing  

her fingers behind my neck she pulls my lips down to her own.  Her liquid  

eyes, lambent and glittering, shame the moon, possessing, then drowning my  

soul in their fathomless depths.  Her beautiful face beams up at me with  

uninhibited joy.  The clear tiny bell of her laugh trills it’s innocent happiness  

then purrs in a deeper growl as I react,  my turgid flesh rising to press it’s   

smooth heat and unspoken need against the berry-brown, creamy-softness of  

her skin.   Reaching down, her gentle curious fingers cup and explore.  An  

involuntary whimper, then… a deep rumbling groan escapes from my throat  

and chest.  Sliding along, her cool fingers tenderly encircle the trembling  

ribbed warmth.  Then, tugging lightly, she leads me between the palms,  

through the dappling shadows of a moonlit tropical evening….